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Students expressed their views and comments in the feedback form as follows. The comments and suggestions are given here without any editing: 

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Comments & Suggestions

AAhsan Aftab

The seminar was very good and full of information.

Abdul Nasir

Such seminars should be held for the benefits of the students.

Abdul Waheed

The program was very good and I got useful information.

Abdull Rehman

I think this program is very good. It would help me in career planning.


It is very good endeavor.

Abdul-Rehman Akbar

Best for someone to choose a profession according to his nature.

Abid Hussain

Please expand your program.

Abrar Ahmad

Such seminars should be organized regularly.

Adeel Fiaz

This is very useful program.

Adeel Saleem Khan

More and more seminars should be organized.

Adil Nawaz

This seminar is very good. It provides a lot of information. It also gives a career vision.

Akash Nougha

Organize these seminars in public places so that every one can get information about these. I think that some students think that this is wastage of time but actually this is not. I personally like this program.

Ali Abbas

Such seminars must be held at the max so that students can get useful information about their careers.

Ali Malik

I would suggest that these seminars should be organized at the maximum level.

Amir Nawaz

Such seminars should be organized at the start of academic year.

Ammar Ahmad

You must also include a segment on the latest inventions that have been made in every field to inspire the students.

Ammar Hassan

I am very thankful to you for providing us very useful information.

Asim Saheen

Seminars to be held again and again in different colleges.

Atif Tanveer

It was good but a little bit emotional.

Bilal Aslam

Refreshment should also be served to the students.

Bilal Asmat

Seminar should be held in the university every month because it encouraged the students.

Fahad Mahmood

Extend it in all Pakistan.

Faisal Hayat

This is an excellent seminar. It must be continued.

Ghulam Abbas

It is a very good policy to guide the students for future planning.

H. Asif Iqbal

It is very good program. Please continue this program forever.

Hafiz Muhammad

I got very useful information.

Hamid sadaim Khalid

It should be held in every institution.

Hasnain Yousaf

Career Planning seminar should be continued.

Iftikhar Hussain

This kind of programs should be organized at every university and college. Such programs really alter the mind set of the students.

Irfan Abbas

The program was very informative and it will prove helpful for the students.

Kashif Yousaf

Career planning seminars must also be organized in villages and small towns.

Khurram Shahzad

Such seminars should be organized at the start of academic year.

M. Aman

More seminars should be organized to educate people.

M. Asim Sultan

Please continue your noble cause.

M. Asjad

Spread in all Pakistan.

M. Atta Malik

You should also organize this seminar in rural areas so that the students of rural areas can also be benefited.

M. Qasim Barkat

This seminar should have been organized in a ground so that maximum students could attend this.

M. Usama

Such seminars should be organized regularly.

M. Usman

I am very much impressed by this program and will INSHALLAH plan my career as advised in this seminar.

M. Usman

Such seminars should be organized at National level.

M. Zeeshan

Such seminars should also be organized at schools.

M. Zubain

I got a lot of information and will plan my career according to your advice in my field.

Mahboob Ahmad

This seminar should persist.


I really liked it.


It is very good program. Please continue your program.

Muhammad Ali Fazal Qureshi

This program is very much useful for the students. Thank you.

Muhammad Awais

I got a lot of information and this is very good way to guide the students. You should also organize this seminar in villages.

Muhammad Fayyaz

You provided very useful information please continue your task.

Muhammad Shahzad

Such seminars should be organized by time and again.

Muhammd Sikandar

Such seminars must be organized in the future.

Nadeem Ghauri

I liked it very much.

Naveed Hussan

This program is better than other programs on career planning.

Nazar Din

This program is very useful for the students who want to make their career better.

Nouman Siddiqui

Some irrelevant information provided.

Rashid Hussain

I would suggest you to spread this light to the villages as well.

Saif Ali

It added to my knowledge a lot.

Shahroz Nadeem

This program should be organized every year.

Shahzad Mahboob

Financial and family problems are more important in career planning.

Shoaib Nawaz

This program is very much useful for students. Thank you.

Syed Naveed ul Hassan

I liked this program and it added to my information.

Tahir Mahmood

Such programs should also be organized in small towns and villages.

Tahir manzoor

This seminar will play a good rule in career planning of the students.

Tanveer Ahmad

Such seminars should be organized and maximum participation should be ensured.

Tasleem Abbas

Career planning seminars should held at school and college level.

Tayyab Mehmood

Such seminars should be organized.

Tuqeer Ali

Seminars should be organized.

Usama Madni

I liked this seminar very much.

Waqar Ahmad

Provide more information on Agriculture.

Waqas Yousuf

Please give more time to the details and information.

Yasir Arafat

It opened up new vistas of hope for us.


This is an excellent program. It should also be organized at schools and in rural areas.


Please continue your cause. We are with you.


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