Issue #77 1st March 2005
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1st March 2004

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A Segment by Ali Asif Rasheed

I would like to wish “Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day”  to My dear mother, cousin Asma from Riyadh and cousin Seher who lives in Faisalabad. May Allah bless you all. Usman Shahid Naseem, Madina Manuwara

Saeed Ghori,
Advocate Supreme Court

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Cooking with
Exclusive Recipe

Chicken Chili

- 375g chicken breast
- 4 to 5 green chilies
- 4 spring onions
- 1 white onion, medium
- 200 ml chicken stock (freshly made)
- 1 level tbsp. corn flour

- 3 tbsp Soya sauce
- 1\2 tsp. Chinese salt

- 1\2 tsp. table salt
-1\2 tsp. black pepper
-1\4 tsp. white pepper

1. Cut the chicken into 1 inch cubes. Mix together in a bowl 1 tbsp Soya sauce, 1\4 tsp. white pepper, and 1\4 tsp. Chinese salt. Marinate the chicken in this for about 30 minutes.

2 Cut the spring onions into 1 inch length. Cut the white onions into cubes. Wash the chili, core them, and cut the flesh lengthwise into thin strips
3. Mix the corn flour with a little stock to make a paste. Add 2 tbsp of Soya sauce, 1/2 tsp. black pepper, 1 tsp. of vinegar;1\2 tsp. of table salt, and 1\2 tsp. of Chinese salt to the stock and bring to boil. Mix the corn flour paste in the boiling stock in a thin stream, stirring all the time to make the thin sauce. Keep it hot.    
4. Heat the oil in a wok and fry the chicken for 4 to 5 minutes or until the chicken is almost tender. Remove the chicken from the oil and keep aside.
5. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil and fry the onions, spring onions, and green chilli for 2 minutes over fierce heat, stirring all the time. Add chicken pieces and fry for a further minute.
6. Add the prepared sauce to the chicken mixture and stir it over high heat and then remove from the heat.
7. Serve with fried rice or noodles.

Refrigerate flour
Storing flour in an airtight container and refrigerating it doubles their storage time.

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Surgeons performing cardiac surgery
A virtual reality system could help surgeons see how heart operations pan out before undertaking them for real

By using pictures of a patient's blood vessels and knowledge about how blood flows, it can predict likely outcomes of different surgical procedures. Taking out the guesswork would help save lives and avoid patients having needless operations, says inventor Dr Charles Taylor of Stanford University. It could become a standard pre-surgery procedure like taking scans, he said.
Currently, a surgeon can order a CT or MRI scan to get an idea of what the blood vessels look like and what is going on inside a patient.
But they have to use their best guess, based on their experience and knowledge of disease and operations, to decide whether surgery would help and what the likely outcome would be.
"But we need to know the answers to the 'what if' questions," said Dr Taylor. "What if it is better to do nothing? What if the patient got a little better but there might have been another way of operating that could have made him or her a lot better?"
For example, if a surgeon operates on the body's main blood vessel - the aorta - to correct a blockage or an abnormal narrowing, it can lead to blood flow problems elsewhere in the body and cause organ damage, he said.
Ongoing research

The computer system would help surgeons try out different options and spot potential problems without having to try it out first in the patient. "The point is to intervene first on the computer before going to the patient. "We don't care if something bad happens to the computer model - it won't harm the patient," he said. Using data from animals and patients before and after surgery, he has been able to test how well the computer model predicts real life outcomes. These trials show it is accurate at predicting what will happen to blood flow within 10%. He said his team is working with surgeons at Stanford to get more data on patients undergoing blood vessel surgery. "Ultimately, I believe it will be part of standard care. Surgeons would check the computer model before going to the patient," he said.

On my keyboard there is an emboss line under the
 F and J keys. What is this?

I wonder how many people have looked at those marks and wondered what they are there for.
F and J are known as the "home keys". This is a typing term and it is the position that touch typists are first taught.
Your index fingers rest on the home keys and, from there, every key is a short reach away.
And, of course, a blind or partially sighted person finds the touch marking useful to find their way around the keyboard as well.
You will find them on almost every Qwerty keyboard, even tiny mobile phone keyboards - very useful in the dark, I can

CP Team would like to thank sister Lamees Siddique for her write ups during last few months. She is taking some time off from writing and will be back soon inshaAllah.
Thank you once again Lamees for your contribution in the newsletter.
We hope contribution has added value to our community's knowledge and you would come back soon!

Radio Contact Pakistan
Programming Guide
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Zarori Baat
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Tahir invites Community Welfare Attaché from Pakistan embassy to answer some of the important questions that our community has put forward!
Cooking With Bj Show
Play time 16:00 Mins.

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Bj shares her exclusive "Mutton Karahi" recipe with all of us. Check it out, you will simply love. It is easy and quick!
Community is invited to produce and present their radio programs
Lahore Lahore Aye
Length: 50:00 Minutes - Language: Punjabi / Urdu / English
Format : Windows Media Player Version 9.0 - Recording Location: Riyadh / Lahore
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Do you know anyone who has Down syndrome? Would you like to share their story? I am a freelance writer writing an article on Down syndrome. This article will appear in one of the leading magazines in the Middle East. Please contribute to make others understand how to help and deal with children who have Down syndrome. Photographs required.
Please contact me ASAP. E-mail me on:

Audio Recording of PM speech Click Here

Reports from Madinah



Massive Clean-up Efforts to Help the Local Community of Nariyah

Sanober Irshad has joined the CP Team and will be maintaining a new segment of Decoration-interior-exterior or anything related to decoration. Writing is not only her hobby but also her passion. She writes freelance not only online but also for various print magazines in the Middle East.

Quid-i-Azam knew that the time for his eternal journey was closing in. The malignant consumption had taken its toll. He turned down the advice of his doctors and kept on writing. With every passing moment he became more alert than ever before. There kindled unusual spark in his eyes.
On September 11, 1948, at 9.50pm, the flow of blood in his veins collapsed. His doctor leaned over and whispered to him (I quote from the book, Jinnah by Hector Bolitho), and said: "Sir, we have given you an injection to strengthen you, and it will soon have its effect. God willing, you are going to live."
The Quid-i-Azam moved his head and spoke for the last time. He said firmly, "No, I am not."
Soon thereafter, he left for eternity.

Aasman Teri Lahad Par Shabnam Afshani Karay
Sabza - i- Nourasta is Ghar (Pakistan) kee Nighebani Karay

Fayyaz Muddassir, Jubail

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Dear Tahir, Assalam-u-Alaikum

I was planning to send this email ever since I heard the "Lahore Lahore Aye" program, but couldn’t for one reason or the other.

I must congratulate you on this great effort. Me and my wife are both from Lahore and I must say we enjoyed it quite a lot. It made us smile and at the same time made us a bit sad when we realized how much we are missing not being in our city.

I think you are doing a marvelous job and to pull it off with a full time job is really something out of the ordinary. We look forward to more informative/entertaining programs in the future. 

Best of luck, Saqib Zulfiqar Information Systems Manager, FTS Group, Jeddah.

Dear Saqib Bhai, WaS - Many thanks for your kind words of appreciation. We are so glad that you like RCP programming and loved Lahore Lahore Aye. We love to have community participation in such programs as RCP is a community driven project so if you or any of your friends would like to perform on RCP then we can always be contacted. Once again thank you for the encouragement and do tell friends about Contact Pakistan.

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  Remembrance of Allah

We find our dear fellows studying day and night for the finals exams coming up. Remember to take enough rest and diet as none of us desire to fall ill in the midst of the exams. May Allah be with you. Good luck!
For this time, I will share an observation and the message that it left. Every year, our family goes out to Northern areas of our country-Pakistan, for a week to relax, to enjoy and cherish the beauty of our beloved land. When we set out from home, my little brother pointed to the insect clinging to the windshield of the car. It was not a very conspicuous type. It looked more like a grasshopper. We were wondering how long it will stay like that. As we came to highway, my father accelerated the car when the road got cleared. The poor creature's body was quivering due to the pressure of the wind but it stayed hugged to the windshield. Then my father slowed down as we approached some cars. Soon we passed them and finding the road clear again, we again picked speed. But that was the time when the poor bug lost its fight. When the speed had slowed, the insect had tried to readjust its pose. It loosened its grip on windshield with one leg, but that was the time when the strong wind blowing over the windshield took over it and it was gone.
Although it was a little observation, but the lesson it left is worth sharing.
Allah has not left humans unguided on this earth. Throughout the human history, there have been prophets and Allah's messengers who continued to show humans the right path. Allah sent his Apostles and His books for our guidance and direction.  For every circumstance and trials that we come across, there is guidance. As long as we stay in touch with our Creator and His Message, we stay safe. Just like the bug was safe as long as it stayed hugged with the windshield, likewise we humans are safe till we stick to Allah's orders.  It keeps us safe from being over seized by the day to day tests. It does not let us get strayed. As, to err is human, we sometimes do get careless. We forget to keep our commitments to Our Benefactor. We forget His words. We think of ourselves as great and get over-confident of our strength. We feel that we have better understanding of the circumstances. We let go our contact with Allah. We get negligent of our salat, we forget to read Quran, we stop pondering on the divine words, and we get neglectful of Allah's Zikar. This is the time when we fall prey to the devil's planning. It comes and finds us unprepared. It catches us and drags us away from the right path.  
Difficulties are better dealt with when we are tuned to the right path. When trials come, if we are off the path, we get panicky and lose.  So the bug watching left us a moral. Its experience embedded in our minds the importance of remembrance of Allah.  With Allah's words to guide us, no trial is insurmountable and no problem unsolvable. May Allah safeguard us. Ameen!

Mrs. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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