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Exclusive Recipe


- 2 lb roasting potatoes cut lengthways into quarter
- 1 * 4-5 lb chicken, whole or cut into serving pieces, skin & fat removed
- Juice of 1˝ lemons
- 3-4 fl oz extra virgin olive oil
- ˝ tbsp coarse grain sea salt
- 6 cloves garlic, unpeeled, lightly crushed
- 4 tbsp rigani, crumbled
- crushed black peppercorns to taste
- 6 bay leaves
- ˝ oz unsalted butter
- 14 fl oz chicken stock
- ˝ tsp dijon mustard
- 1 tsp honey
- 1 small bunch flat leaf parsley coarsely chopped

Heat oven to gas mark 5, 190 C. Rub the chicken with the juice of 1 lemon, 3 tbsps of the olive oil and the salt. Place the chicken in a deep heavy baking dish and surround with the potatoes and garlic in a single layer.
Sprinkle the chicken with the rigani, pepper, bay leaves and the remaining olive oil and dot with butter. Add half the stock. Roast uncovered for 15 mins. Reduce oven temp to gas 4, 180 C and roast until tender, about 1 hour for a whole chicken or 40 mins for pieces. Baste the chicken and potatoes frequently, adding more stock if needed.
Transfer the chicken, potatoes, and garlic to a serving dish and keep warm. Strain the pan juices into a small saucepan, remove the fat with a spoon and add any remaining stock. If this is more than about 12 fl oz's then reduce by rapid boiling.
Combine mustard, honey and half the remaining lemon juice and stir into the sauce. Add salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste. Heat to warm.
Pour just enough sauce over the chicken and potatoes to moisten them. Sprinkle with parsley. Serve remaining sauce separately

To freshen stale bread
Sprinkle a little milk over it and place it in a moderately hot oven for 15 minutes. The crust will be crispier and the bread tastier.

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Drug trials outsourced to India
Recruiting patients for drug trials in India is big business

Parshottam Parmar

I didn't know that experiments were being carried out on me
Parshottam Parmar
India's outsourced call centres are well known, but not its outsourced patients. By 2010, some estimate there will be two million patients in India on clinical trials. An entire industry has sprung up, specialising in recruiting patients and managing experiments. And a BBC investigation into the conduct of these trials has found that some patients are unaware they are being experimented on at all. Most of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies have a presence in India, but there is concern about how the country achieves its exceptional recruitment rates and questions about fully-informed consent. Medical language
Six years ago, an experimental drug from the US called M4N was injected into cancer patients in India without being properly tested on animals first. Later it was discovered that several patients had not known they were part of a clinical trial. One of the doctors who later blew the whistle, Dr V Narayan Bhattathiri, told the BBC: "I can only say that what they did is something unbelievable or incomprehensible. "I couldn't find any example of such a thing being done, maybe in the last 50 years or so. Maybe something similar could have happened in say concentration camps." Giving informed consent to be part of an experiment is the golden rule of all clinical trials which goes all the way back to the Nuremberg Code. But one doctor at the prestigious Lilavati hospital in Mumbai, Dr Shashank Joshi, says the idea of all patients giving informed consent in India is "a myth according to me... because I do not think it's truly informed in the language the patient understands. "Most of the patients sign on the dotted line without understanding the nature and the consequences of what is being administered to them."
Lack of understanding
Reporter Paul Kenyon tracked down a drug trial being conducted for a major drug company in a psychiatric unit at a hospital in Gujurat. It was to test an anti-psychotic drug developed by the world's second largest drug pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson. There is already controversy over what is happening, with some doctors levelling the accusation that patients are being taken off their existing medication as part of the trial, with the potential they could suffer unnecessarily. Dr Vikram Patel from the British Journal of Psychiatry says: "The most obvious problem is that they won't get better or they will continue to suffer this extremely severe psychiatric illness, much longer than they need to." But the ethical concerns go deeper when Kenyon finds a patient who took part in the trial. "I was just told that the drugs were American. They used to give me the tablets and I used to eat them," says Parshottam Parmar. "We just sign because I believe the doctor takes the signature to help us. That's why I sign it." He says he had no idea that he was part of a clinical trial. "I didn't know that experiments were being carried out on me. I was told that the old drugs were discontinued and were no longer available in the pharmacies.
"I don't know a lot about all these things. I am poor and I live in a small hut and I don't understand many things. The doctors are intelligent. They write the drugs for me so I have to take them accordingly." Johnson and Johnson's spokesman Dr Vivek Kusumaker told us: "We have looked at this particular trial and we've got consent from the patient or from a relative in every case. "If there is any instance brought to our attention that something was not OK we will take that seriously. We have said that we shut down sites if we don't think we are carrying out research to the highest code of ethics in which we believe."

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Radio Contact Pakistan
Programming Guide
1st May 2006

Hats off to members who called and shared with us their views on this topic which is worrying each and every Pakistani. Our regrets to those who might have called and found our studio number busy.
Our next topic is "Pakistani Schools in major cities of KSA and your views"
An alert with phone number will be sent soon.
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Asif invites an expert in mobile phones who explains us all about how cell phone works and what is all behind this technology. For technology savvy members program offers a lot.

Bj demonstrate how to BBQ Seekh Kabab, Learn how chefs skew their Kababs. Along with the recipe number of tips and answers to your questions in this bi-weekly cooking show.

Bint e Hawa - Exclusively for our ladies presented by
Fatima Aamir. This episode includes an interview with Mrs. Rana  who will guide our female members in Riyadh who wish to join a school where Arabic and Qur'an is taught. She provides all the information that you need to join.

2nd Episode profiling legendry Mehdi Hassan. Naveed plays for us some of his everlasting songs. Do you like us to profile your favorite artist?
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Sohail Islam hails from Karachi presently working for a construction company in Riyadh. Married and have 2 children.
He is a professional musician and masters the keyboard. He will be playing for a national tune and also sings a Punjabi song.

Riyadh News

News bulletin includes all what was happening in Riyadh during past 2 weeks.

Urdu Text

Riyadh region has so much to offer to its residents. If you are a person who loves to enjoy weekends by visiting new places that are unique and offer thrilling scenery then Asif and Narjis will bring you each week a new place to explore. Click for Map

Narjis and children from Riyadh, Bachoon ki Dunya is a program exclusively produced for young children. Your child can also participate. for entry pass check out the ad in this newsletter

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Till a suitable replacement for regional editor is in place, you may send your reports directly to or fax hand written reports on
01 441 4945 - Images can be sent to
News sent via email must be in inpage format and accompany images if available.
All reports are subject to editorial review.
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PISJ Girls Visit Effat College
By Mona Rehman, Jeddah

 Deal With "Them"
"Mommy, I am not going to school from tomorrow. I am sick of Adnan", complained the distressed Ali, as he entered the home from school. Adnan was a boy who was infamous in his school because of his callous behavior. He was referred to as bully boy.
Most children face such problem of being scared by bullies at some stage of their school lifer or sometimes in playgrounds too. Bullies snatch money from younger schoolmates, compel humbler folks do something dangerous by challenging them or fill their minds with ghastly plans. Although they usually target children younger than them, but the elders one are not spared either in some cases. These rude people are impolite to teachers and rude to little children. These ill tempered people have malicious motives. Their jealous nature compel them to spread rumors, call names and back-bite.
Bullying is not at all an appreciable act. It is otherwise: it is a rude and cruel habit. The victims sometimes feel scared and run away from bullies. This encourages the bullies and they harass the poor child even more. Other times, the bullied child tends to become rude, in an attempt to avenge.
Dear friends, the right way to deal with such people is to stand up for yourself. It does not mean to do the same as has been done to you. In this way, you will not end up being any better than them. Report the ill-mannered and cruel manner of bullies to elders. The concerned authorities shall look into the matter and teach a lesson to the bully. If the bully agitates you by name calling, don’t let it show that you are bothered. In time, they will give up. Don't ever accept the perilous challenge that they asks you to take.  Try to stay away from their company as their bad influence can affect you aversely.  Don’t ever let the bully think that you are afraid of him. The bullying habit is tough to be done away with, unless the bully himself realizes his mistake and consciously makes an effort to cure himself. Schools deal with such people by scolding, punishment or, detention in extreme cases.  So if you are facing such nasty children in school, talk to you teacher and involve your parents. If he is there in the playground near your home, seek your parents' help.

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

Riyadh Qaseem
Buriadh Al Kharj
Jeddah Makkah
Madinah Taif
Khobar Dammam
Hufuf Abqaiq Jubail


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I once suffered with Sinus and had a regular supply of Xynosine imported here. But after my surgery I would like to offer the sealed unused medicine available with me to anyone else who may be requiring the same. This is not for sale but a gift to anyone who needs as I fully realize how dependant I was once on the nasal drops. Fawad M. Janjua  02 6524650
Borrow books and free tuition in Riyadh
Dear Community Members,” Book Reading is a Good Habit”, I have good collection of various types of books such as Islamic, History, Fikha, Stories and books on accounting. Any One have interest can exchange books for reading with me. I can guide our Students in Accounting & other business subjects. This is total free of Charge service.  Contact 0504427853  Aamir Ahmed Shaikh
Due to active member of AVOM and J.CASANOVA I offer good discount for jewellary and cosmetics of avon and j.csanova for jeddah ladies member of CP only call my mobily cell#0567105442 or my JAWAL    Cell#0556430336
 Looking for Bachelor Room in Riyadh
I am looking for bachelor accommodation in Riyadh. Should be a separate room preferably in Mursalat or hiyal wazarat(Hara)area. Contact Number: 0509522812
 Looking for a Family Apartment in Riyadh
A family apartment of 3 rooms is needed urgently in Wazarat/ Hara/ Malaz/ Suleimaniyah, Dabbab area, in a neat & clean building. If somebody is leaving the flat with balance rent, it will be paid. Please Contact. Zaman - 0509044854
 Family Apartment needed in Riyadh
I need four rooms family flat in Hara,Malaz, Murabba or Olayya Area. Thanks for helping me . Or 0504149352
Female Qura'an Teacher Required in Riyadh 
We need a Lady Teacher for Tahfeezul Quran Halqa in Manfuha who can teach the girls with Tajweed. Preferred timing 7.00am to 1.00pm. For details pls contact 0508103543 (Iqbal)
 Selling Cocktail Birds in Riyadh
I want to sell my Cocktail Birds. The market price is 80 Riyal for one bird. I have a pair. I will be willing to sell them in 120 Riyals. Pictures can be provided on demand.
Amir, 0502019468
 Learn Oracle In Riyadh
If you want to learn oracle developer . I am in Riyadh for about 7 year having teaching oracle experience of same period working in a software company. in short period and affordable fee. Sohail :0551158613
 Prepaid credit card for sale
I have a prepaid visa card issued by , if any one interested to buy it please email me or call me, price starts from 45. for more information call me at 0567598717 Discount Center

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