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what is the senior citizen allowance status in income tax act 1979. If any senior citizen try to apply the senior citizen allowance, case disqualify from SAS. Pl tell me why this problems in the law.

There is no senior citizen allowance in the Income Tax Ordinance, 1979 now
replaced by Income Tax Ordinance 2001. When there is no question of senior citizen in the law, there is no
disqualification of senior citizen from availing benefit of SAS. From July 2003 when the ordinance 2001 would be enforced everybody is eligible for SAS irrespective of income except in the case of declared losses. No favour to senior citizen in respect of taxation.
Saeed Ghori,
Advocate Supreme Court

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To Hedge or not to Hedge : Hedge or Mutual


 - 1 large orange
- 1 grapefruit
- 1 large bananas
- 2 celery sticks
- 3\4 cup grapes
- Crisp lettuce leaves
For dressing:
- 1\4 tsp. Dijon mustard
- salt and freshly milled pepper
- 2 tbsp. vinegar
- 6 tbsp. olive oil

1. Peel the orange and grape fruit, remove the white pith and separate into segments. Discard any pips and place the segments in a bowl.
2. Shred the celery finely, peel and slice the banana, halve and deseed the grapes. Add the fruits and celery to the grapefruit and orange.
3. Place salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar in a small bowl and stir to dissolve the seasoning. Add olive oil and whisk until the mixture becomes emulsified and slightly thickened.
3. Toss the salad ingredients together with sufficient dressing to coat the fruits.
4. Line a salad bowl with lettuce and top with salad. Refrigerate for two hours.
Serves: 4

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Muslim scientists and scholars have contributed immensely to human knowledge especially in the period between 8th and 14th century CE. However, their contributions have been largely ignored, forgotten or have gone un-acknowledged.
I would like to share my few collections through CP. So, people can read fascinating accounts of some of the most talented Muslim scholars in history whose contributions have left lasting marks in the annals of science, astronomy, medicine, surgery, engineering and philosophy.

Mohammed Obaid -  Al Khobar
With thanks to
Author Irfan Sattar
PhamEvo(PVT) Ltd.

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Muhammad Ibn Musa Al - Khwarizmi


Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers are eye level to electrical outlets and like to poke objects in them. Most parents have the outlets covered, but what do you do if your child's gets curious at a home where they are not covered and pokes a screw driver into the outlet? Or perhaps they are playing with a wire that is old and coming apart, they stick it into their mouth and are getting shocked.
A severe electric shock may knock a child unconscious, burn them, cause internal damage and may stop breathing. A mild shock may simply hurt and scare them. This article is what to do in severe shock cases.
If your child is getting an electrical shock your first instinct is to grab them away from the current, but don’t! You will be joined into the electrical current and not be able to help your child. Your first step is to switch the current off, if you can. If this is not possible, you need to get a nonconductive item like a wooden stick, or a broom handle and push away or lift off the source of the current. Push it far enough away so that it won’t re-conduct, then quickly run back to the victim.
Now that the current is disconnected from your child, check to see if they are breathing. To do this put your finger under the jaw to feel a pulse and your ear by their nose, watch for the rise and fall of their chest. If they are not breathing start Cardio Pulmonary Resucitation and call for emergency medical help.
If they are breathing you should take them into the emergency room for an examination. There can be internal injuries that you can not see, even if the external burn looks minor. You can treat the burn, if it looks minor, like a normal burn. But, going to the emergency room should preclude this if it was a severe shock.

Excel Shortcuts

Here are some of the best Excel keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts are also sometimes listed next to the menu option. Try mastering a few of these shortcuts, then move on and learn some more. This is an abridged list. Hit F1 to open the Office Assistant, then type "keyboard shortcuts" for a more complete list organized by topic.
Select entries

  • Select the column: Ctrl + spacebar
  • Select the row: Shift + spacebar
  • Select all: Ctrl + A


  • Move to the first cell in a worksheet: Ctrl + Home
  • Move to the last cell on the worksheet: Ctrl + End
  • Go to the bottom, right, top, or left of the worksheet: Ctrl + arrow keys

Did you try it?

Keeping your child’s school lunch safe…

  • Use an insulated lunch box or bag.
  • At least once a week, wipe the inside of the lunch box with a paper towel dampened with a weak solution of bleach and water (1 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water).
  • Include an ice pack in the lunch bag. Or freeze a juice box and use it as an ice pack.
  • Make sandwiches from cold ingredients.
  • Scrub all fruit and vegetables with a vegetable brush under running water before placing in the lunch box.
  • Instruct your child to wash his or her hands with warm water and soap before lunch and to keep from touching doorknobs, friends’ hands, chewing gum wads under the desk before sitting down to eat.
  • Instruct you child to throw out any leftover food.

  • Here are some common sense tips that can help drivers keep their minds and eyes on the road:

    • Never apply make-up, or shave while driving.
    • Use care if you're drinking hot beverages while driving - get a spill-proof mug.   Eating while driving can also be a distraction.
    • Don't allow conversations with passengers to draw your attention from what's happening around you.
    • If you're looking for an address, or trying to view scenery, pull off the road at a safe location.
    • If a stinging insect enters your vehicle, pull off the road at a safe location before you try to remove it.
    • Trying to change a tape, CD, or radio station can draw your attention from the road.   Try waiting until you stop to make the change, or purchase a CD player that accepts multiple compact discs.
    • For drivers who smoke, use care when lighting your cigarette.  If you drop your cigarette, pull off the road at a safe spot before trying to find it.
    • Being unfamiliar with a vehicle's equipment and console can be a distraction for drivers.  If you're driving a new vehicle, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with its features.  Be sure you know how headlights, windshield wipers, and other safety equipment work before you hit the road.

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    Thanks to Almighty CP KSA team has conducted yet another educational event
     (Quiz on Pakistan and its history) for Pakistani females who are members of Humnawa Ladies Club Riyadh. Details of the event are in Riyadh news section. We would like to thank the team of Humnawa who realizes how important it is to enhance the knowledge of Pakistanis about their country. We love to sponsor such organizations who arrange events that are more than a 'Social evening'. We hope to continue supporting such organizations utilizing CP resources. And the strength being the largest virtual community center for Pakistanis in the WORLD with well over 300,000 members
    <prove us otherwise> enjoying fruits of unity!

    Our forthcoming event for ladies is a seminar that will be held in Riyadh on 8th of May inshaAllah. This event is sponsored for Silsila ladies literary club.
    All Silsila members are requested to contact Mrs. Anjum Waheed for reservation. Seat for this seminar are limited.

    We plan to offer training on the following areas.
    1) Positive use of Internet
    2) Urdu Word Processing (Using Inpage software)
    All such female events are conducted by CP KSA Ladies wing and host organization.
    Hand in Hand we work together for the betterment of our community and for a greater Pakistan.
    Together WE can make a difference - So if you operate a professional forum or community organization, you can always contact CP to help you arrange such educational events. Your members are not required to be CP members. We are not doing all this for any publicity. We support organizations with a cause and that is to unite each and every Pakistani and let them help each other.
    We do not sponsor political or personality profiling organizations.

    CP SCREEN SAVERS - Why do we offer these screen savers?
    Our main objective of these screen savers is to promote the stunning beauty and culture of our Pakistan. By having these screen savers on your PC provides you chance to serve your country by simply sharing these images with others around you. Perhaps someone around you would decide to visit Pakistan. It is such a simple and easy way to promote Tourism industry of our country. So why to have screen savers of others why not have your own country's beauties. Be proud to show your country!

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    Hamnawan Ladies Club Celebrates Pakistan Day
    In attendance of Mrs. Abdul Aziz Mirza, wife of H.E. the Ambassador of Pakistan to the Kingdom
    Hamnawa Ladies Club held its function on 24th April at the Palm Villas function hall. The theme of the program was Pakistan Day. The program began with recitation from  Holy Qur’an and Hadeeth. This was followed by an address from the Hamnawa President Fauzia Jamil. Mrs Jamil highlighted the need for Pakistan to focus on education and produce a generation of literate people to lead the country. Rahila Lone, the General Secretary read the minutes of the last meeting and spoke about the history of the struggle for independence and the sacrifices made by our leaders and people alike. Mrs Lone said that the country and its people need to make similar sacrifices now to realise the goals of our forefathers.
    The Treasurer, Shaheen Mirza submitted the quarterly report outlining the state of the group’s finances. This was followed by the program. The highlight of the program was the play by Mr Khawaja Moin-uddin, the classic drama serial “Taleem e Balghaan”. The drama although written in the 50’s still contains themes which are relevant this day. The drama was a hit and enjoyed by all present.
    The second part of the event was a quiz presented by ContactPakistan.com and its team of sponsors. Details are in CP news report. Next came a Tableau about Pakistan’s independence and sufferings during this period.
    The final segment was an address by the Patron of the Hamnawa group, Mrs
    Abdul Aziz Mirza. Mrs Mirza presented gifts and certificates to all the participants. She stated the need for Pakistan and its people to move forward. The patron called on the community to look within themselves and bring to the fore those values and ideals that would help not only better ourselves but also our nation.
    The program was a tremendous
    success and the audience voiced their need for a similar function in not too distant future.
    (By Mrs Rahila Lone
    , General Secretary, Hamnawa Ladies Club)

     CP Pakistan Day Quiz for Hamnawa Ladies Club

    (CP, Riyadh)
    ContactPakistan.com in association with Hamnawa ladies club arranged an educational quiz which was part of Humnawa's Pakistan Day celebrations. Over 120 ladies of Pakistan attended the event which started with recitation from Holy Qur'an and later presented a three part program.
    Bj, Co-Founder of ContactPakistan.com in her opening speech said,  ContactPakistan is an international virtual community welfare organization that offers its free professional services to its members worldwide including over 8000 members in KSA. Our help is not only limited to individual Pakistanis but to all Pakistani organizations that are based on the concept of community welfare, she added. She said,  we make sure that our activities are either focused to achieve the target of educating or enhancing knowledge of Pakistani community or for the welfare of a group or an individual.  It is our tradition to help other organizations in all possible manner, she added. In the end she thanked all the sponsors who helped CP to make this mega event a success.
    The quiz was conducted by CP Ladies wing team member Yasmeen Abid. Winners were awarded electrical appliances, carpet, free internet hours and dinner coupons. There were prizes for everyone in the hall which included free internet cards and packs of spices.
    We would like to thank our KSA events sponsors Zajil Internet Co., Kalamkaar Furniture, Mizan Masala, Cocopalm Restaurant and Hamid Carpets for sponsoring this educational event.

    Computerized Help Desk at PISR

    (CP, Riyadh)- To facilitate the parents and students, a computerized help desk has been established in the main office of the Pakistan International School, Riyadh. The Principal told CP that the school intends to start preparation classes for the students appearing in F.Sc examination to professional institutions like engineering and medical colleges. Interested students should intimate their names to the school office by April 27, 2003. Meanwhile, provisional admissions for 11th and ‘A’ level classes were completed by April 23, and regular classes will commence Saturday, April 26, 2003, according to a newsletter. Matric classes for Science Group will start May 4, 2003, while Matric classes for Arts have started April 19, it further said.
    The present chairman BoD said that all genuine demands of teachers and students, including improvement in the transport system, would be looked into sympathetically to improve this institution, academically and administratively. The chairman said the new BoD has taken over the charge from the previous BoD on April 8, 2003, with a monthly deficit of more than SR100, 000.

    Pak School Principals Urge to Improve Exam System

    (CP, Riyadh)- The principals of the nine Pakistani international schools in the Kingdom, with enrolment of about 30,000 students, have urged the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad, to improve its examination and registration systems by providing syllabi and books in the timely manner. They have recommended that paper setters for the federal board examinations for 9th to 12th classes should, wherever feasible, be engaged from overseas Pakistani teachers also. These teachers are well conversant with the courses taught in the overseas institutions, affiliated with the board. Currently, all papers are set by teachers within Pakistan and, it is noted that overseas teachers have a little role in setting these examination papers.
    It is pointed out that private students have been facing formidable problem in getting their fee drafts in dollar. And in case a draft is arranged, $20 is charged as extra fee on each draft as bank service charges. To cope with this problem, it is recommended that overseas students, numbering thousands every year, be permitted to provide bank drafts in Pak rupees. The examination fee for Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC Part I & II) is currently $160, which is too high for the majority of students coming from the working class. The principals asked the board to reduce these fees.
    It is proposed that annual examination for Class 9 and 10 may be taken as one examination (combined) as was the practice in the past. The educationists asked the board to appoint supervisory staff for supplementary exams locally from different institutions, as the number of candidates is normally low. The principals have also suggested that frequent link and quick interaction should be established between the board and the overseas schools.
    The process of communication should be speeded up to avoid inordinate delay and embassy channel may be used in urgent matters. Simplified method should be used by the board to avoid extra financial burden or bank service charges on submitting examination forms by private students. It is suggested that overseas students help desks should be set up in the Pakistan embassy, Riyadh, consulate general, Jeddah, and other schools in major cities to facilitate overseas students in solving their examination and registration problems, which are confronted by overseas students from time to time. Regional inspectors for the board examination should be assigned from nearby cities or towns. To facilitate examination system, curricula and other academic matters between the board and overseas schools frequent meetings may be arranged, they noted. 

     Remittances without paying any bank charges
    (CP, Jeddah) Very soon, Pakistani expatriates in the Kingdom will be sending money to their country with out paying any remittance charges. Habib Bank of Pakistan in association with Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation of Saudi Arabia will soon launch a scheme under which Pakistani customers will be able to send remittances without paying any bank charges, said Khalid Bin Shaheen, Vice President and Director Habib Bank Limited, Gulf Region. Shaheen was in the Kingdom to give final touches to the proposed scheme.
    Addressing a large gathering on Thursday, April 17, 2003, at the Pakistan Consulate General Office in Jeddah in the presence of Admiral (R) Abdul Aziz Mirza, Ambassador of Pakistan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Shaheen reminded that at present Al Rajhi Bank charges some amount as transfer fee from the remitters for each transaction. But after the new scheme is launched, Habib Bank, with the help of Central Bank of Pakistan will reimburse the fee to Al Rajhi on behalf of the remitters. However, the bank official said, “This benefit will be available only to the customers sending more than $100 for the purpose of family maintenance. And this facility will not be applicable on drafts”. Shaheen said that Habib Bank is keen to provide hassle-free and best possible services to its customers. He said that Zakir Mahmood, President of Habib Bank and Khaleeq Kiani, head of bank’s overseas network were keen to provide all possible service and benefits to Pakistani customers who are sending money to their family back home. This was one of the reasons the bank sends its officials at a regular interval to various cities of the Kingdom, Shaheen said.
    The scheme will be available at all remittance centers and branches of Al Rajhi Bank to all customers sending money to Pakistan for family maintenance for their accounts with any bank in Pakistan.
    During his stay here in the Kingdom Shaheen also visited various labour camps in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam and addressed groups of Pakistani workers at various places. He held meetings with a cross section of Pakistani community in Madina and Makkah as well.  He listened to their complaints and assured them that Habib Bank will strive to facilitate Pakistanis through all possible ways in the field of remittances. In the last few months Shaheen has paid visits to more than 100 labour camps where he met with tens of thousands of Pakistani workers. In answer to a question Shaheen said that the President of Habib Bank is keen to develop the legal channel of banking for remittances, which will have positive implications both for the economy of Pakistan and will be in compliance with the policies of the host country.
    The proposed scheme is also aimed at curbing the illegal practice of sending money through other channels and for boosting the awareness among the masses especially, expatriates that fund transfers through Hawala/Hundi and illegal channels is a loss and disservice to Saudi host and Pakistan.

    His Excellency Ambassador of Pakistan in the Eastern Region
    (Mohammad Obaid) A Pakistani Community gathering was organized by Pakistan Community Council (PCC) at Dhahran International Hotel in the honor of His Excellency Admiral (R) Abdul Aziz Mirza during his first visit to the Eastern Province.
    The event started with the recitation from Holy Qu’ran by Bilal Waheed. Engr Jawaid Inam, Secretary General, NED Engineers Forum conducted the responsibilities of Stage Secretary. Malik Mushtaq, Patron–in-Chief welcomed the distinguished guest, H.E the Ambassador of Pakistan to the Eastern Region and appreciated his commitment towards problems related to Pak community in KSA.
    Mohammad Aslam, Senior Vice President, PCC admired the Ambassador’s visit, he gave a brief on the achievements of PCC since 1999. The details of PCC achievements are as follows:
    PC was formed in October 1999 after the approval of the By Laws. The objective of the platform was to bring all sixteen parties and forums together and strengthen the community position in the region.
    Constructed two schools with the help of donors from the Eastern Region, costing $23,000 and $34,000 in the rural areas of Gujrat and Karachi respectively.
    Contributed SR10,000 as scholarships for needy students in the Eastern Region.
    Contributed as living expenses for more than 100 Kashmiri orphans at SR1,200 per annum.
    Contributed SR60,000 as fine for two innocent Pakistani prisoners in the Eastern Region.
    Contributed SR 350,000 in the drought relief fund.
    Contributed SR 200,000 in Prime Minister’s “Qarz Uttaro Mulk Sanwaaro Scheme”
    Contributed SR22,000 to Ansar Burny Trust.
    Engr Jawaid Inam introduced H.E the ambassador of Pakistan Admiral (R) Abdul Aziz Mirza to the community and requested him to address the audience.
    The Ambassador thanked the PCC towards their achievements for the community and assured all attendees about his continuing co-operation and patronage for them.
    As it was an open discussion he answered number of questions asked by the audiences. The majority of questions from the community were about the present crises in the Middle East and the role of Pakistan. Finally he thanked community and emphasized all Pakistanis to follow the Unity, Faith and discipline.
    In the end  Sajid Khan Abbasi, President PCC thanked the HE Ambassador and the audience for their participation and making the function a success.
     Remittance Using Legal Channels can earn more Duty Free Allowance 
    (Mohammad Obaid) On April 15, 2003 a meeting was organized at Al-Mojil Compound Al-Khobar by  Waseem Haider a leading businessman in the Eastern Region. The meeting was in the honor of Khalid Bin Shaheen, Director – Home Remittance from GCC countries and Vice President Habib Bank Limited stationed at Dubai.
    The meeting was attended by many Pakistanis from all walks of life working in the Eastern Region.  Khalid Shaheen explained all about different schemes going on by Habib Bank Limited and Overseas Pakistanis Foundations for the Pakistani Community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He answered lot of quires of the attendees regarding remittance to Pakistan. During his speech he stated that very shortly the remittance to Pakistan through Al-Rajhi Banking and Investment Corporation will be free of charge. This will be announced shortly in the local news papers and Inshallah will boost up the volume of remittance to Pakistan.
    Khalid further stated about the latest Silver and Gold cards scheme of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation. OPF will be issuing Silver and Gold cards on the remittance of equivalent to $ 2500 for Silver and $ 10000 for Gold cards. The benefits of these cards are as follows; 

    • Separate counters are established by OPF at arrival and departure lounges at all International Airports of Pakistan for special handling of Overseas Pakistanis.
    • Free issuance and renewal of Pakistani Passport on an urgent basis.
    • Duty Free allowance against personal baggage scheme for a valve of $700 for Silver and $ 1200 for Gold cards during a calendar year.

    In the end the Eastern Region representative  Rashid ul Islam of Habib bank Limited thanked  Shaheen for attending the gathering and briefing the Pakistani community about the financial policies of State Bank of Pakistan and all about what Habib Bank Limited is planning to facilitate the Pakistani community in remitting money to Pakistan.
    Shaheen thanks all the attendees for giving the opportunity to meet them and explain them about HBL policies. He finally emphasized all Pakistani Community Members to use the proper banking channel for remitting money to Pakistan.
    Khalid Bin Shaheen Talks to ContactPakistan
    Khalid Bin Shaheen, Director – Home Remittance from GCC countries and Vice President Habib Bank Limited stationed at Dubai, visited the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia during first week of April 2003. The purpose of his visit to the Eastern Region was to work with Al-Rajhi Banking local authorities for enhancing the formalities for remittance to Pakistan by the Pakistani Community from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    It was decided by CP Team to have an interview with  Shaheen to have all details for the community. The task was assigned to  Mohammad Obaid.
    Click Here to read the complete Interview

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    Noble Mission of providing Non-Commercial Education
    The city like Karachi where life is so fast that it looks that everybody is running and is short of time. Everybody is trying to make an extra Rupee no matter how…!!! Schools in Karachi are shifted from normal school buildings to residential buildings and the tuition fees in all the private schools in Karachi are sky high. In such atmosphere there are still good people exits that are there and want to be in this business but with noble mission, providing education to the future of Pakistan on non-commercial basis.
    Last year Contact Pakistan introduced “CYNOSURE MONTESSORI & SCHOOL” established two years back in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi. This school was established by Mohammad Obaid who is the resident of Eastern Region of the Kingdom.
    Obaid bhai has lately started the second branch of “Cynosure Montessori & School” in North Karachi. During my last vacation I visited the second branch of the school. It was a real pleasure in meeting the dedicated staff and the students–future of our homeland the young Pakistan. Obaid bhai stated that he is determined in promoting his mission by expanding the branches of Cynosure in all corner of Karachi and providing better education on non-commercial basis.

    The offer what Mr. Obaid mention during his interview to CP is still valid, the location of the school is A-828, Sector 11-B North Karachi. ContactPakistan.com wishes Obaid Bhai the best of luck in fulfilling his mission and developing a better young future Pakistan.

    Click to read about school and for images of 2nd branch.
    Iqbal Khan (Global Content Manager)

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    The Punjab plain comprises mainly the province of Punjab. It is the gift of River Indus and its five eastern tributaries- Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas. The plain spreads from the south of Potohar plateau up to Mithankot, where Sulaiman Range approaches river Indus. The Punjab plain is almost a featureless plain with a gentle slope southward averaging one foot to the mile. The only break in the alluvial monotony is the little group of broken hills (100 ft-1,600ft.) near Sangla and Irana on either side of the Chenab. The entire plain is extensively irrigated by a network of canals. This system has been greatly expanded and improved in recent years by the construction of link-canals, dams and barrages as a result of the Indus Water Treaty with India, which awarded the three western rivers (Indus, Jhelum and Chenab) to Pakistan, and the three eastern rivers (Ravi, Sutlej and Beas) to India. Tarbela Dam on river Indus and Mangla Dam on River Jhelum, which have water storage capacities of 11.1 million acre ft. and 5.55 million acre ft. respectively, need a special mention. Irrigation water is supplemented by summer and winter rains (15-20 inches) so that a variety of crops is raised, the major ones being wheat, rice, cotton and sugarcane. The region has earned the name of granary of Pakistan. However, the blessings of canal irrigation have not been without a curse, which render about 100,000 acres of land unproductive every year through water logging and salinity. The menace has been greatly controlled through salinity control and reclamation projects. Agricultural development boosted urbanization and industrialization so that the region has emerged as the most important economically developed area of Pakistan, containing over 56 per cent of the population and most of the commercial and industrial centers of the country, such as Lahore (2,922,000), Faisalabad (1,092.000). Multan (730,000), Gujranwala (596,000), Sialkot (297,000) and Gujrat (154,000). 

    The south eastern section of the region known as cholistan is under-developed. This tract is parched and thirsty. The summer temperature average 51.7 oC and the area remains under the grip of extremely hot winds. The surface of this desert consists of a succession of sand dunes rising in places to a height of 500 ft. with vegetation peculiar to sandy tracts. There is no soil down to the lowest depth except sand; bitter water is, however, sometimes found at depth of about 80-100 ft. 

    The Potohar Upland, commonly called the Potohar Plateau, lies to the south of northern mountains and is flanked in the west by River Indus and in the east by River Jhelum. This 1,000-2,000 ft. (305-610 m) upland is a typical arid landscape with denuded and broken terrain characterized by undulations and irregularities. These are a few outlying spurs of Salt Range in the south, and those of Khair Murad and Kala Chitta Range in the north. Two seasonal streams-Rivers Haro and River Soan-flow from east to the west and after crossing the region in the north and in the middle respectively, fall in the Indus. River Kanshi traverses the eastern part of the plateau from north to south and drains into River Jhelum. These rivers and other hill torrents have cut deep valleys and are of little use for irrigation. Agriculture is thus almost entirely dependent on rainfall of 15-20 inches and on the small dams built in the catchments areas of the streams. Fields of wheat, barley, jowar, bajra and pulses are found in valley bottoms and on the terraced slopes along river banks. A new economic factor has been introduced by the establishment of a few factories in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and a large industrial area in the Taxila-Wah-Hassanabdal triangle, where a large cement factory was already in existence. The region is particularly known for its oilfields in Khaur-Dhulian neighborhood, the ancient civilization sites in Soan valley, the ruins and the Buddhist University at Taxila and the new capital, Islamabad, which stands north of the old city of Rawalpindi(806,000) at the southern slops of Murree hills, the popular Holiday resort of the country. Salt Range the ramparts of the Salt Range stretching from east to west in the south separate Potohar upland from the Punjab plain. The average height of the Salt Range is about 700 meters, but near Sakesar in Sargodha district, it rises to 1,500 meters, making summer pleasant. The southern face is remarkably steep, dissected and intensely arid. But, the northern slope is gentle and has sparse vegetation of oleanders and wild olives. The top of the range is a narrow belt of isolated plateaus and basins, where, sparse stunted trees and fields of wheat and maize are found. However, the real importance of the salt mines lies in the large deposits of pure salt at Khewra and Kalabagh and the large seams of coal at Dandot and Makerwal. Punjab Plain

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    PISJ (English Section) Organizes Field Trip
    By Syeda Mehrunnisa

    Published for the benefit of young children
    With permission from
    Astronaut R. Mike Mullane

    Liftoff is the true story of the author achieving his childhood dream of flying into space.  The story blasts young readers into space and thrills them with the fear and excitement of riding a space shuttle and watching the earth from 300 miles in orbit.  This is an educational, inspirational, and motivational story.  With flashbacks to his youth, the author emphasizes his "normal" childhood.  He wasn't academically gifted.  He wasn't an athlete.  He wasn't popular.  Yet, he was able to make a dream come true.  Mullane's message is that any child can aim for and achieve significant dreams. Here is episode 1 for you.
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    I am looking for a sofa set. Should be in good condition.
    Riyadh - I am looking for a car - Model should be later than 1990 - Toyota Corrolla, Cressida or Honda Civic only - Required immediately - Send details about your car through email now! ta_ansari@yahoo.com
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