Issue#123 15th May 2007
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Exclusive Recipe

Keema Karahi

- 1 kg minced meat
-˝ kg tomatoes
-1 Ts garlic paste
-2 Ts ginger paste
-2 Ts red chili powder chilies -6 green chilies cut into thin stripes.
-2 tbs. spoon oil
-1 Ts salt
- 2 Ts fresh coriander leaves
- 1 Ts garam masala

Apply the ginger garlic paste to the mince meat and set aside.

Heat oil and fry the ground red chilies till brown.
Add the chopped tomatoes and fry for a little while.
Then add mince meat and let it cook till the water dries up.Sprinkle garam masala.
Fry green chilies and garnish along with coriander leaves. Serve with nan

More juice from a lemon
Putting a lemon in hot water before squeezing will give you more juice than usual

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Chopal is a place where you can meet with Pakistanis from your city. You never know if you find a old time friend who is also in KSA and you never knew about him. Simply visit, register and join buddies of your past. Talk to them about your city, its issues and how Together We can make a difference!

Scientists create 'plastic' blood


Scientists have developed an artificial plastic blood which could act as a substitute in emergencies.

Researchers at Sheffield University said their creation could be a huge advantage in war zones.
They say that the artificial blood is light to carry, does not need to be kept cool and can be kept for longer.
The new blood is made up of plastic molecules that have an iron atom at their core, like haemoglobin, that can carry oxygen through the body.
The scientists said the artificial blood could be cheap to produce and they were looking for extra funding to develop a final prototype that would be suitable for biological testing.
'Very excited'

Dr Lance Twyman, of the university's Department of Chemistry, said: "We are very excited about the potential for this product and about the fact that this could save lives.
"Many people die from superficial wounds when they are trapped in an accident or are injured on the battlefield and can't get blood before they get to hospital.
"This product can be stored a lot more easily than blood, meaning large quantities could be carried easily by ambulances and the armed forces."
A sample of the artificial blood prototype will be on display at the Science Museum in London from 22 May as part of an exhibition about the history of plastics.


Some times being the LARGEST does not matter for some!

There is no 2nd opinion about our being The Largest Pak Community in the Kingdom. We all are proud and sure of that! But sometimes greater numbers do matter, we are living in a strange world huh!
We are working on certain initiatives that are unique and would greatly help us all who are residing in KSA. Projects such as Family health insurance, discounts from major airlines, retail outlets and exclusive financial investment opportunities, to name a few. But it seems that 35,000+ households are not enough for some to offer exclusive service/attention to our united community.
To start with if your other family members have email addresses then why not first register them to make CP community much more stronger.

How do I help?
Just send the following link to any Pakistani living in KSA whom you know via email and request to join CP community. REMEMBER IT IS FOR OUR OWN GOOD. Thank you

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Earthquake Rehabilitation Projects


May Allah SWT reward you for your humanitarian work
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Till a suitable replacement for regional editor is in place, you may send your reports directly to or fax hand written reports on
01 441 4945 - Images can be sent to
News sent via email must be in inpage format and accompany images if available.
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Eduvision has launched Online Information System for Education in Pakistan

Students, parents and other concerned quarters can search for any course/degree offered at any institution in Pakistan. The information system offers the facility to search from all types of disciplines/courses of study and degrees offered by educational institutions for higher education of the country. The information system contains the complete information of chartered universities, medical colleges, engineering universities, institutions offering professional courses and general universities. Students can search for any field of study offered by the educational institutions of the country and can find all the necessary information i.e. name of institution offering the field, duration, discipline offered by the institutions in a city, name of the degree, examination system etc.
Please visit to search any field of education in Pakistan
Eduvision is global CP partner and under an agreement CP members enjoy a worldwide exclusive discount

Embassy has launched its website in Saudi Arabia. Following are forms that you can download and with a PDF reader load and then print. For further details visit embassy site.

Downloadable Public Forms

New Passport/Addition Copy
Report of Loss of Passport

National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani’s
Visa Application Form

Passport Renewal
Affidavit of Loss of Passport
Pakistan Origin Card  
Life Certificate Letter of Authority


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By Syeda Mehrunnisa

Hello young Pakistanis, we hope that you would like the new setup of your section. We would like you to participate and make it much bigger than what it is now. Send us your stories, poems and drawings.

Dear Children send us your poems, stories and drawings. We will publish your work along with your picture. Share your talent with rest of the community write to

Some Cool Sites

Alien Empire
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 Thank You Mom! 
Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky,
Hundreds of shells on the shore together,
Hundreds of birds that go singing by,
But only one mother the world wide over.

(adapted from Only One Mother)

Dear friends, God promises blessing to those who honor their parents. Every religions command to honour and respect parents.
As we know from the saying of our dear Holy Prophet, great stress has been laid upon respecting mother. What mothers do for us is limitless. Yet children often overlook and show disrespect for their mothers which hurts them. We must certainly have a deep appreciation for what our mother went through and what she has to endure as a parent. Maintaining a healthy association with mother is a priceless gift. Greeting and gifting mother on her birthday or on mother's day is just one of the many ways to express your gratitude for mother. We owe them so much more. Honouring mothers is one special gift that will benefit you (the giver) as well as the mother (the receiver).
It is sad to see that many children as they grow into teenagers, show wrong attitude towards their mothers. They object to their mother's advice and proclaim to be more knowledgeable than their mother. Remember folks, no matter how old we grow, we still remain our mother's child. Accept that mom is still Mom, regardless of your age and that you are still bound to respect her as your mom. Mothers never stop to be a mother just as you will never stop to be her child. She was worried when you sprained your muscle in the playground, she will still be as concerned about you when you grow up into adults.
Your respect for your mother is also reflected in the manner you speak to her. Those who honour their mother never raise their voice in front of her and always speak with kindness and composure. Always speak well of your mother. Those who negatively talk about their mother disobey God. Avoid from slandering your mother in front of anyone.A point comes in life when children have to go away from their parents…may it be for studies sake or job, or for girls... leaving their parents' home after marriage. At such times, we must remember that are parents spent their whole life caring for us and helping us to develop and grow. It is our duty that we contact them regularly, express our thanks and love for them; inform them of our well being which parents always stay concerned about. And most of all, always remember to pray for your parents' wellbeing to Allah Almighty.

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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