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Land of Pure

 O my country how troubled are you

Your people fight among themselves

Shedding the valueless blood, like water

Unaware of the heinous crime they do


My lovely soil that was built for Peace

What difficult times you see today

When brothers kill their innocent brothers

For that is what all Muslims are


Look how people torch the cars

And the streets light with flame

Watch how they raise their guns

With no remorse upon their face


What’s wrong with you my countrymen?

Pakistan was built for harmony

Have you forgotten our Quaid’s words?

Faith discipline and unity he had declared


Behold the lifeless bodies of those

Who hours ago were full of life

Hear the cries of widows and sisters

And children cruelly made orphans


Open your eyes to the viciousness you cause

Let your hearts melt at the sight

Remove the curse of hatred amongst you

And allow love to fill your souls


O my Lord, help my dear Pakistan

Open the eyes of the seeing blind

And the ears of the listening deaf

And let peace return to the land of pure

 By Syeda Mehrunnisa