57th Issue 1st May 2004
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1st May 2003

Central Region
Abdul Rauf Mughal

Eastern Region
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Western Region
Eng. Syed Ashfaque Mazhar

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Cooking with BJ.com
Exclusive Recipe

Cabsat Al Lahm
Meat with Rice

- 1 kg. Lamb ( with bones ) cut      into large pieces.
- 1\2 kg. Tomatoes.
- 4 Onions.
- 4 Cups rice.
- 3 Glasses corn oil or melted     butter.
- 4 Cinnamon sticks.
- 4 Dried limes.
- 8 Cardamom seeds.
- 3 Chilli peppers (optional ).
- Salt

Wash and drain the meat.
Peel and chop the onions; fry until golden brown. Add the meat ,stir until brown; add the chopped tomatoes. Add boiling water and simmer over a medium heat until cooked. Add salt to taste.
Add the limes , cardamom seeds chilli peppers and cinnamon . Add s sufficient water to cook the rice .Clean and wash the rice. Add to the meat and leave until the rice is cooked.
Serve hot .

totakay.gif (10312 bytes)
Prevent onions from burning, frying
Add a little milk to onions while frying, this will help retain a rich colour and prevent them from burning.
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You can be certain that juicing watermelon is beneficial to your health.  It has been known to flush out accumulation of uric acid in the system.  Anyone dealing with arthritis, gout or uremic poisoning would probably greatly benefit from juicing watermelon twice a day in the morning and evening.  Also eruptions on the surface of the skin usually indicate an acidic condition in the blood.  This comes from eating too much meat, fried food, sweets and white flour products as well as drinking a lot of coffee, soda, etc.  Watermelon juice flushes a lot of the acid from the system and renews the blood.  When this happens the skin will start looking and feeling better.  One cup of watermelon contains 11 mg. calcium, 16 mg phosphorus, 8 mg iron, 2 mg sodium, 160 mg potassium, 940 IU vitamin A. 11 mg vitamin C, 3.4 mcg folic acid, 17 mg magnesium and .11 mg zinc. 

What is Saffron

Saffron is the reddish-orange stigmas of a special variety of crocus. It originated in Arabia and was brought to Spain in the eighth century and today Spain is the major exporter of this spice. Saffron is quite costly. The process of this spice is remarkable. About 200,000 dried stigmas from about 70,000 flowers are needed to produce just one pound.
The therapeutic effects of saffron, crocus sativus, primarily strengthens the heart and nervous system. It aids digestion, by increasing the appetite and can help relieve nosebleeds, fatigue and exhaustion.
Saffron is mainly bought for culinary purposes, a small pinch goes a long way, but today people are coming back to it for herbal medicinal reasons. Saffron milk is becoming quite popular and can be bought in some local groceries today. The saffron milk is a flavourful, soothing drink that can be helpful in relieving cardiac problems. To make it yourself, bring one cup of milk just to a boil, add a pinch of saffron, reduce the heat and simmer the mixture for two minutes. sweeten it with honey to taste and drink it once a day.
Rubbing your gums with saffron can reduce soreness and inflammation. Crush a few threads of saffron into a powder and use your index finger to massage gently into your gums.
Be careful when purchasing saffron. It is sometimes adulterated with other spices. true saffron is expensive and has a deep orange to brownish red colour. The redder the strands, the better the quality. Yellow saffron has no curative properties. Choose whole saffron threads over powder saffron. The threads have a better flavour and the curative qualities are higher. When you store saffron, store in an airtight container in a dark, cool place. Don't let it get damp or you will end up losing it all together. Don't add saffron threads directly to foods, the flavour is better distributed when the spice is first allowed to soften in a little warm water. Wait until the water takes on a yellow colour and then add it to your dish. Plus use it sparingly. Adding too much can produce a bitter taste and it has been known a large dosage can make a person feel ill, and more than 1/3 oz. can be fatal. By D. Naibert

Give to this day

What can you give to this day? There are a million possibilities to be of service, to be of value, to make a difference.
Sure, you're as busy as can be. Of course, your world is filled with complex, complicated challenges. Yes, your time and resources are in short supply, and it may seem that there's nothing left to give. Give anyway, and you'll find that the very act of giving brings you even more with which to give.  
Give a smile, give a moment of your time, and give a word of encouragement. Give a hand, give a small bit of kindness, and watch it grow.  
There is nothing that can energize you more than knowing you're making a real difference. Give of yourself, and there are suddenly even more of you to give.  
Give to this day. And you can make it the best one yet.

Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan
Ras Tanura


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Purpose: To make better use of a small screen by hiding items temporarily.
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Hide and show the toolbars you prefer.
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Note: web pages that use "style" formats or Flash or graphic fonts will not be affected by this command. Only those web pages that use regular HTML body text.

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Abdul Rauf Mughal

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Before you head to the drugstore for a high-priced inhaler filled with mysterious chemicals, try chewing on a couple of curiously strong Altoids peppermints. They'll clear up your stuffed nose.
Achy muscles from about of the flu?
Mix 1 Tablespoon of horseradish in cup of olive oil. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes, then apply it as a massage oil, for instant relief for aching muscles.


CP members are invited to "SPRING FESTIVAL 2004" 6th May 2004
Time of arrival: 7:30 pm  Dinner: 8:00 pm Entertainment: 9:00 pm
Venue: Pakistan Embassy Hall, Riyadh Adult: SR. 70 Children: SR. 35 
For online reservation please click here...




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Truly best

 It's easy to think that life is unfair, and to lower your expectations accordingly. It's easy to find someone or something to blame for your disappointments, and then to give up on moving forward.

It's easy to convince yourself that you can't, and to find plenty of perfectly valid reasons for hiding away from life. But what does that really accomplish?

It's easy to settle for less than you know you can be. Yet doing so can often lead to a terribly difficult and disappointing life.

The easiest choices in the short term usually bring the most difficult consequences in the long run. So the more you seek a life of ease, the more uncomfortable, the more truly uneasy it becomes.

To choose what is best, for yourself, for your world, is not usually the easiest choice. To follow the path of what is best takes commitment, effort, some discomfort and sacrifice.

Rather than quickly jumping on the easiest choice, consider the long-term effects on your precious and irreplaceable life. Look at the big picture, and you'll find yourself choosing what is truly best. 

Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Ras Tanura 

Terrible Loss of a A Friend

Loss of a True Friend

Lunar Eclipse on 4th May 2004

Time schedule for KSA

  • 20:51 - Moon enters penumbra
  • 21:51 - Moon enters umbra
  • 22:52 - Total eclipse begins
  • 23:30 - Middle of the eclipse
  • 24:08 - Total eclipse ends
  • 01:12 - Moon leaves umbra
  • 04:10 - Moon leaves penumbra

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Drinking two glasses of Gatorade can relieve headache pain almost immediately -- without the unpleasant side effects caused by traditional "pain relievers."
Did you know that Colgate toothpaste makes an excellent salve for burns?

 REIKI - Natural Healing
Reiki can relieve pain and acute problems very quickly. Chronic illnesses require a series of treatments (10-12) followed by a maintenance program of one session monthly for as long as the patient feels the need. Reiki is very useful for anyone taking a course of prescribed drugs. It reduces some of the side effects of drug therapy, makes the body more receptive to medication and helps the body to recover after the drug course finishes.
Whatever manifests itself physically, usually also has components on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki goes beyond superficial symptoms to treat the root cause of dis-ease. Physical illnesses like thyroid dysfunctions, sore throat, swollen gland, tonsils, laryngitis, mouth ulcers, gum diseases, neck stiffness, all have to do with the Fifth Energy Center of the body. This is our ‘Will’ center. It measures how honestly we express ourselves. Promoting and normalizing energy flow, by the use of Reiki, to this area, treats underlying problems of self-expression (throat problems), decisive power (gum problems), choosing not to make a choice e.g., by repressing anger (laryngitis and jaw problems), humiliation and impatience (thyroid problems), and other problems around the issues of faith, knowledge, addictions, compulsive behavior etc. 

For Reiki/Aromatherapy sessions, please contact Lamees at 056463801 or email: lamees@kfshrc.edu.sa  10% discount for CP members. 15% discount on this month’s special “Aroma Oil for Migraine Relief” for CP members.

Episode 4


By S.A.J. Shirazi

Pishin Valley consists of thousands of acres of fruit orchads. The artificial irrigation channels in the area, made by boring holes into rocks to bring to the surface the deep water called Karez and modern agricultural methods have done wonders in the area.

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 Spirit of May Day
Dear children, Hope all is good at your end. For the newsletter this time, I have chosen to write about “Labor day” also known as “May day” to emphasize upon the economic and social significance of this internationally observed day.

All men are created equal, gifted with equal rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Whether he is a salaried worker, a laborer, a peasant getting daily wages or a corporate manager, he has equal rights to enjoy life and get reward for his efforts and work. Labor day is celebrated to pay tribute to the laborers for their contributions to the development of world, to unveil the exploitation done to them and to take measures to stop it.

When was the first Labor Day celebrated is a controversial question. The popular story is the one related to the Labor strikes in 1880s when the laborers decided to stand up and oppose injustice done to them. From the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, people in factories have worked very long shifts, lasting up to fourteen or more hours a day. During the 1880s a new movement calling for an eight-hour day inspired both labor unions and unorganized workers. In 1884, the Federation of trade and labor unions adopted a resolution in its convocation stating that from May 1, 1886, eight hours shall constitute a legal day's work. Workers were requested to strike at companies that did not recognize the eight-hour day. This demand put pressure on employers and some of them reduced the work hours to eight per day. However, most employers refused to reduce working hours. This compelled the suffering workers to go on strike on May 1, 1886 called by the federation. A massive rally was held at Haymarket where prominent leaders of Labor Union made speeches. Due to chaos and hot words used in speech riot erupted and police fired at the crowd killing four of their leaders - the Haymarket martyrs.
The effort and massive campaign did not go unnoticed. After 1886 rallies, strikes and other militant actions promoted the cause of the working class around the world. With the passage if time, nations worldwide became conscious about the rights of labor class. It resulted in passing of municipal ordinances ensuring better working conditions, better pay, and better living condition for the laborers. From then on May 1 is celebrated each year as “Labor day”.
On May day street parades are held to exhibit the strength of the trade and labor organizations. Speeches are made by prominent workers to highlight the issues related to labor class. A festival for the recreation and amusement of the workers and their families usually follows.
Most countries now have better protection for workers; shorter work weeks, longer holidays, better unemployment insurance, better welfare, better pensions, better job training programs, safer workplace etc.
The spirit of the day demands us to respect and honor workers. We, as children can do our part of the job by being considerate to the labors around us, including the sweepers at homes and schools, drivers, gardeners, maids and servants, and all those who serve and make life pleasant for us. We should not burden them with too much workload. When they are ill, we should excuse them from some of the tasks and help them morally and financially, as the circumstances permit. Be polite in talking to them and let them know that they are also important to you. Our Prophet (saw) said that a laborer is a friend of God. He gave a lot of respect to those who work hard for their earnings with their hands.

Mrs.Amna Tariq, Makkah
May Day - the REAL Labor Day by Jackie Dana (published in The Working Stiff Journal)

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 Bachelor Accommodation required in Riyadh
A Pakistani looking for furnished or unfurnished shared single accommodation. If anyone knows, inform on the following Email: salo@asia.com Mobile: 0507524095

 Got a plot in Jeddah Town Islamabad?
Any body want to sell his plot in Jeddah Town Islamabad pleas contact me on mobile 9662052562758 in Jeddah or email me javaidraja@hotmail.com thank you

Looking for an Apartment in Al Khobar
Name:              Z Khan
Phone:             052784904
Email:             zmkhan@cyberia.net.sa
City:              Al-Khobar
Dear Brothers,
   I'm looking for two bed rooms + Drawing room family apartment for rent in Al- Khobar area, Apartment must be good clean and in the range of 12000 or less. Please help by letting me know @ 052784904.Zahid khan

Name:             Mohammad Butt
Phone:             966-5-619-8278
Email:             mohammadabutt@yahoo.com
City:              Riyadh
Two plots (500 SQ. feet each) in Bahria town Rawalpindi (Phase 3 & 5) for immediate sale.

Tuition Available in Riyadh
A well qualified & excellent experienced Pakistani female tutor (M.A. Economics, B.Ed) is available in Riyadh to teach all subjects especially English, Economics, General Science and arts subjects for grade 1 to 12. Contact:  05 755 4794

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