Issue #81 1st May 2005
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1st May 2004

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Cooking with
Exclusive Recipe

Bokhari Rice

1 kg. Meat with bones, or one chicken .
3 cups of rice.
1\4 kg. Carrots.
3\4 Cups of corn oil or ghee.
1\2 cup tomato juice.
2 large onions.
2 tbs. tomato paste
4 cups water.
1\2 cup raisin cooked in a little oil.
1\2 cup almond ( blanched and skinned )
Oil for roasting the almond and raisin.

Spices :

1 teaspoon each of the following

whole spices.
Black pepper
Salt 3 tsp.

1. Wash rice with plenty of water and soak for 1\2 an hour. Clean and wash meat or chicken. Clean and peal the carrots and cut into matchsticks.
Heat oil in a large heavy based saucepan, add meat and fry until brown, about 5 minutes. Remove meat from oil and keep aside.
3. Reheat the same oil, add onions, sauté for about 3-5 minutes or until soft. Add carrots, fry until soft. Add meat tomato juice, tomato paste, spices and salt and water.
4. Stir the meat mixture, bring to boil
and simmer until meat is partially cooked.
5. Drain rice and add to meat mixture. Do not mix. Adjust the seasoning with salt, if necessary. Bring to boil and simmer for ten minutes. Lower the heat, add remaining water, cover the pan and simmer for1 hour.
6. Slice the almonds or leave them whole. Fry the almonds little oil until light brown. Remove from oil and  place on kitchen papers. Fry raisins in the same oil and drain.
7. Spoon the rice on to a serving dish and taking care not to mix it with meat. Place meat and spices over the top and decorate with almond and raisins. Alternatively, place a large serving dish over the pot and quickly turn the pot upside down onto the serving dish , Then decorate it with the almond and raisins.

Suffering from acidity?
Chewing on a few tulsi leaves will relieve burning, nausea and gas. For those with a sensitive stomach - add tulsi in any recipe using tomatoes.
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Inhaled insulin 'within a year'

A device which allows people with diabetes to inhale, rather than inject, insulin could be licensed for use within a year, scientists claim. Tests carried out around the UK and in the US have shown that the device is as effective as conventional injections. Scientists told the Diabetes UK conference it would offer a choice to the 700,000 people in the UK who currently need to take insulin. However, they said inhaled insulin would not be suitable for everyone. The device, which would fit into a handbag, contains a blister pack of insulin in the form of dry powder. To release the powder, the user presses a button and inhales the powder. People with Type 1 diabetes, who develop the condition as children or young adults, are usually unable to produce any insulin at all. This means they can often need to inject insulin up to six times a day to boost insulin levels. Anthony Barnett, professor of medicine at the University of Birmingham, who has been involved in the insulin inhaler research, said the device - which delivers short-acting insulin - could cut the number of injections people with Type 1 diabetes need to just one or two.
The researchers have also looked at people with Type 2 diabetes, which usually develops in adulthood and can often be controlled with diet and medicines.
They said inhaled insulin appeared to give better blood glucose control than taking tablets.
Inhaled insulin is not currently licensed for use, but licence applications have been made to the European Medicines Evaluation Agency. If the European regulator gives the go-ahead, the device could be used in the UK.
A separate body, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, would then recommend if it should be approved for use on the NHS.
Professor Barnett said the device could receive its European licence within a year.
He added: "Good blood glucose control is essential to keeping people with diabetes healthy.
"It can sometimes be very difficult trying to maintain that on a daily basis.
"For some people, one of the difficulties can be having to inject insulin up to four times a day.
"Our hope is that inhaled insulin will provide more choice, making it easier for people with diabetes to stay healthy."
Douglas Smallwood, chief executive of charity Diabetes UK, added: "Since insulin was discovered in the 1920s, injections have been the only option. That can be difficult for some people. "Many attempts have been made to come up with new treatments and at last we appear to be close to success.
"While it will not be suitable for everyone, this could make a real difference to the daily lives of many people with diabetes."
In total, around 1.8 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes in the UK, but it is estimated that a further one million people have the condition but are unaware of it.


Radio Contact Pakistan
Programming Guide

Zarori Baat
Play time 35:00 Mins.

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Digital / Satellite radio, is it the right choice for those who love listening radio programs? How expensive digital radios are and what sort of programming do they offer? All your questions answered in one show.

Riyadh News Bulletin
Play time 70:00 Mins

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Mrs. Narjis and Asif Ali bring you complete two weeks roundup of Pakistani community news in Riyadh.
This episode includes live coverage of Pakistani cycalist arrival in Riyadh and departure including his interview. Do not miss it, there is so much exciting they bring for you this time.

Cooking With Bj Show
Play time  47:10  Mins.

Click to Listen
Here comes Dr. Atkins Diet Plan - 3rd episode of three in  which Bj will explain  First episode offered introduction and a number of ideas on how to adopt Pakistani recipes should you wish to go Dr. Atkins diet plan. Second Episode was about 2nd stage of Dr. Atkins diet plan and Pakistani food.
Caution Check your doctor before starting any diet plan
Riyadh Community
Play time 14:30 Mins.

Click to Listen
So what Riyadh community says about our incredible win in India. Just check it out, how happy everyone is despite of the unfortunate statements by some cricket starts who thought this could never win!!
Pakistani Cricket Team is Just Unpredictable to make such experts regret what they said based on the so called experience.
Community is invited to produce and present their radio programs

If you face difficulty in listening programs live from server. Getting jerks and breaks then here is a solution for you. Do not left click on a Windows media player link. Just right click and select option "Save Target as"
This saves the program audio file on your local hard disk. Once file is downloaded simply play the file using your media or real player.



Audio - Just listen to proud Pakistanis click here



Saudi Aramco Employees Visited Nauriyah Desert


Houseplants (Part 1)
Sanober Irshad
offers you exclusive write ups on how to decorate your home.
All tips and valuable information in one write up.

Baggage Rules of Pakistan 2004 - 2005
Link shared thanks to community member Wajahat Gul

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NASA's Deep Impact probe has photographed the comet it will soon slam into

The image was released Wednesday. It was taken April 25, when the spacecraft was 39.7 million miles from comet Tempel 1.
The comet appears as little more than a smudge against the vast black of space. But officials said it was the first of many portraits Deep Impact will make of the frozen chunk of water, rock and other materials.
On July 4, a probe released from the Deep Impact mothership will hit the comet, carving a crater and kicking up enough dust that researchers say the event should be visible to backyard stargazers with binoculars or small telescopes. Seasoned skywatchers might even spot the comet with the naked eye as it brightens temporarily.
Deep Impact is designed to give researchers their first glimpse of the inner workings of a comet. By crashing the impactor into Tempel 1, thought to be a rather typical example of comets, researchers hope to glimpse pristine material that have not changed since the formation of the solar system.


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 Appreciating Teachers
Teachers are nation’s educators. They are the ones who devote their lives to build a nation with a better tomorrow. They make it their career to empower the youth through knowledge. In spite of their efforts, and devotion, it is sad to see that no regard is given to them.
Teacher's appreciation week is celebrated every first week of May each year to revive the lost tradition of honoring teachers.
While parents bring the child to the world, it is teachers who educate him to be able to live in the world as an honorable person. Teachers are spiritual parents. They deserve respect.
In most of the professions, the reward for labor comes soon and most often in tangible form. For example, mangers get their reward when they see their assigned project done successfully; potters gets the reward for the labors in their product- a beautiful piece of craft; gardeners get the reward for their toil when they see blossoms and fresh aroma in the garden. But teachers have to wait for their reward, perhaps for years and that also comes in intangible form. They get the fruit of their labor when they see their student becoming honorable citizens and contributing to the welfare of human race. Their reward is mostly intangible as it comes in terms of few appreciation words expressed by his student in thanking him. And sad to say, most often, once out of academic institute, we hardly have time to go back and thank our teachers , the hard work of whom had enabled us to get to the place we enjoy today.
Teacher impact the direction of our lives in some or the other way. Perhaps they introduce a new area of interest or assist in honing a skill, make subject originally thought dull into an interesting discipline. Many teachers stay long after the class with a student needing extra attention; they listen and go out of their way to help. For making an effort day in and day out, teachers deserve to be appreciated.
One shall not wait for opportunities to express his/her thanks and appreciation for his/her teachers. Let them know occasionally, how grateful you are for their love, care and for all that you have learnt from them. For one reason or many, we owe appreciation to our teachers.
There can be many ways in which they can be appreciated and shown respect. Simple things like giving way, opening doors for them, carrying their work piles, greeting them…all such gestures show respect to them. Being often absent from the class without giving leave, handing in carelessly done work, not doing home works, not obeying them, playing with class discipline, talking while the teacher is speaking are some of the manners highly considered disrespectful. We should always be willing to tell our teachers just how much they are appreciated. So go ahead and take this opportunity to express your thanks to your teachers lest years later you repent for not having thanked them when you could have.

Mrs. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

Central Western Eastern


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