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Gajar ka Halwa

- 1 kg. carrots, peeled and grated 
- 2 cups sugar
- 3\4 cup ghee

- 2 cups khoya or milk powder
- 100 g. blanched almonds, cut into slices
- 50 g. unsalted pistachios
- 50 g. unsalted and roasted cashew nuts
- 25 g. raisins 
- 7-8 whole cardamoms

- 1 tsp. ground cardamom
- silver leaf (varak) for decoration

- few drops of kewra

Put carrots and ground cardamom in a heavy based large pan. Cover the pan with a tight fitting lid and cook over very low heat for about 30-40 minutes or until the carrots are tender and all the water has absorbed. (no need to add water as the carrots will release their own water. (Add 1\4 cup water if the carrots stick to the bottom of the pan)

2. Heat ghee in a heavy based pan, add cardamoms. Stirring all the time, fry for a couple of minutes. Add carrots and stir fry for few minutes. Add sugar and while stirring cook uncovered for 10-12 minutes, until all the water from the sugar has evaporated.
3. Add almonds, pistachios, raisins and cashew nuts. Stir.  Sprinkle in khoya or milk powder milk and mix it really well. Add kewra and stirring frequently cook for 3-4 minutes. The halva is ready when the ghee begin to separate and has glossy shine. Transfer to a serving dish and decorate with pistachio and silver leaf. Serve hot

Instant Lemonade
Pour lemon juice with sugar and a little salt into ice trays, to make cubes which can be used for instant lemonade.

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Anti-obesity drug use suspended

Patients who are currently taking Acomplia should consult their doctor or pharmacist at a convenient time to discuss their treatment
The European drugs watchdog is recommending doctors do not prescribe the anti-obesity drug rimonabant, also known as Acomplia.

The European Medicines Agency has said the risk of serious psychiatric problems and even suicide are too high.
The EMEA says since at-risk patients cannot be identified, marketing of the drug should be suspended. Patients taking the drug should consult their doctor, but do not need to immediately stop taking the medication.

Psychiatric risk

Around 97,000 people in the UK who are obese or overweight have been prescribed rimonabant, which is used in conjunction with diet and exercise.
And approximately 20,000 are currently taking the drug.
It was approved for use by the NHS watchdog in England and Wales in June this year.
There have always been concerns over the risks of depression and suicide associated with the drug, and in July last year, the EMEA warned it may be unsafe for patients also taking anti-depressants.
Doctors were also told not to give it to patients with a history of major depression, and to be alert for new symptoms of depression in patients taking the drug.
But data from more recent studies, and from Sanofi-Aventis itself, has shown there is around double the risk of psychiatric disorders in obese or overweight patients taking rimonabant compared to those taking dummy pills.
And between June and August 2008, there were five suicides among patients taking part in a trial who were on the drug, compared with one among those taking the dummy version.

'Important therapy'

The EMEA's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use, which assessed the new evidence, also said that the drug was less effective in reality than clinical trials had suggested, as patients only tended to take it for a short period.
The EMEA said in a statement: "Prescribers should not issue any prescriptions for Acomplia [rimonabant] and should review the treatment of patients currently taking the medicine.
"Patients who are currently taking Acomplia should consult their doctor or pharmacist at a convenient time to discuss their treatment.
"There is no need for patients to stop treatment with Acomplia immediately, but patients who wish to stop can do so at any time."
Dr June Raine of the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) backed the EMEA's advice.
Professor Steve Field, chairman of the Royal College of GPs, said he was not surprised by the decision.
"I was concerned when the drug was first approved, so I support the EMEA."

In a statement, Sanofi-Aventis said it would comply with the EMEA's decision, but that it believed rimonabant would remain "an important therapeutic answer to a highly prevalent and increasing unmet medical need".
Dr Colin Waine, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said: "My patients were doing very well on it, and they will now have to stop and come off it."
"Patient safety must be foremost, but I always thought that if you ruled out the patients with depression, you ruled out the problem with the drug."


Following medicines are now banned in KSA by the order of MoH


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Assalam-o-Alaikum,  How are you? I am talking about Saudi Arabia market. Plus I have one more question. The markets are down, isn't this the best time to buy stocks? Regards, Usman Riyadh.

Dear Usman Bhai,  Opening a brokerage account in KSA is rather straightforward.  You will need exactly the same paperwork that you need for a bank account (copies of Iqama, passport, letter from employer and required forms from the bank you chose).  Each bank may have slightly different requirements, but they are all pretty much in line with what I have detailed.  Following link has a list of all the licensed brokers in KSA!ut/p/.cmd/cs/.ce/7_0_A/.s/7_0_4A4/_s.7_0_A/7_0_4A4
As a rule within KSA only the primary sponsor can open Tadawul accounts.  You may not open one in your children or spouse's name.  Commission in the Kingdom are some of the lowest in the world and all trades must be cleared through the exchange; which ensures efficient and removes counter party risk for the investors. Tadawul imposes a 10%+- price band on every stock on a daily basis.  Therefore the each stock and by extension the whole market may not move beyond the 10% daily limit.  However you may find a number of days when the market practically opens up or down the limit price. 
All trades must be paid for at the time of execution, and settle the same day (T+0).  This ensures that the investors are only trading with the money that they already have and wont "close/square away" positions at the end of the day. 
Usman sahib it is a truism in investments to "buy low, sell high".  As such local markets have come down substantially and a number of stocks are trading at very attractive valuations.  However one must be careful when directly investing in the stock market, I will ask you to consider the following:
  1. Never invest, what you can not afford to loose (100% of it)
  2. The money you set aside must be the money that you can not deploy elsewhere (your own business, real estate etc)
  3. Obviously NEVER borrow to invest
  4. Do not think that you can ever trade and make money (you will get lucky, but will loose in the long term)
  5. Thoroughly research the companies that you like, and get some one with the knowledge of finance and business do a sanity check for you (this research has nothing to do with, its cheap and will never go below X....)
  6. Buy to hold, you are buying piece of a business, not "playing in the market"
  7. Make sure that you are not speculating with your retirement money.. those monies should be professionally managed)
Good luck and do let me know if I can offer any more clarifications. Regards Ali Jaffery
Thank you very much for making a positive contribution towards Pakistan's stability.  Transferring funds to Pakistan is an exceptionally good idea, because it does not require people to part with their money and the funds will not go into any "government fund". 
From a banking perspective the biggest problem Pakistan is facing is the lack of confidence in the institutions. People express it by withdrawing their cash.  This leaves fewer rupees in the bank, and that in effect limits their ability to lend money to the borrowers.  A borrower will spend the money in Pakistan and that stimulates economy and helps people with jobs etc. 
When Expatriate Pakistanis transfer money to their accounts in Pakistan, their international banks have to buy Rupees against the currency of origin (SR, USD etc).  This increases the demand for Pakistani Rupees and makes it stronger against the international currencies.  Which is a net net positive for the country and its citizens. 
These modest amounts can make a big difference to the economy of Pakistan and worst case scenario for us is that rupee continues to devalue and that erodes the value of our money. 
Considering the modest amounts that you are asking people to transfer, I think any potential devaluation in the rupee is a very reasonable risk for us to take.
I will ask the brothers and sisters, NOT to confuse this appeal with the "Pakistan Bachao" schemes of 1998 when the government asked people to make direct donations in the treasury of the government, and unfortunately the whereabouts of the funds are characteristically suspicious.
Should our members want to make a more direct contribution to Pakistan they should consider making donations to the charity of their choice in Pakistan.  Unfortunately the current turmoil is hurting the poorest members of the society the most and they can use all the help we can give them. 
We can all sit over a dinner and criticize the problems in Pakistan and heap abuses at "others" for their misdeeds this is an opportunity for us to do something positive.  Let us, in our own small ways, become part of the solution. 
Regards,  Ali Jaffery CP Team member and Team Leader for Global Investment Counseling.

why we have to transfer our money to Pakistan ?
why not our leaders transfer their assisters to Pakistan they have millions in for gin banks.
why always normal peoples they scarify for country?
why? Fazal Ur Rehman

Your idea is highly appreciated. BUT. Why it has to be all of us, the expats, the tax payers, workers, white and blue collars always. - why it has to be poorer Awam? 
Just think twice- is your hard earned money for all these people who are spending your money at foreign trips, Umrah. take care and Pakistan Zindabad Khawar Ikhlas


We scarify because it is our country. We all know in bad times all these so-called leaders will on the first flight out. So it is our responsibility to save our country, our home because end of the day we will all return back to the Land of Pure!
Thank you.
Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself. Now it is high time to ignore our personal differences and help PAKISTAN. We should not close our eyes and wait for the Disaster. Ultimately, we will be the victims and in order to avoid such miseries, we must stand up and act promptly. Remember self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.  Please move fast and let others inform too for transferring SR:1000/- PER PERSON OF YOUR FAMILY.  Thanks and best regards! Abdul Qayum Ghouri

Dears, Thanks for the initiative and the good intention, Pls. keep it up. I will Insha'Allah transfer and keep SAR 5,000/= “especially for this purpose”. It is pertinent to mention that I always keep all my money in Pakistani Banks and always try to send the money thru bank; I request all of you to do the same.
Regards, Engr. Gulfraz Khan GAS Yanbu
Thank you Sir, you are a true Pakistani. May Allah SWT bless you.

Ma'sha Allah... It is a great idea. A noble mission for the sake of our motherland. As an ambassador of Pakistan, every overseas Pakistani, should follow the foresteps of Dr. Yasir Khan, Australia & Contact Pakistan, KSA. Dr. Khan deserves high respect for initiating transfer of his livelihood in time of need to our motherland. May I point out here; some of our brothers may say, this is a help. Please understand, there is much difference between 'help' & 'duty'. Both bears different meanings in its spirit. We are bound to serve our parents as we should not think to help our parents. Thus, it is our duty to serve our mothers & motherland. 
Insha'Allah, I shall transfer a portion of amount to be deposited in Pakistani bank which will remain in the bank minimum for 6 months as per suggestion of our brothers. Let us join hands together & make firm commitment to serve our elders & motherland. This is a nice way of serving our nation and national interest at this juncture of time. 
May Allah shower His Full blessings upon our country and bless its inhabitants health, wealth, integrity & prosperity for ever.  With best regards MSA Siddiqui Dammam, KSA.
You are a great patriot. May Allah SWT bless you.

I am a banker working in the Kingdom for past 26 years. Day in and day out, I keep hearing myriads of arguments against keeping money in Pakistan. mostly from Pakistani professionals such as bankers, chartered accountants & accountants ; yet I always keep my money in Pakistan.
All the arguments, that detractors present, are generally valid such as constant devaluation, stupid legislation of 10% tax deduction on profits, involuntary zakat deduction, poor customer service at banks, senseless deduction of withholding tax on cash and ATM withdrawals etc. Sad but true, yet I keep my money in Pakistan; why? Well it is my money and I may keep it anywhere I want : man! if I have skirmishes with my wife, bickering with my kids, differences with my brothers, complaints against my servants, do I run way from my home? Why not? because this is my home : I may shirk away from anyplace in the world and retreat to my home but I cannot desert my home for anyplace in the world. This may sound emotional,  so what is wrong about being emotional? Emotion is the glue that binds one to his kids, wife, family, friends, hometown, homeland, and finally to Allah and his messenger.  Aslam Butt, Riyadh

aoa, sir i got this mail....n I am more than willing to do it...i personally don't have any bank what can i do to help my great country....personally .....n...truly speaking....i still don't understand how will it help...but I am still willing to go head with it 2nd thing I have f/w this all my contacts......whether residing in or outside KSA hope this will do some good from my side tc keep up your great work I am v v proud of what u people r doing. Saba

Three cheers for the initiator and The News !  An excellent idea !  Will go a long way in overcoming the current crisis faced by all Pakistanis. May God bless us all !  Agha Jahangir 

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 Jealousy to Appreciation  
Friends, hope all you there are well and enjoying the welcome change in weather.
We humans experience emotions. Some of these emotions are healthy and some are not. Jealousy is one of the unhealthy emotions but it can be changed to appreciation- a healthy sentiment.

So what is jealousy? Jealousy is resentment against another person who is enjoying some success or benefit. A jealous person feels envious of the other person. He wishes and tries to deprive the other person of that advantage; irrespective of whether he himself gets it or not. This is not a good trait, because it channelizes one’s efforts in wrong direction. Rather than feeling jealous, it is better that one feels admiration.
Let me explain the difference between the two- when a jealous person sees someone with beauty, wealth or some talent, he would feel resentful and rather than appreciating that advantage of other, would try to deprive him of that, and if he can’t rob the other person of it, he would start feeling bitter and hence would alienate himself . In contrast, a person who appreciates would praise that quality; admire the Giver of that quality and in doing so he would try to bring that beautiful talent in his own self without robbing the other of it.
The attitude of jealous person shows that he feels this way-“I don’t have this thing and worse than that I don’t have the ability to get this in the future.”  Thus those who feel jealous, remove from themselves, the strength to obtain the beautiful thing they have seen.
But if one believes that he can achieve a specific thing – he will not be jealous. He will appreciate that the appearance of ‘that something exciting’, has ignited his own passion to achieve it and he will simply strive to obtain it without being jealous.

During my professional experience, I observed that those who appreciate and support others learn from others, improve in their works and excel. But those who are so callous about others’ good deeds fail to learn and do not progress.
I admit, it is not easy to change jealousy to appreciation overnight. But one has to learn to develop the habit of appreciation. In start you might have to fake it, i.e. when you feel jealous, instruct yourself consciously to admire it. Finally one day you will b able to pluck out jealousy from your set of traits -‘Fake it till you make it’ 
May God help us turn our envy and jealousy into appreciation. so we can find joy and hope in good things that others do. Till next time, Allah Hafiz.

Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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