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Cooking with
Exclusive Recipe


- 6 cups water
- 2 cups powder milk (full cream)
- 150 ml evaporated milk (optional)
-1\2 cup sugar 
- 2 pieces white bread, crust removed,cut into pieces
- 2egg, slightly beaten
- 100 g. butter
11\2 tsp. ground cardamom
- 3 tbsp. chopped pistachio nuts

Combine water, powder milk, evaporated milk, if using, and sugar in a large bowl. Stir to dissolve sugar and powder milk. Keep aside.
2. Combine bread and eggs in a food processor or blender and blend to paste.
3. Melt butter in a large heavy based sauce pan, add cardamom powder and bread paste. Stirring constantly fry mixture over medium-low heat for about 3-5 minutes.
4. Add milk, stir and cook over medium-high heat until thick, stirring constantly, about 20-25 minutes. Transfer
to a serving bowl and chill about 6 hours or overnight. Garnish with nuts if desire.

Prevent onions from burning, frying
Add a little milk to onions while frying, this will help retain a rich colour and prevent them from burning.

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Food cravings battle 'pointless'


Trying to cut out all thoughts of your favourite, fattening food may actually make you eat more, claims research. Women who tried to stop thinking about chocolate ate 50% more than those who were encouraged to talk about their cravings. This "rebound" effect could also apply to smokers, say the Hertfordshire University authors in Appetite journal.

Experts at Weight Watchers said a "varied diet" was the best way to lose weight. |
Dr James Erskine, who led the project, recruited 134 students who were asked to either suppress all thoughts about chocolate, or talk about how much they liked it.

They were then asked to choose from two brands of chocolate, believing that it was this choice that was being recorded by the researchers. However, the quantity they ate was recorded instead. Women who had tried to suppress their cravings ate on average eight chocolates, while those who had talked freely about it ate five.
Men did not show the same effect, with the group told to talk about the snack eating more.
'No surprise'

Dr Erskine said: "There is a lot of research into the idea that when you suppress a thought you end up thinking about it more. "However, this the first concrete evidence of how this works in relation to food choices." He said that the best advice to people trying to cut down on a "sinful" food was to try not to completely avoid or think about it. Emma Hetherington, from Weight Watchers, suggested that a balanced of different food types was the best way to control weight. She said: "The research is not a surprise to us.

 "We know psychologically, if you set yourself an unrealistic goal, such as 'I'll never eat chocolate again' or 'I'll never have a glass of wine', automatically that is all you will think about."

Tiny chips flash
memory advance

Flash memory chips are used in MP3 players and digital cameras

Electronics giant Samsung has shown off what it claims is the world's most powerful chip for use in memory cards.
The 64 gigabit (Gb) chips could be used to make 128 gigabyte memory cards, commonly used in MP3 players, capable of holding the equivalent of 80 DVDs.

The chips are built using circuits with a minimum feature size of just 30 billionths of a metre (nanometre). Rival firm Toshiba has said it is also working with similar technology. Both firms will release products in 2009.

Flash advance

Flash memory is a so-called non-volatile computer memory, primarily used in memory cards, USB drives and MP3 players. Non-volatile memory retains information even when there is no power to the device. Samsung said there was currently "exploding demand" for flash memory as a storage medium in a range of applications. The new chips are designed to be used in a specific type of memory known as NAND flash. NAND is one of two types of flash memory and offers higher storage and faster speeds than the cheaper NOR flash.
NOR is commonly used in low-end applications where smaller memory capacity and slower speeds are acceptable, such as in cheaper mobile phone handsets.

Samsung has said that a single chip could be used in an MP3 player capable of holding 18,000 songs. Combining 16 chips would allow 128GB devices, the company said, making Flash a rival to hard drives. "This has the biggest storage capacity of a single memory chip ever developed in the world," Kwon Hyosun of the firm told AFP. Toshiba announced its plans to use 30nm technology earlier this month.

"Our goal is to gain an edge over rivals by supplying the most advanced chips before anyone else," a spokeswoman for Toshiba said at the time.

This initiative is the First ever in Pakistan and Contact Pakistan
community is proud to be partner in this "Sadaqa Jaria".
As usual all donors will be provided with details / schedule of the seminar along with 100% accountability report.
You will be invited soon with all the details
In past we experienced that CP members offer to sponsor a project but by the time we receive their requests, the projects are already booked by other CP members in KSA.
If you are interested to sponsor a project which will cost around Rs:20,000 per seminar then please send an email to us now so we book it for you.
 You do not need to send money now

A Note from Tahir Butt
Dear members,
This is something that I always wished we do for our nation and cities.
Educating/helping parents and students in selection of the right career or right institution is very important. Many students having degrees in IT and Business administration do not find jobs in these fields?
So many children get education that perhaps is not of their type or end of the day does not really help getting them better jobs?
I am personally thankful to Eduvision organization for partnering with Contact Pakistan in these projects. I will book one for my city "Sargodha" because I know how much it is needed for the parents and students in my city.
I know WE  MUST OFFER these seminars for all the cities of Pakistan if possible but for now the offer is only for the cities and towns in Punjab and NWFP. The reason is very simple, we are still calculating the cost and identifying logistical issues if we have to conduct a seminar, say in Karachi or Quetta.
We always like to bring you projects that are cost effective and carry greater value for your contribution.
So please if you wish to sponsor a educational seminar then please drop me a line. This way you will be preferred to reserve a project for the city of your choice.
For larger cities we may have multiple seminars.
Contact Pakistan will announce the projects once our project plans are in place to share with you and all arrangements are finalized.
Thank you so much.
May Allah SWT accept our good deeds and reward us all.

Apka Bhai Tahir

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New classifieds include Training, private tuition, households, cars, matrimonial & property

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Events for CP community in Jeddah

P.O Box 182- JEDDAH 21411
Date: 10th October, 2007 
2nd Pakistan Specific Week, Catalogue Show Proposed to be held from 3-7 November,2007

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Musical / Entertainment Show
Date & Time: Thursday 8th November - 5:00 Pm (After Asar)
City: Jeddah Location: Will Be Written On Tickets
Performances: Grand Opening, Short Movies, Talent Announcements & Singing Performance.
Singers: Manzoor Ahmed, Junior Himesh Reshamiya, Black Band

Normal Ticket Per Person: 15 Riyals Ticket Per Kid (Under 15): 7 Riyals
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Ticket For CP Member SR: 10 / Person Ticket For CP Under 15: SR: 5 / Kid

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Embassy has launched its website in Saudi Arabia. Following are forms that you can download and with a PDF reader load and then print. For further details visit embassy site.

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We  have to set a sort of healthy & +ve competition among the residents of various cities of KSA. Jeddah people are doing this doing that, Riyadh people are doing that etc. etc. Now Jeddah is going forward and Riyadh community is looking in the mirror only.
We came across that there will be a fun fair at Eid Night but was failed due to the lack of community interest. Did we look that what are those reasons that it was cancelled? Might the program was set at the last days of Ramadan. it should be published before Ramadan. or might every body is committed to go MAKKAH or MADINAH. we have to do something. please take my comments positive.
Imran Jaffri 

Dear Bhai, thank you so much for your email. We like when community members come forward and "Just say it". We always remind our dear community members that Contact Pakistan is a Community Driven Community. Unless we all do not contribute then nothing is possible. It was the same case with Chand Raat event in Riyadh and Al Khobar. Community was invited in time to book stalls / booths in both cities. Now you tell me how we could continue with the event when we had only 3 stalls in Riyadh and 1 in Jeddah. Not much fun to offer!
So dear bhai, we all have to play our part making any event "Full House".

Send your question/suggestion/comment

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Hello young Pakistanis, we hope that you would like the new setup of your section. We would like you to participate and make it much bigger than what it is now. Send us your stories, poems and drawings.

Dear Children send us your poems, stories and drawings. We will publish your work along with your picture. Share your talent with rest of the community write to

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 Think Before Your Speak 
So are we all are back to routine after the Ramadan break? Guess must be as it is more than two weeks time now.
Folks, as I mentioned last time, we shall consciously try to keep up the good habits that we tried to keep in Ramadan. Check on our tongue, was one of the things that the fasting person had to ensure to be able to reap full rewards of his/her fast. Choosing this topic for today, we will discuss about the right use of our tongue…an organ that is vital for our speech.
The Prophet (PBUH) said, "When the son of Adam gets up in the morning, all the limbs humble themselves before the tongue and say: `Fear Allah for our sake because we are with you: (i.e., we will be rewarded or punished as a result of what you do) if you are straight, we will be straight; and if you are crooked, we will become crooked.'''
Crookedness of the tongue, that is, the careless use of the tongue can bring the whole body in trouble; and keeping the tongue straight leads to keeping oneself safe from all kinds of troubles and ordeals.
There are two ways to use tongue: to say good things or to say bad things. In our daily routine, we observe a lot of bad habits that are linked with tongue, such as backbiting, gossiping, showing off (riya) with speech, boasting to others, lying, mentioning the useless or immoral. Each of these is a heinous habit in itself.
In we look around, we see that most people tend to be relax about this issue. Islam forbids from saying bad things, but sadly we observe many people saying things that displease Allah such as backbiting, slandering and spreading rumors. We all shall realize that we will be held accountable for what we say.
You must be wondering how than shall we use our tongue…what is its correct use. For this let us look at the way adopted by the Holy Prophet (May Allah's mercy be upon him). The sunnah of Prophet regarding speech is based on the following hadith. Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet said: “Whosoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him say what is good or remain silent.” (Bukhari)
I'll end quoting a wise man
who once said, “I handle my tongue in the same manner that I handle high explosives.”
Ms. Amna Tariq Holy City of Makkah-Ul-Mukarrama

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