Issue #68 15th October 2004
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15th October 2003

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Ali Asif Rasheed

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Eng. Syed Ashfaque Mazhar

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Fasting is one of the best acts of worship. It is mandated by Allah (SWT) to purify the soul along with the practice of good deeds. Thus the fasting person ought to be aware of acts or behaviors that may spoil his fast so that he or she will attain the highest benefit physically and spiritually.
Fasting is not only restraining oneself from food, drink and sex - that restrain only the mouth and the private parts. Every limb (Jawarih) must be restrained. The tongue must desist from slander and backbiting. The eyes must restrain themselves from any unlawful look. The hand must not touch or take what does not belong to it. The ears must not listen to idle talk, gossip, lyrics and notes that contain obscene and indecent things; the nose must fast also by not sniffing, smelling unlawful things. The feet must fast by not going to places where sinful acts are propagated. When you eat Sahuur and Iftaar, make sure the food on the table has been obtained lawfully. If the servant has observed the fast in these terms and acted accordingly, he or she will have gained positively by Ramadan and will receive the maximum reward.
Hence, fasting is a state of mind that transcends the physical restraint. In a hadith by Abu Hurairah, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: "It is not fasting, just to restrain from food and drink, instead the fast is to cease from idle talk, obscenity, and should anyone insult or provoke you, or act ignorantly towards you, respond to it by saying, 'I am fasting, I am indeed fasting.'" (Ibn Khuzaimah)
In another citation reported by Abu Hurairah (RAA) the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said: "He who does not stop from false talk or stop from acting upon false talk, Allah will have no need that he abstain from his food and drink." (Bukhari)
Again, in the same spirit, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: "Many an observer of fasting will not receive from his fasting any reward but the pain of hunger, and many a night worshipper will not receive any reward from his prayer but the loss of sleep." (Nasaie and Hakim)
These three ahadith are evidence that the most important thing in the eyes of the Lawgiver is not merely physically restraining from the obvious food and drink, but the total commitment of the servant's body and soul to the letter and spirit of fasting. The curfew of the body and mind during the state of fasting enables the person who has fasted in the true spirit of Ramadan to have the necessary requirements to withstand the turbulence of life for the next eleven months.When the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said in the hadith, "Allah will have no need..." (Bukhari), he was indicating the depth or seriousness of this case. If you fail the test, Allah will have no need that he abstained... in that test. If Allah rejects the test, who else will accept it? Nobody! Hence, the pain of hunger and the burning of thirst will go unrewarded.

A Segment by Ali Asif Rasheed

I have been working in Saudi Arabia for around 20 Years. Two years ago I built a house in Lahore. My family is back home and I am still in Saudi Arabia. Last week my wife got a notice from Income Tax Department. She consulted the lawyer and he says that there has been some changes in Income Tax Laws and now we need to Pay Income Tax. Can you please advise of the changes and what sort of Tax is to be paid by expatriates ? Thanks & regards,
Ghulam Murtaza, Jeddah
There have been no recent changes affecting taxing of property in Income Tax Ordinance, 2002. It is a long standing provision of the law that income tax is levied on income from property i.e. rentals. Wealth tax on property is now abolished. If one is expatriate and earning rental income from property, income tax is payable by expatriate at greater rate he being non-resident.
However, if the property is self=occupied and no rent is being received, everybody, be he expat or local Pakistani is exempt from payment of property tax. Remember, property tax imposed by Punjab government on property is liable to property tax with remission of self-occupancy.
I assure you that no recent changes have been effected and your lawyer is misinforming you. For further detailed reply, please send the notice to me sent by Income tax department

Saeed Ghori,
Advocate Supreme Court

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Cooking with
Exclusive Recipe

Sepcial for Ramadan

Basic batter
- 200 g. gram flour, sieved (besan)
- 1 tsp. salt
- 1level tsp. bicarbonate of soda

- 1 level tsp. cumin seeds
- 2-3 drops of Yellow food color

- about 300 ml warm water

Ingredients for stuffing
- 6 large size green chilies
- 1 small onion, skinned and finely chopped
- 1 tbsp. tamarind juice
- 1 tsp. Red chili powder
- 1\2  tsp. salt 
- 2 tbsp. pomegranate seeds, ground
- 2 tsp. chat masala

1. Place the gram flour and the remaining dry ingredients and food color in a bowl. Pour in the water gradually and beat to a smooth and thick paste. The consistency should be like thick pancake batter. Leave aside to rest for 30 minutes.
Meanwhile prepare the stuffing. Mix together the chopped onions, chili powder, salt, pomegranate seeds, chat masala and tamarind juice. Wash and pat dry the chilies. Make an incision on one side of the chili lengthwise and remove the seeds. Stuff each chili with good amount of stuffing and keep aside.
3. Heat oil in a deep fryer or a karahai to smoking point, then reduce the heat to medium.
4. Dip each chili into the batter and coat it thoroughly with the better and then using your fingers lift it out of the batter and at once drop them into the hot oil. Be careful not to splash yourself with hot oil. Fry 2-3 chilies at a time. (Don't try to fry too many at a time.) Fry for a few minutes, then carefully turn them over. Fry the mirch pakoras for 5-8 minutes to a crisp golden color, drain thoroughly with a perforated slice. Then place them on absorbent kitchen paper.  
5. Sprinkle with chat masala.
6. Serve with Nan, Podinay Ki Chutney and Sweet tamarind chutney

totakay.gif (10312 bytes)
Don't store potatoes near onions!
Potatoes rot quickly if stored near onions.
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A balanced diet during Ramadan

Eat a wide variety of foods
-Make sure that your diet remains balanced and healthy during this fasting period. Our bodies need at least 40 different nutrients every day. The way to ensure variety, and with it a well-balanced diet, is to select foods each day from each of the five food groups:
Breads, cereals and other grain products
*Fruit and vegetables
*Meat, fish and poultry
*Milk, cheese and yoghurt
*Fats and sugars
-Small changes in your cooking, make healthy food
*Always trim off all excess fat before cooking
*Remove poultry skin before or after cooking
*Choose light meat (breast) instead of dark meat (leg, wing)
*Bake, grill or roast foods rather than frying
*Vegetables should be steamed or boiled with as little cream or margarine as possible

*Fried and fatty foods
*Avoid taking in too much salt ,add sliced lemon or lemon juice *Foods containing too much sugar
*Over-eating especially at sehri
*Too much tea at sehri
*Smoking cigarettes

*Haleem is an excellent source of protein and is a slow-burning food.
*Dates are excellent source of sugar, fibre, carbohydrates, potassium and magnesium
*Bananas are a good source of potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates
*Almonds are rich in protein and fibre with less fat.

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Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters! May Allah Almighty, forgive us, bless us and keep all of us healthy because health is the biggest blessing, without it, nothing seems useful; no fun at all, in life. Pray for your health and every body’s health because Allah will accept all of our prayers in this precious, holy month. “Oh! Dearest Allah, please, do forgive us!”
Now let’s begin it. Sure you’ve heard many people saying that I cannot see far clearly, maybe you’re one of them, and actually these are the “nearsighted or myopic” people. Nearsighted people have difficulty seeing any objects at a distance, but they can see every thing, which is near to eyes, such as reading material or sewing.

Symptoms and Signs

Nearsighted people often have headaches or eyestrain, and might squint or feel fatigued when driving or playing sports.

Causes of nearsightedness

When we see any object, the light rays of that object focus on our retina (the sensitive part of our eye) but in nearsighted people same rays will not focus on retina but it’ll focus in front of retina, because nearsighted people have longer eyeball from the normal eyeball. Actually Nearsightedness is usually hereditary problem, and appears in childhood. This vision problem may stabilize at a certain point, although sometimes it worsens with age.
Nearsightedness can be corrected with glasses, contact lenses or with surgery, depending on your vision problem, you may need to wear your glasses or contact lenses all the time, or only when you need distance vision, like driving, looking at blackboard or watching television.

Serious Condition
Nearsightedness easily correctible with glasses, contact lenses or vision surgery. But in some rare cases where the myopia is so severe it is considered “pathologic”. This kind of problem typically develops by age of 12 in those, who have an extraordinarily lengthened eyeball. This elongation of the eyeball increases with age, and can result in a progressive and severe loss of vision. Until now, doctors have not succeeded in stopping this problem 100%. Eye doctors could only prescribe the strongest possible glasses, and hope for the best. Laser treatment is unreliable; in many cases it only makes matters worse. So the best way to prevent any loss of your vision, is to go to your doctor and get your eyes checked regularly.

Dr. Waseem  Khan

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Aromatherapy / Reiki - Natural Healing
Happy Ramadan to all ! May Allah accept our fasts and prayers and may He bless us all.
I would like to take the opportunity of this precious month to promote the benefits of natural healing. Many of our less fortunate brothers and sisters suffer from ailments that make it difficult for them to fast. Some have to let go of the privilege of fasting in order to continue the prescribed allopathic regime. While I do not wish to interfere with the allopathic treatment, I do want to highlight that especially during the month of Ramadan, a sick person may find ‘solace’ in natural healing while at the same time, reaping the spiritual and healthy benefits of fasting. I will state my case with a few examples. A person suffering from body ache, arthritis or rheumatism, etc., may not need to break his fast in order to take pain killers. Aromatherapy offers a wide variety of natural pain killers that require only topical application. Additionally, Reiki healing also provides effective pain relief while calming the body, mind and spirit. For people who are addicted to starting off their day with tea, coffee or some other form of nicotine intake, the first three days of fasting can induce severe headaches. Aromatherapy has a lot to offer to curb these headaches and cravings. Essential oils like clary sage, lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus, if diffused throughout the day, can render you headache free or can at least reduce the severity of the headache until it is time to break the fast and to re-program the body to the new schedule. Optionally the topical application of aromatic blends can also ease the headaches and carry you through an active day without your regular stimulants. Fifteen minutes of Reiki on various head positions can help eliminate the headache without the necessity of taking any medication.
For people suffering from less serious bacterial infections, fasting becomes difficult for the time period requiring the regular use of antibiotics. As I have written in the past and as I continue to promote the antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and immune stimulating properties of essential oils, I maintain that aromatherapy essential oils are very capable of fighting infections and should be given a try. 

For Reiki/Aromatherapy sessions, please contact Lamees at 0506463801 or email:  10% discount for CP members. 15% discount on this month’s special “Aroma Oil For Headache Relief” for CP members.

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Let The Spirit in this Ramadan last through the Whole next Year... 
Assalam-o-alikum. Ramzan Mabrook. With the coming of the holy month a sensual serenity in atmosphere can be felt. We, ourselves, feel that special change and find ourselves more inclined towards performing pious deeds and remembrance of Allah Almighty.
The reward of good deeds gets many folds in this holy month. No wonder, people get so generous in Ramzan. It is observed that everyone becomes giving, thoughtful, and bighearted. Why should it be that we practice this value, so much emphasized by our religion, only for one month in a year? Why do we not exhibit this attitude in other months? Why cannot we be practicing this every month of each year and every day throughout the year? Why only in this month do we think about the homeless, the poor and the hungry. Do we think that their hunger and homelessness will magically go away after our one day/one month help. There are 365 days in our year. What considerations do we give to these issues throughout the year? With such attitude aren’t we quite like the ones whom we call the hypocrite. If (God forbid) one of us were among the homeless or hungry, would we not wish for someone to reach out to us on more than just one day a year.
Those who have much say they have no time. They lead very busy, occupied lives. Among these “They” many of us fall too. We have no time because of priorities we have made for ourselves. Sadly, these priorities do not include those who truly do need our help. Those who have enough for a day think to store surplus for the month. Those who have sufficient for month save for year and then this greed makes them stock for years and ultimately this concern goes for their generations to come. If we could spare a morsel to feed one starving mouth, it would not empty our stocks but would surely save one of our fellow-being from the clutches of starvation. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and his family were most charitable.  Once some meat came as gift to Prophet’s wife. Soon a beggar came by and she handed all to him, while she had noting for herself and family. They spent months with little or negligible food but never accumulated the so many gifts that they received. They always gave them to the needy.
So let this ramzan be special one that turns you into a charitable human being for all years to come. May Allah give guide us. Ameen! Ms. Amna Tariq Makkah

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