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KSA Newsletter Quiz April 2002 1st Issue

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1st September 2002

CoCoPalm restaurant is new but it is the first Pakistani restaurant in KSA that carries a theme. An interior that takes you back to Pakistan and we top it up with the fine Pakistani / Desi array of mouthwatering dishes prepared by those who are seasoned chefs and produce this unique flavor of desi food that you miss outside Pakistan. Come and give it a try or you are a lover of Chinese cuisine prepared in Pakistani style, the aroma that welcomes you  when you enter in a Pakistani Chinese restaurant. Its all here right in the heart of Riyadh. So what are you waiting for?
 Try it, answer simple question and you can be one of three families who would enjoy our food on house!

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The New Flavor of Fine Dining Now in Your neighborhood. For Families & Singles. Chinese, BBQ, & standard Pakistani Menu. Special Non Alcoholic Drinks Menu. Indoor & Out Door Party Catering Facility capable of catering to gatherings of any sizes. Special Offer for Take away with free delivery offered discounts up to 50% off the menu price.

Terms & Condition
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  • Must be a CP member

  • Dinner is free for 4 members of a family

  • If more than three correct entries, 3 winners will be drawn by a computer draw.

  • If winner is from any other city of KSA then he can gift the dinner voucher to any of his/her friend in Riyadh.

  • Dinner voucher validity is one month from the release date of this newsletter.

Fastest Century in the one day cricket was Scored by
Javed Miandad 
Zaheer Abbas
Shahid Afridi
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ANSWER BY 12th of September 2002 - WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN OUR 15th September NEWSLETTER 

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