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Raies Siddiqui From Riyadh

3 Families Buffet
M. Haroon Moosa
Mohammed Ashfaque Koraal
Dr. R. Alam

Nargasi Kabab
- 1 k.g. minced meat (qeema)
- 2 medium onions cut into large pieces
- 1/4 cup oil
- 1/2 cup yogurt
- 1 tbsp. paste of garlic & ginger
- salt to taste
- 1 tsp. red chilli
- 1 tsp. garam masala
- 1/2 tsp. Chinese salt (agino moto)
- Soya sauce according to taste

- white vinegar according to taste taste
- 5 boiled eggs, finely chopped
- 1 cup coriander leaves, finely chopped
- 1 cup mint leaves, finely chopped
- 2 or 3 green chilies finely chopped
- 1 tsp. chat masala
- 2 tbsp. gram flour (basin)
- 2 or 3 eggs

1. Cook onions in oil until light brown then add yogurt, garlic & ginger paste, salt, red chili, garam masala, Chinese salt, Soya sauce & vinegar to the onions and cook for 6 to 8 minutes. Add mince meat (qeema) to it and cook for 3 minutes. Add 1/2 cup of water in it and cook until the meat is tender and water has completely absorbed.  Remove from heat and put aside o become cool. Put the mince in a food processor or chopper and grind to a smooth thick paste which hold is shape.
2.Prepare the stuffing. In a bowl mix together boiled eggs, coriander, mint, green chilies, chat masala.
3. Break off 1-2 tablespoons of the mince paste. Wet your palm with little water. Place the mince in the centre of your palm. Shape it into a smooth ball and then flatten it. Place 1 tbsp. of stuffing in the centre. Fold the sides over carefully and reshape into a smooth flat shape. Repeat with remaining mince.
4. Stir the eggs and crumbs tougher with a fork. Dip the kabab in it and shallow fry over medium heat o a crisp golden color, turning them once. Remove from frying pan carefully.
5. Serve hot with Nan and Podinay ki Chuttney
Sponsored by:
Cooking with BJ.com
World's Largest Site on Pakistani Cuisine
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Pakistan Embassy
Newsletter May 2002


Yes, it's not that hard, but here are some things that patients forget to do that make their visit to the doctor less satisfying and successful.
Write down your questions.
Ask your question again if you don't understand the answer thoroughly.
Bring a piece of paper and a pen to write down the answers to your questions.
Jot down some of the details of your problem so you're sure to mention them. Details are simply very frequently forgotten.
Bring your medication bottles, including over-the-counter medications and vitamins.
Be realistic. If you have a number of questions or multiple concerns, it may take more than one visit to accomplish it.
Be honest.
Think about what you're going to say. This will make your explanation of your problem or question more clear.

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Tip sent by

S.Haseeb Ahsan

Many times people forget that Outlook/Outlook Express has more to it then just the "New Message" button. A feature that I want to look at today is the "Drafts" folder. I have spoken with a lot of people who think that they need to finish a message or they will lose it; that's just not true! You can save a message for later in Outlook/Outlook Express by closing the message and clicking "Yes" when asked if you want to save the message. If you do this, you will then see that message in your Drafts folder and you can finish that e-mail later. But there are also many other ways to use your Drafts folder than just unfinished e-mails! Newer versions of these e-mail clients let you save frequently-used phrases in a quick to apply area but what if you have a repetitive response that is longer then a sentence? Just write your paragraph-long response and then save it to the Drafts folder. Now, when you have to respond to someone with that paragraph, you just have to open the draft message and do a copy-and-paste into a blank message. No more having to waste time writing repetitive responses!

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 Dear Community Member
Welcome back to all those who were away from KSA during summer holidays. We hope that you had a good time, have any stories to share with rest of us? As you know CP offered its global over 22,000 members strong community various exploration packages from Pakistan. These packages were offered at a discounted price to CP members by PTDC.
CP Explore Pakistan has been a great success. Over 1200 individuals took special discounted trips offered by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation to CP members. Image on left  shows the group that traveled with CP Founder and Global Operations Coordinator Tahir Butt. This group included CP members from UK, USA, KSA and Pakistan.
The trip was to explore North of our Pakistan. The five days trip that included exploration of Naran, Lalazar, Saif Ul Malook Lake and Ayoobia (Murree). The group included from two years old Inam to Mr. and Mrs. Haleem who were the oldest couple (in their 70s).
The group had a wonderful time like one family. Taking care of each other while trekking on jeeps to Lalazar 14200 feet high and base camp for "Malika Kohsar" mountain or traveling towards Lake Saif Ul Malook. We thank PTDC for provding 5 star arrangements to all the groups that booked using CP special arrangements. Our special thanks goes to program and tour manager Mr. Anwar. He promises to provide better and cheaper tours during next summer.
These tours were supervised by CP team members in Pakistan and were well coordinated between various agencies to make it a memorable success.

A young Palestinian boy looks at the body of 13
Abdel-Hadi al-Hamaydah before his funeral in Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza Strip on August 30, 2002. Hamaydah was killed August 29 by Israeli gunfire in Rafah as he played near the rubble of house demolished in previous Israeli raids into the camp, a Palestinian official said.

Detasad Pakistani Staff celebrates 14th August
Complete Report in Urdu - Click

 Majalas E Pakistan Riyadh Celebrates 14th August
Complete Report in Urdu - Click

 Pakistan Writers Club Celebrates 14th August
Complete Report in Urdu - Click

 PWC Cricket Tournament on 14th August
Complete Report in Urdu - Click

Ishaq Rana Regional Editor, EP 
(August 29, 2002) Different groups and organizations celebrated jashan-e-Azadi in the Eastern Province. A function was held in Al-Khobar with the help of Urdu Markaz, Eastern Province and hosted by Mohammad Younas Gojarwi of Pakistan Sweet House. Professor and famous poet Hussain Sehar presided the functions where as Rana Hashmat Ali Khan and Zahoor Ahmed Choudhary were the honored guests. Zain Siddiqi of Urdu Markaz performed as stage secretary. The program was started with the recitation from the holy Quran. Tariq Mahmood and Zain presented “Hamd-e-Bari Taala” and “Naat” individually.
Huseen Khan of KFUPM made the speech on Yome Azadi and said this is the day we all should be proud of. This day we won freedom and got our identity. We have gathered here to pay homage to our beloved country and pledge that we will make Pakistan a true Islamic State and will not let any stone unturned to make Pakistan a great nation.
Rana Hashmat Ali Khan, a prominent social figure of this area that has taken part in the freedom struggle of Pakistan said this was the day we achieve our goal, under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam and his compatriots who work selflessly for the cause of motherland, Pakistan and that is our identity. What we need today is to follow the principles set by our founder i.e. Faith, Unity and Discipline. We should be proud of being 7th Nuclear Power in the world. Let us pledge to day that we would shun the prejudices of religion, language, race, cast and creed and go shoulder to shoulder to make Pakistan a real Islamic State. We should never forget the sacrifices we have given for the sake of this beloved motherland. We should always think what we have given Pakistan and should never think what Pakistan has given to us.
Choudhary Zahoor Ahmed said that Pakistan is very dear to us and there is no one else but us who have to make our country prosperous. Every of us have to create a Pakistan in our homes and hearts. I am confident that Pakistan would be the fort of Islam.
Professor Hussain Sehar congratulated all Pakistanis and thanks the organizers and Mohammad Younas for arranging such a function.  He said every year we make speeches and go and then forget, what we said and promise. I believe that every one of us has to be a true Pakistani not by words but by our deeds. Create a Pakistan in your heart; transplant it in your family and then to relatives to gali, mohalla, town, city and country. We need to revive those true feeling that created Pakistan. That is what we need now.
At the end Mohammad Younas Gojrawi, host of this function thanked the guests and congratulated the organizers for holding this function. He said Pakistan is our identity and we should by all means preserve our independence. Pakistan is very dear to us and we should put out all our efforts to safeguard its interests and keep Pakistan above all. A dinner was served.  

 HBL Counter at Al-Rajhi Bank Celebrated Jash E Azadi 
Rashid ul Islam arranged cake-cutting ceremony at the Al-Rajhi Bank Al-Khobar to celebrate Jashn-e-Azadi-e- Pakistan. This was really a goodwill gesture on the part of Al-Rajih Company management to share the happiness of Pakistani. Many customers present in the bank along with the staff of the bank including Philippines, Srilankan and Arabs took part in the celebrations. It is worth mentioning that for the last few months Habib Bank Pakistan has deputed few of its representatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian cities namely Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail and Al-Hassa to help and convince Pakistanis to make their remittances through banking channels. On August 14, 2002 all the remittances were made free to Pakistan. Manager Al-Rajhi Bank Mr. Shamlan was the Chief Guest at this occasion. He congratulated Pakistanis. Rashid ul Hussan thanked the bank management and Pakistani and said today is day of reminder for us that we have to take our beloved country to sky-high. This is possible only when we will work self-Lesley for the sake of Pakistan and shun our difference and think collectively. Tariq Kamal and Gohar Shaikh prominent Pakistanis were also present at this occasion. 
 At Carrier Saudi Arabia Dammam Branch
The Pakistanis working in Carrier Dammam on August 14, 2002 celebrated Youme Azadi of Pakistan with great enthusiasm and fervor. On this happy occasion the subjects of other nations including Saudi Arabs, Sudanese, and Egyptians joined Pakistanis and made this occasion happier.  Few Pakistanis made speeches on this day and pledge to make Pakistan stronger. They said it is our identity and we have to remember the sacrifices of our martyrs and leaders and we have to promise with ourselves that we will not leave any stone un-turned to make this beloved fort of Islam Pakistan strong and prosperous.
A beautifully decorated cake was specially made to mark this event. Light refreshments were served to the attendees. Syed M. Irfan organized this function.

 Friend Forum Celebrated Colorful Jashn E Azadin Al-Khobar On 29TH August
A colorful Jashne Azadi was celebrated in the EP on August 29, 2002 under the auspices of Friends Forum and was hosted by Mujbil and Waseem International. Mr. Syed Waseem Haider is famed to host such beautiful functions. (The detailed report will be published in the next issue of Contact Pakistan). The Chief Organizer Bakhtiar Ahmed has made tremendous efforts to make this function a biggest in the EP this time. All the artists of EP were present and they sung national songs. Also children of school presented tableau. The Chief guest of this program was Pakistani Embassy Counselor Mr. Ehsanullah Bhaat. Honorary Investment Counselor also stressed Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan and distributed booklets.  

Asia International School

The month of August has been the month of school results. The Asia International Schools received 90% of International General Certificate Secondary Education “ O” level results. Its many students got “A star” in many subjects. The school management was happy over these results and congratulated the students and their parents and also praised the hard work of their teachers. The Principal Mrs. Qamar u Nisa Humayoun particularly congratulated the students, and staff for their hard work and dedication. She said this is the reason that from this year our school is starting “A” level classes. She said our student population is four hundred plus and we are getting more every year. She said they are planning to construct their own school shortly.

Pakistani Community School Al-Khobar

Saudi Arabian International School (Pakistani Section) results for Federal Board Intermediate results overall 87%. It is rarely that this Institution secured overall results of less than 90%. The first 3 positions went to:          
Asif Naseer                   911 marks         First Position
Atiya Shaukat                900                   Second Position
Salman Hussan             900                   Second Position
Ammara Shabbir            897                   Third Position 

Boys School: Asif Naseer, secured first with 911, Salman Hasan, second with 900, Syed Kazim  Hssain third with 895. 

Girls School:  Atiya Shaukat first with 900 marks, Ammara Shabbir second with 897 marks and Omaima Ahmed third with 873 marks.  

Overall:            A1        8 students
                        A          45
                        B          40
Board of Directors and school management congratulated the students and parents and advised all the students to work hard to obtain high positions.  

 Independence Day Celebrations in Taif
Complete Report in English - Click


 The Result of IGCSE held in June 2002 has been Declared
Our school has 100% result that means that all the students have passed.
Syed Ahmed Raza scored the top position. Following is the overall performance,
Total No. of examinations taken 198
%age of A* and A grade 32
%age of A* to B 56
%age of A* to C 81
%age of C or above in 5 subjects 73
We received 5 ICE Distinction Awards from the University of Cambridge.
Best performers were as follows
Syed Ahmed Raza 6A*s and 4 As. Rizwan Liaqat 4A*s and 6 As
Dua Shabbir 5A*s and 3As            Samera Murtaza 5A*s, 2As and 1b
Maliha Ahmed 4A*s and 3As         Ahmed Shamim 5As
Nadir Aizaz 1A* and 3As               Reem Javed Khan 4As.
This was an excellent performance. we congratulate the students, their parents and teachers for working hard and making this excellent result a possibility. This should act as a spring board for new Y-11 and Y-10 students for an even better performance in the future.
BOD congratulates all the students who have passed this examination and wish them all the success in future.

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Founded as a hill station by the British in 1851, Murree was the summer headquarters of the government of Punjab until 1876, when the honor was transferred to Simla. Murree remained, however, a little bit of England, complete with The Mall for promenading, parks, churches, schools, clubs and cafes. Murree is a thriving summer resort for the nearby capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. People from hundreds of miles to the south in Lahore, Multan and Karachi come to spend the summers here as well. The hill station was originally established at 7,000 feet for the British troops garrisoned on the Afghan frontier in Peshawar. Since independence, Murree has once again become the summer retreat of the governor of Punjab. 
Murree is lovely all year round. In summer it is cool - even chilly in the evening - and rain is common. In winter, the snow is piled high along the sides of the streets. But it is extremely popular with Punjabis escaping the heat of the plains in summer, so is too crowded for comfort from late May to early September, especially at weekends. To beat the crowds and still enjoy the walks, the best time to go is April-May and September-October.
Murree spreads along the top of a ridge for about five kilometers (three miles). At the north-east end is Kashmir Point, with views across the valley of the Jhelum River into Azad Kashmir. At the south-west end is Pindi Point, looking back towards Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Between the two runs The Mall, at the centre of which is the main shopping area, where most people congregate. Numerous roads leave. The Mall and either follow the contours of the ridge or descend to the principal road. Promenading and shopping are Murree's main amusements, or riding in the new chair-lifts, one from Bansara Gali (below Murree) to Pindi Point, the other to the top of Patriata hill (on the road to Karor); both rides cost about Rs. 50 and take half an hour with a change from open chair-lift to the enclosed bubble in the middle.
Good buys in Murree are Kashmiri shawls, furs, walking sticks, fruits and nuts. Murree's pistachio nuts are reputed to be the best in Pakistan.
"The sanitarium of Murree lies in north latitude 33 54' 30" and east longitude 73 26' 30", at an elevation of 7,517 feet above sea level, and contains a standing population of 1,768 inhabitants, which is, however, enormously increased during the season [May-November] by the influx of visitors and their attendant servants, and shopkeepers. It is the most accessible hill station in the Punjab, being distant from Rawalpindi only a five hours' journey by tonga dak. Magnificent views are to be obtained in the spring and autumn of the snow crowned mountains of Kashmir; and gorgeous sunset and cloud effects seen daily during the rains [July-August]. Part of the station, especially the Kashmir end, is also well wooded and pretty."

Share with us your part of Pakistan
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Republic Day 


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Independence Day

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The question for our previous issue was:-
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The asnwer is (B) 1940-Lahore

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 Me, My School, and the ‘O’ Level Results
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Written by: Syed Ahmad Raza, Fun Times Junior Reporter, Pakistan International School (English Section) Jeddah

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Major Cosmetic and Toiletry Ingredient Poses Avoidable Cancer Risks

As reported on CBS, the National Toxicology Program (NTP) recently found that repeated skin application to mouse skin of diethanolamine (DEA), or its fatty acid derivative cocaminde-DEA, induced liver and kidney cancer. Besides this "clear evidence of carcinogenicity," NTP also emphasized that DEA is readily absorbed through the skin and accumulates in organs, such as the brain, where it induces chronic toxic effects.
High concentrations of DEA-based detergents are commonly used in a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries, including shampoos, hair dyes and conditioners, lotions, creams and bubble baths, besides liquid dishwashing and laundry soaps. Lifelong use of these products thus clearly poses avoidable cancer risks tot he great majority of U.S. consumers, particularly infants and young children.
Further increasing these cancer risks is long-standing evidence that DEA readily interacts with nitrite preservatives or contaminants in cosmetics or toiletries to form nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA), another carcinogen as well recognized by Federal agencies and institutions at the World Health Organization, which, like DEA, is also rapidly absorbed through the skin. In 1979, the FDA warned that over 40% of all cosmetic products were contaminated with NDELA and called for the industry "to take immediate action to eliminate this carcinogen from cosmetic products." In two 1991
surveys, 27 out of 29 products were found to be contaminated with high concentrations of this carcinogen, results which were subsequently confirmed by the FDA. Based on this information, the European Union and European industry have both taken strong action to reduce or eliminate DEA and NDELA from cosmetics and toiletries. In sharp contrast, the FDA has taken no such action, nor has it responded to a 1996 petition from the Cancer Prevention Coalition to phase out the use of DEA or to label DEA-containing products with an explicit cancer warning. The mainstream U.S. industry has been similarly unresponsive, even to the extent of ignoring the explicit warning by the Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrance Association to discontinue the uses of DEA. Such reckless intransigence is in strong contrast with the responsiveness of the growing safe cosmetic industry. Tom Mower, CEO of Neways Inc., a major distributor of carcinogen free cosmetics, emphasizes: "I see no reason at all to use DEA, as there are safe
and cost-effective alternatives which we have been using is a wide range of our cosmetics and toiletries for the last decade."
Faced with escalating cancer rates, now striking more than one in three Americans, the FDA should take immediate action to prevent further exposure to the avoidable carcinogens DEA and NDELA in cosmetics, toiletries and liquid soaps. Safe and effective alternatives to DEA are readily available.
SOURCE Cancer Prevention Coalition
/CONTACT: Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine at
the University of Illinois Chicago, School of Public Health and Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition, (312)996-2297/ "Cosmetics Proposal Draws Fire" - Washington--A proposal to preempt state regulation of cosmetics is emerging as a major sticking point in a long-delayed effort to revamp the Food and Drug Administration.
Avoid these HARMFUL INGREDIENTS, commonly found in personal care products.
Check the labels of all the personal care products you currently use. Then make the wise choice and switch to the healthy NEWAYS alternative.
Copyrights to  www.indneways.com

Professor Dr. Abdul Rauf (Sitara-e-Imtiaz)
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