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In our efforts to prove that unity always pays and to provide the best possible services to our members, ContactPakistan.com has signed up An Agreement with one of Kingdom's largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) Zajil.
Under our agreement, Zajil will provide cheapest rates for internet connectivity exclusively to CP members. Not only our members will be enjoying the lowest cost for accessing internet but at the same time our members will enjoy bonus hours. The arrangement gives advantage to our members and assures that all financial gains directly benefit CP community and not the team members of CP organization.


  1. Al Hamra Restaurant (Hai Al Wizaraat)
    Tel 408-3256 Fax 404-3931
  2. Family  Grocery - (30th Street Olaya)   Tel  478-8780
  3. Akbar Store (Hai Al Wizaraat)   Tel 402-2656 
  4. Coco Palm Restaurant (Hai Al Wizaraat) Behind Panda Market  Tel 276-0482 
  5.  Al Moamar Information Technology AMIT
    (Contact Mr. Abrar Ali - Mobile 050-527-3365) Tel 209-1243
  6. Mahboob Restaurant - (Hai Al Wizaraat) Tel 403-2993
  7. Watch shop in Panda Naseem 7 Tel 231-3681
  8. Alba watch shop Al Othaim market, Sitteen Street 0507726397


Zajil Jeddah - 02- 664-7111 (Madina Center , Madina Street) Contact Person: Mr.Siraj / Mr. Azeem


Zajil Khobar - 03- 882-2411 (Al Bandria Building, Pepsi Road) Contact Person: Mr. Rahmat / Mr. Aziz Mirza

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