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Eid Mubarak

1st Issue Dec. 2001

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Editor in Chief
Prof. Waheed Mirza

Editor's Note
I welcome you to the first issue of CP newsletter published only for our community in KSA. You are the best judge to comment on how did we perform. We know that it will take us some time to produce the best newsletter around. Our goal is to have a newsletter that has not only news that are important for our community but a newsletter that unites our community and spreads the message "Together WE can make a difference!". Are we up to your expectations as usual or do we need to improve?
Your comments / suggestions are welcome and you can always reach me on
On behalf of CP team please accept our heartiest greetings for Eid. May Allah accept our prayers and keep us united <Ameen>
Contributions from Central region can be sent directly to myself. For Western region, is your regional editor. We are still in search for a regional editor from Eastern region.

Haji Saeed Akhter
passes away

(T.Awan, Dec. 2001) Haji Saeed Akhter the teacher of Urdu Language in Pakistan International School Riyadh died due to heart attack ‘May Allah bless his soul’ and laid for rest in Al-Azizia graveyard. Over 20 long years, he had been teaching in PISR. Teachers and CP have offered condolence on his sudden death.

Office assistant injures in traffic accident
(T.Awan, Dec. 2001) Office assistant of Pakistan International School Mr. Mohammad Idres Moughal has unfortunately lost his daughter in a major road accident while traveling with his family to Shaqra. He and his wife sustained serious injuries. Staff of PISR and CP community offers condolence for his daughter and pray for his health.

Jeddah - Arshad and Cheena are blessed with their second son Momin Arshad who was born on 2nd December '01 in Jeddah. His brother and sister are very happy to have the newborn.
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You are invited
Jeddah, December 11, 2001. An Eid Milan function is being held in the Hall of the Embassy of Pakistan Riyadh on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr (Ist of Shawwal, 1422AH) from 1000 hours to 1200 hours. The Ambassador of Pakistan H.E. Lt. Gen. (Retd) Muhammad Asad Durrani will meet the Pakistani community on this occasion. The Pakistani families living in Riyadh and staff of the Embassy are invited for the Eid Milan.
In the meantime, an open house on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitar is being held at the residence of the Consul General, Consulate General of Pakistan, Jeddah from 1500 to 1700 hours

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PPC takes Oaths
(G.M.Bhutta, Dec. 2001) An oaths taking ceremony of Pakistan Press Club held at a local restaurant. The founder of Pakistan International School Riyadh and Taif Dr. Fazal-ur-Rehman took the oaths from the newly elected office bearers of the club. Club has arranged an open forum debate “INFRONT OF EACHOTHER” (RU’BRU) amongst parents of Pakistani school students and Board of Directors of PISR. The President of BOD Dr. Shahid Nawaz Malik tried to answer the questions presented by the parents and gave the road map for the betterment and progress of PISR. Dr. Fazal-ur-Rehman awarded a check of SR. 5000 to the president of said club Gul Mohammad Bhutta to hold the functions for the betterment of Pakistani community.

Writers Form a New Body
(G.M.Bhutta, Dec.2001) The writers and journalists of different Pakistani newspapers and magazines living in Riyadh have formed a new body named Pakistan Press Club Riyadh. The office bearers are announced as Gul Mohammad Bhutta as president, Liaqat Ali Anjum as voice president, Mohammad Asghar Chisti as secretary, Ch. Farman Ali as deputy secretary and Mohammad Saeed Ahmed as finance secretary.

Pakistan Cultural Group Riyadh (PCG) Aid for Afghan Refugees
(T.Awan, Dec. 2001) Shamshad Ali Siddique the media secretary of Pakistan Cultural Group (PCG) has presented blankets, dry milk, tents and medicines of worth Rs.10, 00.000 to Chairman Izhar Burni of Burni Welfare Trust Karachi for Afghan refugees on behalf of PCG.

New Principal joins PISR
(CP, Dec. 2001) Prof. Majid Hussain has joined Pakistan International School Riyadh as new principal. The Board of Directors of said school made his appointment. He was Registrar BPS-20 at University of engineering and Technology Lahore before joining PISR.

Hamnawa Ladies Club Riyadh under election campaign

(CP Dec. 2001) The Patron of Hamnawa ladies club Riyadh Mrs. Asad Durrani the wife of the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has announced that the forth-coming election for new body of Hamnawa will be held on 10th of Jan 2002. Quoted by some reliable sources that two ladies are keen interested to participate in the election and convincing is on during recent Iftar parties. 

Marhaba Restaurant holds Iftar party
(T.Awan, Dec. 2001) Manager of Marhaba restaurant, Saleem Masud held an Iftar party at Marhaba Banquet hall. Prominent personalities with their families were invited. The party is a traditional series of Iftar that is usually given by the different persons and organizations in the city of Riyadh.

PIA Young Cricket Club holds Prize Distribution
(CP, Dec. 2001) Pakistan International Airlines Riyadh region held a prize distribution ceremony for PIA Young Cricket Club (under 17) in a local restaurant. The ceremony was presided over by Area Manager central province Tajamal Karim Tariq, while General Manager of PIA for Saudi Arabia and Yemen Tariq Hassan Bukhari was the chief guest. PIA young cricket club has participated in three tournaments and won two of them conducted under Riyadh Cricket League (RCL) in 2000-2001 sessions. Fazal-ur-Rehman Ansari as a coach and founder of the team conducted the function. The winning trophy was awarded to the captain of the team while winning shield, cricket bat with cricket kit along with certificate were awarded to each member of the team. Abdul Basit, Faisal Rafi and Hassan Butt were awarded prizes for the best bats men, Mohammad Bilal Quarashi, Amran Kafait as best all-rounder, while Sami Khalid Rana, Talal Haider, Saad Usaman and Farhan were awarded prizes for best bowlers. On behalf of PIA (Admin), Manager Central province and the team members a shield of excellence was awarded to Fazal-ur-Rehman Ansari for his utmost services for the cricket team. Admin Manager Hasnain Sayed from Jeddah, Tariq Jawaid from SAMBA and Mohammad Saeed of Garnatah have participated the ceremony as the special guests, while citizens, parents of the players, representatives of Airlines and travel agencies, office bearers of Riyadh Cricket league and journalists have attended the function as the guests. GM Tariq Hassan Bukhari in his speech thanked the guests and invite the community member to come forward with proposals for the better and the accurate services of PIA for the community.
Regional Editor Amir Khan

Pakistan Consul General’s wife comments on Ramadan

(Amir, Dec. 2001) Mrs. Shenaz Nawaz Ch.  The wife of Consul General of Pakistan while talking to Contact Pakistan in Jeddah said that I feel that Ramadan in Saudi Arabia is entirely different from Pakistan.  The nights are very cheerful and with full of activity, she said, in Kingdom Muslim are having   to pray in Makkah  & Medina, thousands of Muslims from all corners of the world come to Saudi Arabia during this holy month to perform Umrah, and their vast gathering at the Holy Mosques for prayers presents a truly splendid and gratifying scene. it enriches my soul  and  every Muslim’s  soul  to participate  in prayers at the Holy Harams of Makkah and Medina during the month  of Ramadan. She said, in Pakistan Eid also has its special customs in Pakistan. “Women and children, in particular, enjoy shopping throughout the night, Women mostly buy colorful bangles, gold items, and embroidered clothes. Sweets and gifts are top of the shopping list for people in Pakistan “ festivities start as soon as people sight the Eid moon. Children specially wait for Eid day as the elders give “EID MONEY” to them and special fairs are held in villages, while in cities colorful cultural programs are arranged. She said   that Eid day and Ramadan people from all walks of life come together in brotherhood, peace and love

Managing Director of OPF awards Gold Cards

(Amir, Dec.12) The Managing Director of OPF Rashid Mhammoud Ansari urged that Pakistanis living overseas are supporting their country by remitting their amount by legal means. He said, the Ministry of Labor and Overseas has announced the various facilities to those who are sending their money to Pakistan by legal means of transfers. He was addressing in Pakistan Consulate Jeddah to the beneficiary of Gold cards which were handed over to those Pakistani who have remitted $10,000 and above to Pakistan. The Consul General of Pakistan Ch. Mohammed Nawaz was present at the occasion with his Consuls of Welfare Dr. Shoaib and  Abdul Aziz Okaili The Consul General also described the positive policies of the Government to encourage the services of Overseas Pakistanis working abroad. Managing Director OPF MR. Rashid and Consul General Ch Nawaz presented the Gold Cards to Azmat Khan Niazi, Ejaz Ahmed, Ali Akber Jangir, Mohmmed Shfaat Bukhari and Shahid Iqbal while silver cards were presented to Chan Pervaiz. Managing Director of OPF said that gold card holder will enjoy the facility of free renewal of Passport,  (which Foreign office still not accepting) duty free items valued $1200/- and a reasonable discounts in Overseas housing schemes, and many other facilities.


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