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3rd Issue 16th Jan.  2002
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Professor Says!

As it says, “If a man owns land, the land owns him”, we have owned land of pure 'Pakistan' and the land has owned us because we are Pakistanis. Obligations are always honored particularly those which feed and bring up the roots so hard as to face and struggle against all those hurdles which come in the way of progress. Our land obliges us and now it’s our duty to pay honor and respect in return with all the efforts that we can make. Though land never speaks but sometime cries and bursts out, especially when its owner adopts ignorance. Present situation of our Pak land demands from us a force of unity to protect it from the steps of the enemy, who always dream to spoil its beauty. It demands sacrifices and full support on the basis of moral, social, economic and political ground. We must stand shoulder to shoulder with our defense forces to safeguard the integrity and sovereignty of our land. We should not forget or forgive all those elements that are waiting for a chance to disgrace and degrade the status of our Pak land. Let us be the sons of our Pak land. Let us be guards of our land and its apparent and hidden resources. This can be done with single word “Together”, and of course ‘Together we can make the difference’

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Irfan MCs working for Computer World Technologies weds Nida. The wedding was held in December at Jona Garh Lawn Karachi. Irfan Rana is  a well-known singer in the Eastern Province.  more..

Waleed Ali who is studying in the US secured A+ in International Relations in the first semester of his second year of CPA. Mom and Dad who are in Riyadh, are proud of him.

Erum Iqbal has passed her final year examination of MSc in Related Arts from Karachi University Faculty of Home Economics. She did complete some very creative Projects during her Masters Degree Course on Embroidery, Textile Designing and Group Intership from Moonlight Textile Mills in Karachi.

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Dr. Chughtai’s (CP Team Member) Father Dies (I.Rana. Jan, 2002) Dr. Sohail Chughatai’s father Dr. Mohammad Yousef died of Lung cancer in Lahore. May Allah bless his soul in peace. He was the author of a poetry book “ PAT JAR K BAAD”. Entire CP team shares the grief and would like to offer its condolence while the relatives and friends offered  “Fatiha”. 10th day prayers will be held on coming Thursday.

(T.Awan. Jan, 2002) An eminent literary, social and religious personality Abdul Khaliq Hashmi passed away due to liver cancer. He was 55 years old and has been living in Riyadh for the last 30 years. He was laid for rest in Al-Mansooria graveyard. CP and various organizations of Riyadh offered condolence on his sudden death. May God rest his soul in peace.  

(T.Awan. Jan, 2002) The mother in law of Engr. Mohammed Naeem Awan died in Karachi due to heart attack in the age of 65 years. Literary forums and social group offered condolence to Naeem Awan. May God rest her soul in peace.

Mohammad Rafique Dies

(I.Rana. Jan, 2002) A naturalized Saudi Pakistani known as Rafique Thaikaidar died of heart attack in Khobar last week. May Allah bless his soul in peace. CP offered condolence on his sudden death.

Everyone age 45 and over should be tested for diabetes every three years. Earlier, more frequent testing should be done if you:
- Are more than 20% above healthy weight.
- Have a parent or sibling with diabetes.
- Gave birth to a baby weighing more than nine pounds or developed diabetes during pregnancy
- Have high blood pressure (140/90 or higher)
- Have an HDL ("good") cholesterol level of 35 or below and/or a blood triglyceride level of 250 or higher.
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Consulate  General

Consulate  has announced visits of their teams visiting  various parts of Western region of K.S.A
Between January to June 2002.
Abha  3-4 Jan & 25-26  April
Jizan  24-25 Jan & 15-16 May
Medina 28-29 Mar & 22-23 May
Albhah 21-22 Mar & 12-13 June
Yunbu   10-11 Jan & 18-19 April
Taif   11-12 April & 19-20 June
Najran  14-15 Mar & 26-27 June
Bisha 17-18 Jan & 05- 06 Ju

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 PISR holds annual quiz competition 

(T.Awan. Jan, 2002) An Inter-houses quiz competition among senior and junior boys wings held at Pakistan International School Riyadh (PISR) on 9th of Jan. Prof. Javaid Iqbal was the chief guest. Prof. Yousaf Ghori who conducted the competition welcomed the chief guest and announced the rules and regulations of the competition. All the six houses participated in the competition. Azmat Ullah Bhuttah, Mazher Hussain, Yousaf Ghori, Nisar Ayub and Iqbal Ejaz asked the questions of Islamic Studies, Science, Pakistan Studies, Urdu and Current affairs. The chief guest in his address appreciated the standard of quiz competition and congratulated the winners. He further added that students should adopt the books reading as a hobby along with their textbooks to increase their knowledge. He advised students to be good Pakistanis while achieving a distinguish position in their academic carrier. According to the score Adnan Zaheer of 2nd
year secured the first position as a quizmaster, Atif Tariq of 2nd year secured the second position. Houses position were declared as follow:

Fasail house 1st, Fahd house 2nd, Iqbal house 3rd, Tipu house 4th, Abdul Aziz and Jinnah houses 5th.

 Majlus-a-Pakistan holds discussion on “Defense of Pakistan”

(CP. Jan, 2002) Majlus-a-Pakistan Riyadh held a discussion forum on ‘Defense of Pakistan’ in the Embassy hall Riyadh on 11th of Jan. The meeting was presided over by the Engr. Rana Rauf, while ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Lt.Gen. (R) Asad Durrani graced the occasion as chief guest. Qari Inam Ullah recited the Holy Quara’an and Arshad Jamal conducted the event. A large number from Pakistani community in Riyadh attended the function. Sajjad Zaheer addressing the community on present situation of Pak-India said that It’s on record that whenever GNP of Pakistan increases and gets better than India, it tries to destabilize our country. It happened in 1965, 1984 and during present times. India never tried to escalate the tension during the entire period when sanctions were put on Pakistan. This shows it’s negative approach towards Pakistan. Dr. Asif Quarshi said that once again we are in need of unanimous unity of all the political, social and economic groups against India. It is the time for all the Muslim countries to show brotherhood and extend cooperation towards Pakistan against India. Every Pakistani living inside Pakistan or abroad has one common and supreme motto and that is Defense of Pakistan. He added it is a duty of every Pakistani to tell the world about India’s state terrorism in occupied Kashmir. Abdul Qadeer Mirza said that we must promote the national unity as a symbol of our integrity and sovereignty. The chief guest urged that India has created war phobia to mobilize the opinion of its people against Pakistan. The truth is that  ruling party wants to achieve its own interest inside India during forthcoming elections. Due to this fact India is building pressure on Pakistan on one hand and spreading negative propaganda against Pakistan on the other hand. Hundred and forty million people of Pakistan know how to defend their homeland, if India takes any initiative of aggression against Pakistan. Saeed Javaid Moughal (CP Team Member) presented a resolution, which was unanimously approved by the house, that we fully support the steps taken by the government of Pakistan and demand that government should send delegates to international forums, to mobilize the opinion of Pakistan and to make the Indian propagandas ineffective. President of Majlus-a-Pakistan thanked the chief guest and the audience. The evening ended with prayers for the harmony and integrity of Pakistan.

 Welfare Attaché inaugurates new restaurant

(T.Awan. Jan, 2002) Welfare attaché Nadeem Asghar Kiyani inaugurated a new Pakistani restaurant  “Mata ‘am Khalid” in new Shamasi. Talking to the guests he commented that Pakistani Cuisine is becoming very popular not only in the citizens of this country but worldwide.

Pushtoh Literary Singers Society nominates Office bearers 
(T.Awan. Jan, 2002)Maliyar Malung as President and Nasim Ghurf Gul as Secretary were announced by the Pattern and founder of Pushtoh Literary Singers Society Haji Ahmed Lohar for the period of three month as care taker office bearers. It is reported by media secretary.

 Inter-School tournament under RCA
(S.Taqi. Jan 2002) Power Horse / Arab News inter schools tourney will commence from 10th January 2002 under the auspices of Riyadh Cricket Association (RCA). Taking into considering the enthusiasm and interest shown by the schools, RCA has decided to organize the tournament for two age groups under –14 years and under – 17 years. RCA has constituted different committees consisting of veteran cricketer’s for smooth and successful conduct of the tournaments. The inaugural match for U-14 is between Al-Momin International School and Pakistan International School and for U-17 between Pakistan International School (Urdu Section) and Bangladesh International School (English Section).
 U-14 Years British International School, Multi-National International School, Pakistan International School (Urdu Section), Pakistan International School (English Section), Bangladesh International School (English Section), Al-Momin International School and Minaret Al-Riyadh International School.
U-17 Years
Pakistan International School (Urdu Section), International Indian School, Pakistan International School (English Section), Bangladesh International School, Jawahir Al-Riyadh School and Minaret Al-Riyadh School.


(S.Taqi. Jan, 2002) Asif Saleem senior vice president RCA in a press release stated that Saudi French Bank will sponsor the RCA 40 over tournaments, which will commence from 28/12/2001. RCA president Qadeer Mirza applauded and thanked Saudi French Bank for their continuous support to RCA and hoped SFB & RCA will continue their association in future to promote cricket in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Twenty teams are taking part in the tournament, which is divided, into two divisions A and B.  Eight teams are placed in Division A and twelve teams in Division B.

A Division Teams

Saudia Milk, Friends C.C., Fighters C.C., Saudi Ericsson, Mehran, Pak Shaheen, Indo-Pak XI and Carrier.  

B Division Teams

Pathfinders, A.S. Young, Kashmir XI, Meezan, PIA Young, Young Friends, Young Stars, KFSH RC, Al-Eid XI, SAMBA XI, Saqib C.C. and Challengers XI.

  Overseas Pakistani Advisory Consul (OPAC) nominates members in KSA 

(Amir Khan. Jan, 2002) Consul General Ch. Mohammed Nawaz has announced that Overseas Pakistani Advisory Consul has nominated Ehsan Rasheed, a well known Pakistani executive in Jeddah and Tariq Javaid an executive banker in Riyadh as members of OPAC from Saudi Arabia. While Qadeer Mirza from Riyadh, Abdul Rehman Alibhai form Jeddah and Azmat Amin Khawaja for Dammam are appointed as “Investment Consolers”. The Consul General was addressing in a dinner hosted with the cooperation of Pakistan Journalists Forum Jeddah. He said,  at present situation as India has mounted an all out war on our western borders, it’s the duty of every Pakistani living outside Pakistan to de-politicize himself and be united towards the defense of our homeland. He urged that overseas Pakistanis should extend full economic, moral and image wise support toward Pakistan to show India that in the matter of our national integrity and solidarity we are one. One hundred and forty million people of Pakistan know how to teach a lesson to any aggressor, who even wish to try to step in our beloved homeland. Speaking on OPAC manifestos, he recall the policy of President of Pakistan General Pervaiz Mushraf to facilitate and immediate and appropriate solution to the problems of overseas Pakistanis. Furthermore OPAC will introduce different policies for the welfare of overseas Pakistanis and their families.

Addressing the community Investment consular Abdul Rehman Alibhai appealed Pakistanis to act as ambassador irrespective of their jobs and status and told that Pakistanis executive has published a magazine “Investment news of Pakistan” and efforts are under way to make it comprehensive and to be distributed worldwide. Executive member of OPAC Ehsan Rasheed told community that a high level delegation for small scale industries will visit Kingdom of Saudi Arabia soon to sort out the Pakistanis and Saudis investors to invest in Pakistan. has a complete section on investment advisory hosted by Ali Jaffrey, world's renown Pakistani Financial Expert who gladly answers CP community questions and is a major contributor in easy to understand financial contents.



(I.Rana. Jan, 2002) A Meena Bazaar with good cause was held for third consecutive year in the girl’s section of Saudi Arabian International Schools (Pakistan Section) known as Pakistani Community School, Al-Khobar. Principal girls section Miss Rahat Parveen with the help of lady teachers organized this beautiful bazaar. Large number of  children and their mothers visited and enjoyed the whole day activities. The teachers jointly put the stalls of Pakistani dishes including but not limited to Haleem, Chana chat, Fruit chat, Dahi baray, Piazza, Goal gappay, home made sweets and biscuits. Also there were quiz competitions, lotteries. In short there was fun for every one. A Books and Science exhibition was organized by 2nd year college students. The sale proceeds about fifty thousands Saudi Riyals after deducting expenses were donated to School Management for tuition fee concessions to the poor and needy students. The Board of Directors and the Principal Miss Rahat Parveen admired the teachers for their cooperation and time spent for this good cause that has not helped the deserving students but has also provided opportunity to the children to enjoy and take part in extra curricular activities.

(I.Rana. Jan, 2002) Due to heavy rain during this week a cold wave has taken EP in its grip. The temperature in the morning and evening hours is dropping to single digit. The wind has added to the severity of penetrating cold. The ready made garments shop who were not anticipating cold weather this winter finally has to take out the woolen clothes.

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Neopets  How Stuff Works Cool Math 4 kids
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Puzzle Maker
have fun creating and printing crossword, word search, cryptogram, math, and other puzzles using your own words! Try a maze too, or build your own. From Discovery Schools.
Take a Challenge have you been alive for one million minutes? Investigate math challenges like this which include hints, answers, and ways to test them out. Designed for kids and their families.
sweat.gif (5651 bytes)Sweat is really a cool thing. It's how your body keeps its temperature just right. If you get too hot, or if you are frightened or under stress, your brain acts to cool things down. Millions of tiny coiled tubes in your skin called seat glands produce sweat a salty, watery fluid. As sweat evaporates from your skin, you cool off. You usually produce about a pint of seat every day. But in the sizzling summer, you can produce four pints. So drink plenty of water.
I still remember during Summer when I used to come back from primary school having my school bag on my shoulder and my "Tahkhti" in one hand. As soon as I would enter in the hours Ami ji would say "Son before lunch why don't you quickly go and bring some ice for drinking water". I would put my bag down get the ice bag "Thela" and come out of our house. I hear a voice while just stepping down of outside stairs "Taray going to market, why not bring me some fresh dhania "Coriander", Ji zaroor Khala ji, I reply. She would give me 5 paisa to bring dhania for her. While singing "Aye murday mujahid jag zara ub waqt e shahadut hey aya - Allah o Akbar", I turn from our street to the street that leads to our community market. Azhar bhai's mother who would normally sit on the entrance steps of their house waiting for Azhar bhai to come from college has seen me. I would ask her if she needed any thing from the market? She says son why not some Ice for me as well.
I run towards the market not because three items on my shopping list were heavy to carry on my shoulders and not for sure because I was hungry but simply because Azhar bhai must be back soon from college which is couple of miles bicycle ride and he would be very thirsty. In just fifteen minutes I was sitting and having my lunch, smiling at the same time because I got three more good deeds and reward was blessings of Khala ji, Azhar ki Ami and my very dear Ami jan. What else do I need to make my elders happy?
Perhaps nothing!

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Sameer - Grownup in Al - Khobar where his father 'May Allah bless his soul' was working for Aramco. This young man has seen a lot in his so young age! From studying in Aitcheson College to the first Pakistani  working on NYSE floor as a broker. But guess what he ended up in the lime light of Hollywood and became first Pakistani actor who performed in Hollywood films, Broadway plays and number of TV shows.

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