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2nd Issue 1st Jan.  2002
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Professor Says!
veryone has a invisible sign hanging from his neck saying, "Make me feel Important". Never forget our slogan while working with people "Together WE can make a difference!". When we say together we can make a difference that makes every and each one of us important and imparts towards making a difference. No doubt time is precious and everyone has his / her own priorities in one's life but remember there are things that are important, Issues that involve us all as a nation.
Present situation in our country requires a strong hold of the motto given by father of the national - Unity, Faith and Discipline. Unity that will never allow any aggressor to step forward toward our homeland, Faith in Almighty and being Pakistani in our leadership will make us spiritually and morally strong. Discipline in every aspect of life will create a shield to protect us from all those evil forces that have in past tried to break us apart. We believe in peace and let others live in peach BUT if someone tries to be aggressive against our integrity and sovereignty, we WILL make him understand that we are one brave nation.
We are fully capable of defending our Pak land and this time we will make sure that aggressor is taught such a lesson that their generations to come dare point a finger at Pakistan. Stay united and be assured our armed forces and everyone of us is ready to scarify for the land of pure
On behalf of my team members myself I thank all those who appreciated our last issue.
We always welcome your comments and suggestions.

Mohammed Hassan Mirza student of Middle East International School Riyadh, Grade UKG scored 3rd position in Poems reading competition.
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Drinking a glass of milk in which 1 tsp. "haldi" has been added and boiled will relieve and cure a sore throat.

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Consulate  General

Jeddah consulate  has announced visits of their teams visiting  various parts of Western region of K.S.A
Between January to June 2002.
Abha  3-4 Jan & 25-26  April
Jizan  24-25 Jan & 15-16 May
Medina 28-29 Mar & 22-23 May
Albhah 21-22 Mar & 12-13 June
Yunbu   10-11 Jan & 18-19 April
Taif   11-12 April & 19-20 June
Najran  14-15 Mar & 26-27 June
Bisha 17-18 Jan & 05- 06 June

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Once upon a time, a government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of no where. Rightfully elected national assembly said, "Someone may steal from it at night." So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job. Then National Assembly said, "How does the watchman performs his job without instructions?" So they created a planning department and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, and one person to do time studies. Then Assembly said, "How will we know the night watchman is doing the tasks correctly?" So they created a Quality Control department and hired two people. One of the two was made responsible to do the studies and the other to write the reports. Then Assembly said, "How are these people going to get paid?" So they created the following positions,
a timekeeper, and a payroll
officer, and then hired two
people. Then Assembly said,
"Who will be accountable for
all of these people?" So they
created an administrative
section and hired three people,
an Administrative Officer,
an Assistant Administrative
Officer, and a Legal Secretary.
One year passed and they
gathered to evaluate the
PROJECT. They found that in one year they were couple of
million over spent. We must
do some thing, one assembly
member said. After a quick
discussion they finalized
the BEST option. Let recover
this from the people of the
country by increasing tax, after all it all belongs to the nation who strongly believes in the first
lesson of democracy which is “a government of the people, by the people and for the people" No Moral of the Story
but a question!
Where is the problem?
Democracy or those who run it

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 Prize Distribution held at P.I.S.R

(CP. Jan, 2002) A prize distribution ceremony held at Pakistan International School Riyadh on 25th of December. Mr. Aqeel. M. Al-Onaza the Chief of Foreign Education Branch Riyadh was the chief guest of the evening. The Principal Prof. Majid Hussain presented the academic report of the previous year, while the chairman of Board of Director Dr. Shahid Nawaz Malik congratulated the distinguished students who achieved the different positions in their examinations, appreciated the performances of the teachers and pointed out the measuring steps taken by the body of BODs. The Head Master of the Senior Boys wing Mr. Abdul Ghani Awan who was conducting the function presented the brief summery of result and announced the names of distinguished students, and the prizes those were to be awarded to them. The chief guest congratulated the students and appreciated the efforts of the teachers and urged that the Ministry of the Foreign Education Riyadh will extend all the possible cooperation toward PISR. The Chief guest and all the 7 members of BODs distributed prizes, while the Principal of the school was (made?) to sit on the chair during entire the ceremony. According to announcement 18 teachers with result of 100% and 4 teachers with the result of above 95% have been awarded certificates of appreciation for their efforts and hard work. 27 students were awarded SR. 100.00 each for obtaining above 80% marks in final exam. Mr. Zeeshan Omer Khokhar was announced as the best student of school and awarded Rs. 10,000 for obtaining 1st position in Pre-Engineering Group in the board examination with SR. 1,200.00 as scholarship and a cash prize of worth SR. 160.00 for obtaining 950 marks with commendation certificate for holding 1st position in school. Master Naeem Majeed was awarded Rs. 7,500 for obtaining 2nd position in Pre-Medical Group in the board exam with certificate of merit. Master Sohaib Abdullah was awarded Rs. 5,000.00 for obtaining 3rd position in Pre-Engineering Group in the board exam with SR. 900.00 as scholarship and a prize of SR. 140.00 for obtaining 937 marks with commendation certificate for holding second position in school. According to announcement at H.S.S.C. level the boys secured first and second positions while a girl student whose name was not announced secured the third position.
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 Asian Cultural Society holds Eid Milan  

(CP. Jan, 2002) An Eid Milan party of Asian Cultural Society held at a local Isteraha Riyadh on the third day of Eid. It was a colorful gathering of families who attended dinner and participated in different games presented by the conductors. Many valuable prizes, like utensils household, readymade garments, Umera air ticket along with bumper prize a return air ticket of Riyadh – Karachi sponsored by Saudi Al-French bank were awarded by different prospective personalities of the city to those lucky fellows who won lucky dips and riffles. In the second session a music concert was held and the famous local singers, like Ikhalq Ahmed, Mrs. Wahidi and Mr. Saleem sang beautiful songs applauded and cheered by the audience. It was a marvelous evening with delicious food and entertainments.
This Eid Milan party with love, hostilities and passions winded up almost at 300 hour in the morning. Mr. Asif Saleem and Mr. Nasir were appreciated for holding such a function.

 Consul General Greets Community in open forum
(Amir. Jan, 2002) On Eid day the Consul General of Pakistan Ch. Mohammed Nawaz and his wife (Interviewed by CP in December issue) invited Pakistani families for Eid Millan at their residence. This open house started at 1500 hours up to 1700 hours while most of the families did not leave the Consul General’s residence before1900 hours. The Consul General and his wife welcomed every guest. The consul General greeted Eid Mubarak to community and discussed different matters with community members.
 Eid Festival’s Shopping tools highest Expenses this year  
(Amir. Jan, 2002) As always Eid Al Fitar brought happiness and blessings to the Muslims all over the world.  In Western region Allah Almighty also blessed his followers by this great weather that everyone has enjoyed during Eid holidays. During Ramadan it was quite enjoyable to break fast on the seaside where cool breeze welcomed everyone. After Tarawieh prayers local malls and markets jam packed with families and singles shopping for Eid. Some to enjoy the Eid here and some shopping for their loved ones back home. According to a study conducted by local newspaper here, this year the expenditure during Eid are remarkably high compared to other times of the year, the expenses of low income household were around SR 3,400/- whereas high income earners may spend more than SR 10,000/-
 Eid Milan Party held at Jeddah  
(Amir. Jan, 2002) The biggest gathering of Pakistani community was at a local restaurant, where large number of families in colorful traditional Eid dresses united for a colorful gala. Excellent dinner, delightful music and a magic show were the highlights of this wonderful evening. Qassim Naqvi organized entertainment items. The evening recalled memories of traditional family gathering where everyone participates and everyone enjoyes!  Food, Music and magic show for children, everything was there for fellow Pakistanis. There were many lucky draws with prizes such as CD players, VCRs, TVs, suite cases, large numbers of electronic items, Cameras, Air ticket and packs of spices. These items were sponsored by local businesses. The prime part of this function, no doubt was the presence of World’s tallest man, Naseer Soomro and Pakistan’s tallest female Zaineb BiBi (Pictured below with Children). They told CP correspondent that soon they would be participating in certain tests, arranged by Guinness Book of Word Records, to endorse their claims to be the tallest. The trickster Muhammad Rauf (Pictured Right), fascinated audience by performing trick after trick. What amused most of the people was his gulping down a neon light tube and a large quantity of paper? He simply ate any thing that was in front including fresh grass! Songs by Asif Hahmi, Naeem Hashmi, and Kamran Nomi & Amir Khan in the music composition by Asif Hashmi, Atiq Farooqui, and Ramadan made this evening memorable. More than 500 Pakistanis of all ages attended this late night party that ended around 0200 hours.

Digital Identity Cards for Overseas Pakistani 
(Amir. Jan, 2002) A report said that NADRA has announce for Overseas Pakistani to use their present National Identity Cards for their consular work for renewal of Passports and attestation of documents etc. NADRA has opened special counters in Pakistan to issue the new digital ID to Overseas.
Jeddah Community Celebrates Quaid's 125th Birthday



(I.Rana. Jan, 2002) Pakistani Community Council a representative body of all the social organizations and politically affiliated political parties viz. PML, PPP, JI, Pakistan Forum, Pakistani Engineers Forum, NED Engineers Forum, Pakistan Businessmen and Professionals Forum, Study Circle, Writers Forum, Urdu Markaz, Pakistan Society of Journalists (Overseas), Social Welfare Society, Kohsar Society & Friends Forum (Newly inducted), is operating in the area for the last 3 years and is recognized by Pakistani Embassy, hold its general election on November 29, 2001, for the second  terms. The good thing about these election was that all the members were elected un-opposed except for the President Position. There were two candidates Sajid Khan Abbasi and Shaukat Ali. Later on Shaukat Ali withdrew himself from the race. The declared elected PCC members included Sajid Khan Abbasi, President, Mushtaq Malik, Patron In-Chief, Mohammad Waheed Aslam, Sr. VP, Mohammad Ishaq Rana (Special Projects), Mohammad Khalil Choudhary (Liaison) and Hussain Haider (Projects) Vice Presidents, Javed Inam General Secretary, Abdul Qayyum Awan, Joint Secretary, Zain Siddiqi, Secretary Press and Information, Huseen Khan, Finance Secretary, Qazi Mohammad Saleem, Secretary Social Welfare, Saeed Khan, Secretary, Technical Affairs, Aftab Abbasi, Commercial Activities and Mir Hadyat-Ullah.  The chief election commissioner Mr. Syed Shahid Ali, Amir JI, Eastern Province took the oath from the elected members. The other members of election commission included Hashmat Ali Khan, Chief Organizer, PML, EP and Mohammad Arshad, Secretary, PPP 


 PCC Celebrates Eid Milan Party and Quaid-e-Azam’s Day  

(I.Rana. Jan, 2002) Pakistani community Council celebrated the (Yom-e-Quaid-e-Azam) and Eid Milan with fervor and great enthusiasm at SAFCO compound on December 27, 2001, Al-Khobar. Mr. Tassawar Khan, First Secretary, Embassy of Pakistan, Riyadh was the Chief Guest of this elegant ceremony, presided over by the President Sajid Khan and conducted by Javed Inam the general secretary of PCC. Mr. Sanai started the ceremony by recitation from the holy Qura’an. Patron-in-Chief Mushtaq Malik formally thanked the chief guests and the audience and congratulated them on two happy occasions. The chief guest Mr. Tasawwar in his address thanked PCC for organizing such big gathering of prominent Pakistanis and congratulated the newly elected members for second terms. He admired and appreciated the PCC for extending social services to the community. Speaking on the Quaid’s Day, he said the best way to pay homage to Quaid-e-Azam the founder of the nation is to work selflessly, collectively and with unity and act exactly to the principles of our beloved Quaid Mohammad Ali Jinnah. I believe that every one of us has to be a true Pakistani not by words but by our deeds. Create a Pakistan in your heart; transplant it in your family and then to relatives to Gali, Mohalla, Town, City and Country.  Speaking on the current Pakistan situation, he said, “we need not to worry, disappoint and loose heart. Pakistan is a nuclear state and strong enough to defend its sovereignty. India is not America and Pakistan is not Afghanistan. We are fully capable of fixing the aggressor”. The world has seen that we are peaceful nation and have joint hands with assembly of world nations to combat terrorism. Syed Shahid Ali said that Pakistan has indulged in international conspiracy and there is genuine fear that western countries would try to harm it. Hashmat Ali Khan, Mohammad Khalil Choudhary and Ishaq Rana also paid homage to beloved leader Quaid-e-Azam. In the president address Sajid Khan Abbasi, President PCC, thanked the chief and other guests and said, I have been moved with the speeches of speakers that were with full of patriotism. Today we have to pledge that we will adopt the principles of our Quaid to make Pakistan a true Islamic welfare state. Quaid gave us our motherland and we have to protect it with our blood.  He presented plaque of appreciation to Mr. Tasawwar Khan for his services to the Pakistani community in the Eastern Province. In the end Maulana Mohammad Munir Qamar, offered dua.  

 Eid Festivals
In another event during Eid holidays PCC also celebrated Eid Bazar at Mohammad Bin Fahd Amusement Park, Half Moon Beach, Dhahran, where hundreds of Pakistani families were gathered to celebrate Eid festivities. Tasawwar Khan also graced the Pakistani Community Day and Eid celebrations.  Saleem Qazi was appreciated for organizing the function.

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