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hi, I am a US citizen who just married my Pakistani husband early this year, due to certain problems, he can't come to the US. I am thinking to apply for residency in Pakistan, do I qualify? do I have to live there on a daily basis, since i might want to  keep my job (cyclical) here. what about our children here, can he apply citizenship of Pakistan?
Sarah. USA
You can get visa for coming to Pakistan easily, simply give a call to Pakistan embassy or check with your travel agent. When you are in Pakistan you would get Identity card and then nationality on the basis of your marriage accepted legally. Your children can also apply for citizenship when then arrive in Pakistan like you. Then you can go back to USA and retain job.
For further details ring me 9221-4927381 at your US times preferably on weekdays when your phone charges would be minimal.
Saeed Ghori,
Advocate Supreme Court

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Exclusive Recipe

Stir Fry Lamb Chops Kidney Heart & Brain

- 4 lambs kidneys
- 2 lambs hearts
- 2 lambs brains
- 4 lambs chops

- (1) 1 tsp. garlic paste
- (2) 1 tsp. ginger paste
- (3) 1 tsp. chili powder
- (4) 1 tsp. whole red chili crushed
- (5) 1 tsp. coriander crushed
- (6) 1 tsp. cumin seeds
- (7) 1 tbsp. dried fenugreek leaves
- (8) 1\4 tsp. ground mace ( javetri )
- (9) 1 tsp. ground  turmeric
- (10) 1\2  tsp. ground cinnamon
- (11) 1\2 tsp. aniseed 
- 1 tsp. salt
- 1\2 cup oil
- 1" fresh ginger cut into thin stripes
- 2-3 tbsp. fresh coriander leaves
- 2 green chilies
- 1 tbsp. lemon juice
1.Remove excess fat from the meat. Wash and pat dry. Cut the kidney and heart into small pieces. Leave the lamb chops whole.

2. Boil 2 cups of water with 1\2 tsp. of turmeric. Add the brains and boil for two minutes. Discard the water roughly chop the brain and put it aside. 
3. Put the kidney, heart and chops in a sauce pan. Add garlic ginger paste, chili powder, crushed chilies, crushed coriander, cumin seeds, fenugreek leaves, mace, turmeric, cinnamon, aniseeds and salt. Cook for 5-10 minutes. No need to add water as the meat will release its own water.
4.Heat oil in shallow, heavy frying pan or a griddle or tava and add onions and stir fry for few minutes then add tomatoes brains and kidney mixture. Stir fry for about 5 minutes on high heat. There are special knives that are used to stir fry kat-a-kat but you can use any spoon that has sharp edges. While stirring also chop the meat. Once you feel that chops are tender and can be easily cut into small pieces add brains, chopped coriander leaves, ginger stripes and chopped green chilies. Stir fry for about 8 more minutes. Just before taking of from the heat add lemon juice.
5. Serve hot with nan or chappati. 

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Sunken cake?
Sunken center in a cake could be due to too much sugar, shown by a sticky center and very brown crust. It could also be due to too much baking powder or undercooking in a low temperature oven.
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What Are Symptoms of Teething?
Symptoms include:
• Increased irritability
• Placing objects or fingers in the mouth and biting down on them
• Increased saliva or drooling
• Loss of appetite or becoming choosy about foods
• Tender and swollen gums
• Rash on cheeks or redness in the area of the cheeks near the affected gums
• Restlessness
• Ear pulling, which may be a sign of teething or possibly an ear infection (make an appointment to have your child seen by your doctor or pediatrician)
Teething does not result in fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. If your child experiences these problems, contact your physician.
What Can I Do to Ease

Teething Pain?
Some suggestions include:
• Massaging your child's gums with a clean finger or the back of a small cold spoon
• Allowing your child to bite down on a chilled (but never frozen) teething ring. A frozen teething ring can damage the gums.
• Using an over-the-counter teething ointment to numb the gums. Ask your dentist or doctor for some product recommendations.
• Allowing your child to suck on a cold, wet cloth
• Teething biscuits or cookies and frozen bananas are not recommended. These objects promote tooth decay and may cause your child to choke.
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Background check
Shop only at reputable stores. If you don't know how to spot a legitimate site, read techTV article, Shopping Sites and Product Reviews You Can Trust.
If you've never heard of the company before, ask around before sending in your credit card. The National Fraud Information Center keeps an eye out for shady Internet dealings and offers consumer tips on its website. Always look on a company's website for a phone number and call it to make sure there's a person on the other end.
Secure servers

Most legitimate merchants offer secure transactions. One way to check whether you are in a secure zone is to look for the s after the http in the URL. If it looks like https, you're secure. Or you can look for the key or padlock icon in the lower left-hand corner of your browser window. If it's broken, you're not in a secure location.
You should also make sure you install the most recent updates for your browser. A website can do everything to protect you, but a browser security flaw can still puts your computer and personal information at risk.
Charge it

Use a credit card rather than a check or your ATM card when you shop online. By law, you are liable for no more than $50 for unauthorized charges, in the unlikely event that someone does steal your account information. Designate one credit card for online purchases so it's easier to track the activity. Make sure your card has a low limit and carefully track your account activity. Never give your bank account number to an online merchant.
Healthy skepticism

Trash email from unknown addresses promising wealth and glory. Also, it's easy to fake an email address, so pay more attention to the message contents rather than to the domain it supposedly came from. Ignore sites promoting the latest and greatest way to make thousands of dollars a week.
Secure your hard copies

You'll want to keep a copy of all your transactions. Great. But when it comes time to get rid of your records, don't just throw them away. Shred anything that contains your personal information so that someone going through your trash can't use your information.
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Dubai will have the world's first underwater hotel by 2006. Billed as the ultimate in luxury living, the Hydropolis Hotel will cost an estimated $500 million and feature over 200 suites.
While the technical details are still being worked out, the property will be built down to a depth of 20 metres, some 300 metres off the Jumeirah coast.
Joachim Hauser of Germany, who has had extensive knowledge of the Middle East through a slew of products in the last two decades, has conceived the project, which is being actively promoted by Dubai Development and Investment Authority.
The latter is currently sounding out potential investors to join in, and already some 20 per cent of the required outlay has been committed.
Officials with the promoters declined to get into specifics about who will manage the hotel. The hotel has three elements - the land station, a connecting tunnel and the submarine complex.
The land station will be the reception area, and will also feature administrative facilities. The connecting tunnel provides the access, while the submarine complex is the hotel itself.
Credite Akarat.com

What foods are healthy?

No single food will supply all the nutrients your body needs, so good nutrition means eating a variety of foods.
Food is divided into four main groups. They are:
Fruits and vegetables (oranges, apples, bananas, carrots, and spinach).
Whole grains, cereals, and bread (wheat, rice, oats, bran, and barley).
Dairy products (whole or skim milk, cream, and yogurt).
Meats, fish, poultry, eggs, dried beans, and nuts.
It's important to eat foods from each group every day. By doing that, you ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs.
The main nutrients in food are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Nutrients help your body work correctly, and make young bodies grow.
Carbohydrates give you energy. Healthy choices are dried beans, peas, and lentils; whole grain breads, cereals, and crackers; and fruits and vegetables. Protein is needed for growth and is a good back-up supply of energy. Healthy choices include lean meats and low-fat dairy products.
Foods high in fiber are healthy, too. Fiber comes from plants and may help to lower blood glucose and blood-fat levels. Foods high in fiber include: bran cereals, cooked beans and peas, whole-grain bread, fruits, and vegetables.


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Pakistanis for America” holds “Eid Millon Party”
(CP, Jan, 2004) An Eid Millon party was held in New Jersey under the banner of Pakistanis for America. The function was presided over by the president of the society Shafqat Rasool Khan, while the ambassador of Pakistan Ashraf Jhangir Qazi was the guest of honor. Pakistan counselor Shoukat Haroon in his brief speech introduced the Ambassador to the attendants of the party. Messages of big shots, like Governor New Jersey James E Macgreey, state senator Jons Corzine, executive Hudson county Tom Deceise and Mayer Jersey city Glenn D Cunninghum were read by the different representatives of them. The function started with the recitation of Holy Quar’an. Begum Sofia and Miss Noureen recited Pakistani and American national anthem respectively. Syed Mohammad Umran welcome the guests and pointed out the aim and objects of the society. Voice President Kashif Aslam pointed out the history of Pakistanis American in his speech. President Shafqat Rasool Khan in his presidential address declared that the society has more than 2000 registered members in New Jersey and trying to make more by cards and flyers. He urged that society is doing its utmost to open the same in New York. In the award given ceremony, different Pakistanis were awarded for their best services toward Pakistani community. Imtiaz Choudary for political and social services, Iqbal Jaddoon for helping the people on 9/11.Ehtasham Kazmi for column writer, Saleem Rizvi for legal services, Soshela Gudwani for immigrant services and newspaper “New York Awam for its services toward the community. Pakistan Ambassador Ashraf Jhangir Qazi in his address said, “ I appreciate the work of Pakistanis for America and wish that the rest of Pakistani living abroad should follow this example”. The guest of honor urged that Pakistanis should prove themselves as a    symbol of unity living in USA and should bring a good name to Pakistan. After the dinner the famous singer “Muni Begum” sang her favorite songs.
NY poetess honored in the Bay Area
Sahahat,NY,2004) On Friday, December 26, the Urdu Academy of North America hosted an evening with Humaira Rahman, an Urdu poetess based in New York. Her first book, "Indimal" (Consolation) was produced in 1986, while "Intisab", her second book, was published eleven years later. The occasion was made possible by Humaira Saaheba and her family holidaying on the West Coast. Learning of her visit, the Urdu Academy decided to take advantage of this happenstance to introduce Ms. Rahman to lovers of Urdu literature in the Bay Area. About thirty people attended the program at Swagat Restaurant in Mountain View. The event consisted of a series of papers on Ms Rahman's personality and work by local litterateurs, a presentation of poetry by local talents, and in the final section for the visiting poetess. Local writer and literary figure Ali Hasan Cemendtaur emceed the prose section of the program. Shahab Riazi presented a biographical account of Humaira Rahman's career. He urged that she dwells too much on her gender, shortchanging her stature as relevant to all humanity. In his review of "Intisab", referred to Humaira Rahman as a natural poetess "to whom the poetry comes with the ease the same way revelations come to the prophets." Zulqarnain Asad, an academic and connoisseur of Urdu, read an article on Ms Rahman's poetry and her art. He said that there is no parallel in Urdu literature of the way Humaira has described the fulfillment of being a mother. Renowned local poetess Noshi Gilani presented some thoughts on Humaira's poetry and her personality, quoting extensively from "Indimal" and "Intisab" in her speech. In her experience, she said, both a conversation with Humaira Saaheba and her poetry were wonderfully fluid in their nature. In the break between sessions, wonderful homely snacks were served as refreshments, including samosay, pakoray, and ghulab jamun and tea. The whole event left one with the impression that in this age when the most famous blondes in Hollywood are falling in love with the Sufi elders of our poetic tradition, poetry by women steeped in that tradition might just be what the Guru ordered for a thirsty soul. Noshi Gilani emceed the poetry session when the meeting resumed after the break. She read some of her finest poetry. Some Poetry in Urud (No plugin required) - News Images (Late Arrival)

 Pakistan Community Forum Forms in NY

(CP, NY 2004) A new organization for the betterment and to solve the community problems is founded in New York. Various cultural, social, literary, writers and journalists’ organizations voluntarily merge their organizations to newly formed “Pakistan Community Forum”. It is said unanimously that all Pakistani organizations should get unite to face the changing factors of present situation and be should united to face the problem that community is facing. The associations and organizations which announced to merge or to cooperate with the new forum are Pakistan league of America, Ghalib Academy, Urdu Anjuman, Aalmi Urdu Tehreek, Halqa Arbab-a- Zouk, Progressive Writers Forum, Hulqa Fun-o-Adab of north America, Karwan-a-Fiqr-o-Fun, Bazm-e-Khayyam, Pak US Cultural Society, Sajana Freedom Forum, Zafar Zaidi Memorial Society, Adara Fiqr-e-Nuo, Pak America Rabata Committee, Muslim Day Parade Committee, Jan Foundation, weekly Pakistan News, Sada-e-Pakistan, Awam, New York Awam, Color of Asia, Peace TV and PTN. The meeting of coordinators was held in a local restaurant and unanimously Doctor Shafiq was nominated as a chairman for the forth coming meeting to pay tribute to Joher Mir, while the members of the committee are Mohammad Tahir, N.M. Danish, Masroor Jawaid, Ashraf Main, Hamad Khan, Jamal Mohsin, Mohsin Zaheer and Arif Afzal Usmani. Famous Pakistani poet Ahmed Faraz is expected to be the guest of honor.

Pak-USA Women Association forms

(CP,NY,Jan,2004 ) Pakistani women living in New Jersey US have formed an association named Pakistan-USA Women Association. In the first meeting held in Ramadan on an Iftar Party, it was announced that the new association will work for the betterment of Pakistani women living in
America. Tahira and NoorJehan Noori are being elected as President and V-President unanimously. Neelo who is the Editor of South Asian Newspaper is nominated as press correspondence. In their short speeches President and vice President invited Pakistani women to join hands with them to solve the basic problems of them while living abroad. It is said that the association will try its utmost to provide opportunities to solve the language problem, help to find jobs for jobless, provides legal advice to those facing divorce cases. It is added that a computer training center and a marriage beaurue will also be operated very soon. Pakistani women can get the free membership of the association. For the membership, contact 917-693-3839 or 917-856-2679. 

 “Amnesty Program” under consideration

(CP, Jan 2004) Different proposals are under consideration for the illegal immigrants in United States, a spoke man of White House said. Majority of Democrats and Republicans are supporting “Amnesty Program” for the illegal immigrants, he added. Tom Rich the minister of Home Security urged that some solid steps should be taken for 8 to 12 millions illegal immigrants. It is said that if the Amnesty Program is to be proclaimed then all those who have applied under the section 245-1 shall get the legal status, if they are pass through legal process.

 104 years old honors US nationality

 (CP, Jan 2004) A 104 years Old Russian immigrant Khamovik is being awarded American citizen. He is celebrating his 105 birthday in Feb, 2005. His elder son is of 72 years of old. He participated in World War II and immigrated to US in 1996.

 World Islamic Mission NY holds Condolence
(CP, Jan 2004) World Islamic Mission New York held a condolence meeting for Moulana Shah Ahmed Noorani in Jamaica Queens. Quaran-a-Kreem was recited. Moulana Mohammad Hussain Rizvi, Moulana Mohammad Bashir Qadri, Qari Mohammad Hanif and other members of Islamic mission delivered the speeches and pay tribute to Moulana Shah Ahmed Noorani.

 Tribute to “Johar Mir”

(CP, Jan 2004) A program is to be held to pay tribute to famous poet Johar Mir for his service to Urdu language under the supervision of Khaber Society, John foundation and Freedom forum on 10th of Jan in New York. A music program is also to be conducted.    

 Eid in Sacramento
(Ras - Jan, 2004) Eid-ul-Fitr or the feast at the end of Ramadan was celebrated with much fervor at the Sacramento Downtown "V" Street Mosque on Tuesday  November 25, 2003. And if one is not mistaken, this was probably the   56th year that this Muslim festival has been celebrated at this site, the oldest
such venue in the United States. Also known as the "Pakistani Mosque" due to original membership and its coincidental inauguration in Sacramento, California roughly at the  time of the birth of Pakistan in the 194's, its founders were either themselves Pakistanis or the offspring of the some of the first Muslims from
those parts of British India that later became Pakistan. This reporter makes it a point to join in Eid-ul-Fitr prayers at this historic site because if there is a place where one can get the feel of rural Pakistan in the United States on Eid day, this is probably the one.The Punjabi and Pashto languages dominate here as Urdu is widely used for inter-ethnic communications. English is spoken by our younger generation and within the African, African-American, Hispanic and White   Muslims who are very much a part of
the colorful gathering here on this   festive day.As usual two "shifts" of morning prayers were held this year as attendance was quite high (possibly due in part to Eid falling so close   to America's Thanksgiving holiday on November 27th). Children were already off from school due to this being holiday week, during which   Pakistani families like the rest of America congregate for their own   version of  "Spicy Halal" Turkey. The second shift prayer saw worshippers spilling out to the courtyard of this large facility. The women's   section was equally if not more crowded and the children in bright new   clothes could be seen
playing all over the place. Imam Qasmi conducted the prayers this Eid-ul-Fitr, starting with his usual duplicate "Khutba" (religious message before prayers) in both Urdu and English. This year he dwelled into the subjects of the real meaning of Eid and the importance of the Ramadan fasting period. He also urged all in attendance to be thankful for what they have because there are   many in this world doing without. He said that the unfortunate could use   some of our generosity. He added that we were ambassadors of Islam in  this country and that in itself puts a lot of responsibility on our   shoulders in this land of opportunity. He spoke of a world fast becoming a "global village" in which Muslims have to participate at all levels. After a very festive atmosphere had developed prayers in the courtyard of the Mosque. Much traditional three step "hugging" and consumption of a variety of foods took place. This year Pizza and "Jalebi" (a syrupy desert shaped like a pretzel) were a big hit. A group of Sikh visitors was also quite visible while greeting Muslims in the Mosque courtyard.A number of onlookers from the neighborhood also dropped in. It was a   morning of sharing faith, family and friendship, some of the key ingredients to our religion that are hard to ignore.
 In conclusion a hearty "Eid Mubarak" from Sacramento, California where Muslims from what is now Pakistan have lived for almost a century. This landmark mosque which has seen much history and visiting Pakistani Prime Ministers and Presidents over the past 50 years is very much a part of our roots in America. And on this Eid day as all Muslims in America   celebrate their religion, Pakistani-Americans at this Mosque also continue to celebrate their heritage.
 Focus on Pakistan at City College of San Francisco
(Ras,CF Jan 2004)  One group of students at the City College of San Francisco probably got more that they bargained for on December 10, 2003 as its instructor Professor Javaid Sayed made it a Pakistan Night of sorts for his “United Nations Class” nearing the end of its semester. Room 301at the Rosenberg Library witnessed a real grass roots type of interaction between local students and their honored guest, Pakistan’s Consul General in Los Angeles the Honorable Noor Muhammad Jadmani. Jamdani was not alone in representing Pakistan at this venue as a number of prominent members of the Pakistani-American community in San Francisco also showed up to represent their country of origin. And since the topic for the evening was “Pakistan as a Frontline State in the War on Terror” a report and a subsequent discussion on this gathering became all the more important.

  Professor Javaid Sayed is a long-time San Francisco community activist, poet, writer and orator. And for some of us, seeing him in the role of a teacher in class for the first time proved interesting but was not a surprise. Teaching is as much his forte as his other work. And as Sayed opened the session with an introduction of the United Nations Class

and what it has tried to accomplish with its students by having them interact directly with invited dignitaries and through a live video contact with the United Nations in New York itself, one can only wish that more college campuses (he mentioned U.C. Berkeley) would pick up these classes to widen the horizons of students in California. It is ironic that San Francisco, which is the birthplace of the United Nations does not have more of such educational outlets.  

  To the majority of the class that showed up and was not “stressed by finals” (as Professor Sayed put it), there was a “mini Pakistan” here for them to interact with. Sayed went into the nature of weaponry today and how important issues related to peace and war had become worldwide, especially in the context of South Asia where the festering Kashmir Dispute had caused much instability and a cause of conflict between Pakistan and India, two poor countries with nuclear weapons. He spoke of the involvement of the United Nations in two important conflicts. U.N. Resolution 242 on the Middle East and 247 on Kashmir and their significance in history. An additional focus was put on the number of occasions when Pakistan had offered its territory, its infrastructure and its commitment to the United States through the Cold War years and once again today in the War on Terror “AT CONSIDERABLE RISK TO ITSELF”.  The stress this evening was on solutions of conflicts and external factors. Poverty alleviation issues can be and are also directly linked to solutions as is the prevention of war. “A nuclear war anywhere is a nuclear war everywhere,” said Sayed.

  Consul General Jamadani lived up to his introduction by stating that Professor Sayed was a difficult act to follow as he was just a budding diplomat and he had to speak after a seasoned orator. He thanked everyone for coming and said that he had spent a few years at the UN in New York himself so he had a feel for how it works. On Pakistan he said that “strategically, we are located in a very important area and went into some of the geographical realities associated with the country. “Pakistan is a nuclear state,” he said. But he added that “we were forced to go nuclear,” to maintain a strategic balance with an immediate neighbor.  On terrorism he said that it was not a new phenomenon. He said that Pakistan had been fighting terrorism even before 9/11 and that it had decided to join with the United States in the war on terrorism because it saw a common enemy. “Terrorism has no faith and no creed,” he said. He mentioned that there was a growing sense amongst Muslims that their peaceful religion was being targeted. “The essence of Islam must be understood,” he added as the early Islamic period was a model of democracy. “Islam’s vision is modern and futuristic,” he said. On this war on terror he said that Pakistan was not pressured but took the decision in its own interest as it had itself been a victim of terrorism for decades. He said that a few holdovers of the Afghan Mujahideen era had become a problem for Pakistan and had obtained sponsorship from foreign agencies. “Pakistan took a strategic decision,” he said. “Our intentions should not be doubted. We are acting against Al Qaeda.” But Jamdani also stressed the need to understand the origins of terrorism. “We must understand its causes,” he said. He said that some states had used the post 9/11 world to suppress genuine freedom movements. He added that Pakistan will continue to do its part in this war on terror but that this issue for which there is no quick fix has to be addressed in its entirety.

  Dr. Abdul Jabbar who originated this course at the City College of San Francisco was also asked to say a few words. Jabbar called this United Nations class “education in action” and said that learning about the world is essential. He said that the media here sometimes does not allow us to see the truth in its entirety.  

  A lively Q/A session followed during which only the students of the class asked the questions. The lack of democracy in Pakistan was pointed out by one student. Positive developments like the coming SAARC meeting in Pakistan in January were also highlighted. A solution to the Kashmir Dispute was deemed necessary as was the protection of human rights in Kashmir. One student expressed her views on America’s role in the world today from the point of view of an African-American Muslim. The Consul General seemed quite prepared for these questions. He concluded the evening schedule by meeting the Pakistani-American community members already present.

  In conclusion this event reminded one of the times in the 1980’s when America and Pakistan were busy training and supplying the anti-Communist “Mujahideen” fighters in Afghanistan. After the Soviet Union was forced to withdraw from its Afghan adventure,   crumbling later to a downsized Russia, the blowback from that operation first hit Afghanistan itself and then Pakistan. It is sad to say that the world took little notice till terrorism hit our own shores here on 9/11. But as long as this “damage control” operation is on, one can only hope for more fairness. Thus far these mixed signals in the press here and the harassment of people of Pakistani or Muslim descent in this country have been less than encouraging. A Kashmir solution too needs more air time. And Washington could use a better understanding of the Pashtuns, the people who live along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Their alienation is a worrisome factor.  Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past, pursuing only short term interests and ignoring long term problems.

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Allah demands from us to respect our parents. In Holy Qur’an, goodness to parents is mentioned at eleven places. According to saying of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) Allah’s agreement is in father’s agreement and Allah is displeased when father is displeased with his child. Even if, God forbid, the parents are non-believer, still Islam does not permit the children to be disrespectful to them or to shout at them. If parents strive to convert their children to non-Islamic beliefs or they require something against Allah’s commandment, then Allah’s says don't follow them, but still be good to them. In surat Ban-e-Israil, Allah commands “…Whether one or both of them (parents) attain old age in your life, do not say to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor…” meaning that if parents reach their old age in front of children, and children feel irritated by any of their action or saying, still they shall not speak with them in harsh tone or scold them. Rather deal with them in most respectful manner and be good to them and pray to Allah: O Allah! Have mercy on them both, as they did care for me when I was young." 
Prophet’s companion, hazrat Abu-Hurera, relates that once a man asked Prophet (p. b. u. h.) that who deserves most of my good behavior. Prophet replied “your mother”. He repeated his question three times and prophet replied “your mother” three times. Then he again asked for the fourth time and Prophet replied “your father”.
According to another saying of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) “Good conduct towards father and mother is one of the deeds that win the highest favor of Allah”. The Prophet of Allah said: “Let that man be disgraced and disgraced again and let him be disgraced even more.” The people inquired: “O Prophet of Allah! Who is that man?” The Prophet stated “I refer to the man who finds his parents old in age – both of them or one of them – and yet did not earn entitlement to
Paradise by good service to them.” (Muslim)
Parental love is purely unselfish. Parents sacrifice their ease to bring comfort to their children. Children should to be respectful to their parents. Respecting parents mean acknowledging that they are senior to us, have more exposure to world and have lots more experience. This gives them an edge over the reasoning of a child who may be a toddler or a grown up youth. Even if a child disagrees with his/her parent, it must be done such that parent’s dignity is maintained. When disagreeing the child aught to note the tone of his/her voice and gestures. It's not only what you do for your parents that count only, but also how you do it. It is the manner as well as the substance.

So let’s strive to give our parents the respect and honor that they so much deserve for their tireless efforts for us. Our smiles, good manners, good academic results, as well as hugs and kisses bring them a world of happiness. And always remember parents in your prayers: “O Allah! Grant forgiveness to me and my parents and pardon all the faithful on the Day of Judgment.”

Mrs. Amna Tariq, Makkah

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