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Pakistani Cookery

The cooking traditions of Pakistan or Indian sub-continent go back a few thousand years. The cuisine of Pakistan is, of course, as diverse as that of other countries of the sub-continent. Although majority of Pakistanis are non-vegetarian, it is contrary to popular belief that we do not eat vegetables or pulses and beans. The repertoire of Pakistani food is very similar to that of India; the one difference that springs to mind is that in Pakistani cuisine a lot more cooking fat is used and a fair amount of chilli powder and it is this that gives the food an extremely rich color.
While I'm still compiling my recipes, an idea struck that why not to hold a competition of Pakistani food recipes. It will give all of us a chance to share our best recipes with each other, and there is no other place better than Internet !

Food Contest

This competition is open to anyone who loves Pakistani food. Male, Female, Pakistani or any other country national - No condition at all.
When there is a competition there are rewards too. Our contest sponsor Marhaba chain of Restaurants will be offering some fabulous prizes landing at your door steps where ever you are on the planet. Read Terms & Conditions and go for it. You might be one of   8 lucky winners!  Contest ends 08 of August '99.
To celebrate the independance of Pakistan on 14th of August 1999, we are offering FREE hosting to all such contests. If you like to sponsor a competition such as Children Essay, Drawings etc. then please drop an Email to  Webmaster for more details. This offer expires 8th of June 1999.


Each category winner will receive a gift hamper wroth      US$100

Each category runner up will receive a gift hamper worth   US$50

All prizes will be delivered at your door steps regardless of your geographical location. Winners will be announced on 14th of August 1999 which is independence day of Pakistan.

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