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Mango Pickle In Water
Aam ka Achar
Afsheen Adeel


- 1\2 kg. small raw mangoes
- 1 small cup Salt
- 1\4 cup Mustard seeds (rai)
- 1 pinch hing powder
- 1 small cup dry red chilies
- Water acc. to requirement.

1. Boil enough water to dip mangoes in it. Add mangoes in the hot water and allow to cool. When the water is luke warm, add salt and keep aside for about 6 hours.
2. Put rest of the ingredients in a food processor and grind to powder. Add little more salt and make a thick paste by adding little water.
3. Add the spice paste to the mangoes and stir well with a wooden spoon.
4. Refrigerate for 2 days or until the pickle is ready.

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