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Saudi Champaign


- 1 (900 ml) bottled Apple juice
- 1 (900 ml) bottled White grapes juice
- 1 bottle (750ml) any sparkling spring water. I use Perrier.
- One Apple. Half diced
(not pealed) and other half pealed and grated.
- One Orange diced.
- Six Strawberries, chopped.
- Juice from one large Lemon.
- 10-15 Mint leaves washed thoroughly. Very finely chopped.
- Ice cubes enough to keep the punch bowel chilled. Do not put any ice inside the drink.

A well known drink but my recipe slightly differs from what you get in the restaurants. This drink can be served on cocktail parties and also goes very well with special dinners. Server it with cocktail snacks or with main course at the dinner table.  Remember it is a special drink so needs to be served in special Champaign glasses from your Crystal ware collection. The recipe is to make a full punch bowel enough for 12 adults.

All the juices and water needs to be kept in the Refrigerator till the time required for preparation. Add Lemon juice and chopped mint leaves in a mixing bowl. Use a spoon to whisk  it for like 5 minutes. Pour this mixture in the punch bowl. Add diced and grated Apple, Orange and chopped Strawberries. Pour Apple and Grapes juice. Do not open the bottle of the sparkling water till you are ready to serve. Now keep this mixture in the Refrigerator for at least two hours. The best way to serve this drink is to hold the punch bowl with Ice cubes. I do it by putting the punch in a basket that is full of Ice cubes. If this sort of arrangement is not possible for you then keep the drink and the water bottle in your freezer for at least 1 hour. Do not put ice in the drink it will ruin the flavour of the drink.  At the time of serving get them out and pour the sparkling water into the already made mixture of juices, stir and serve.