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Achari Gosht


-1 Kg Mutton
-1 Kg Yogurt
-2 tbsp Kalvanji
-4 - 5 Onions
-4-5 tbsp Ghee/Oil
-a pinch of Haldi
-1 tsp White Zeera
-Salt , Red Chilli Powder to tatse
-some fresh dhania (Coriander leaves)

1. Cut onion in slices.
2. Fry onion in Oil/Ghee till light brown.
3. Put in Yogurt and Meat and let it simmer on medium heat till meat become tender.
4. Put in salt, kalwanji, chili, and haldi.
5. Cook for sometime on high heat
6. Sprinkle Fresh dhania.
7. Serve with Nan.

Note: Do not cook kalwanji for long time as it gives bitter taste to the food.