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Bread pizza
Shared by Munira Rehman


- 4 large slices of bread
- 4 slices cheese
- 1 Capsicum

- 8-10 olives
- 8 tbsp. Ketchup 

- hot Sauce as your taste
- 1 cup cooked chicken

- 1\2 tsp. oregano
- black pepper                           

1. Toast the bread in a toaster. Roughly chop the chicken. .Cut the pepper into 1 inch sticks. Cover each toast with thin layer of ketchup and hot sauce. Season with pepper and sprinkle with oregano.
2. Decorate each with chicken, bell pepper and olives. Put cheese slice on the top of each pizza.   
3. Place the pizzas in the microwave oven and cook until the cheese melts.
4. Serve hot with potato wedges.

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