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Lemon Chicken
Recipe shared by Romana Omar (KSA)


- Boneless chicken 8 pcs
- egg white 1
- sugar 1tsp.
- salt 1 tsp.
- garlic paste 1 tsp.
- meda (flour)  8 Tbs.
- oil for frying

- Lemon Sauce

Marinate chicken with egg white, salt, sugar&garlic paste for 10 minutes. Dust the chicken with meda and fry the chicken in hot oil until tender & golden.Keep these pcs warm &dip them in lemon sauce.

Lemon sauce can be prepare by putting 1/2 cup lemon juice ,1 cup chicken stock,2 1/2tsp sugar ,2tsp honey and 2 tbsp corn flour,2 tsp. meda in pan and stirring on heat until thick.