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-1 Kilo Urad Dal flour
-100 grams salt
-50  grams ground black or white pepper
-1/2 tsp Hing
-500 grams water

To make Pa'per or Pappadam from scratch is not easy. I would suggest you buy them ready made from an Pakistani or Indian store and then either zap them in the Microwave or fry them in oil or just plan roast them over a low flame on the stove.
BUT for those adventurous souls here it is!
Mix the Hing and pepper with the Urad Dal flour. Lightly roast the salt.  Boil 500 grams water with the salt. Let it cool to room temperature. Pour this water, a little at a time, in the Urad Dal Flour mixture and make a very stiff (hard) dough. (Dough maker may be used.) Put his dough in a big Mortar and Pestle (told you, it is not easy!). Pound the Pestle on the dough in the Mortar until it has elastic like consistency. Test it by rolling out a small piece. Divide the dough into 6 parts. Roll them out on a board and cut it into 1 inch pieces. Then put all the pieces in a bowl and cover the bowl. Taking one piece at a time, roll them out on an aluminium rolling board. Put them in direct sunlight to dry. Once they are dry and crispy, store them in an air tight container.  To serve them, Zap them in a  microwave, or fry them in oil or roast them on a low flame!