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I know how difficult it is for those, who get married right after their graduation and come over here, stunned seeing friends offering array of dishes at social dinners.
They always wonder how can the cook such food and surprise their friends?
They realize later that it was better if they had learned some advanced cooking. All those tricks and tips of their mothers which they never bothered to learn because they were busy in their studies.
How about girls who are brought up here in the Kingdom and are now in the age that they should learn some good cooking to win hearts. My advice is if you have time then do learn art of perfect cooking and teach your young daughters. Tell them how to maintain a kitchen, how to manage a home budget. If you think you are busy then let me teach them skills that would make their future life more happier and admiring.
It is not difficult if the training is more than a classroom. A training where you participate in preparing dishes and next time make yourself with the confidence of an expert. Surprise your friends with your finger licking dishes.
With Bj you are not just learning how to cook or bake but you learn how to make dishes that you always thought were so complicated and expensive to prepare.
Bj offers you her certified training courses that will give you confidence to invite friends over rather taking them to a restaurant.  A place, even you are not sure if the kitchen is clean enough or the material that is used is of a quality that you deserve after paying 10 times more than what it would cost you at home.
After all don't you love your friends and you care about their health?
Bj offers courses designed not only to teach you number of recipes but to also give you the power of knowledge that enables you to create your own variations.
There are three types of courses offered covering all aspects of cooking. Select the one that suits you or your loved ones best.
 Surprise your Wife  
May be it is the time to surprise your wife with a gift of knowledge which would make you proud among your friends when you invite them over dinner next time.

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