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Pakistani Cookery
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Few tips before you start !
We understand that some of you may not be good at computer keyboard. To save your time, while you are off line, you may type your recipe using any text editor. Later when you are on line simply fill up the fields in part one of this form and paste the recipe in the part two of this form using cut and paste facility of your computer. By not filling all the fields of this form, you will make your entry void.

For conversion of any scale click here.

Before pressing Submit button, make sure that all the select able fields are selected correctly and for accuracy you have checked all the data that you have provided.

Press Submit button once and wait for system confirmation. Sometimes it takes a while for system to validate your data.

Make sure that you provide correct personal and address information. If you are one of the lucky participants then this information will be used to send you the prize that you have won.

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