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To celebrate the independence of Pakistan on 14th of August 1999, we are offering FREE hosting to all such contests. If you like to sponsor a competition such as Children Essay, Drawings etc. then please drop an Email to   Webmaster for more details. This offer expires 15th of June 1999.

Pakistani Cookery
Terms & Conditions

  • Anyone who loves Pakistani cookery can participate in this competition. Gender no bar, Age no bar, Nationality no bar.
  • Correct mailing and contact address MUST be provided. This will enable us to contact you when and if you win.
  • Only recipes that are of Pakistani origin will be accepted..
  • All entries will be authenticated by B.J and Executive Chef of Marhaba Chain of Restaurant for their origin, flavor and ingredients.
  • Contest will end mid night 29th of July 1999 and winners will be announced on 14th of August (Independence Day)  1999.
  • Entries submitted using our on line form will only be accepted. Please DO NOT  send recipes via Email or any other communication mean. All such entries will be rejected.
  • Maximum points to score to win in the competition will be comprised of :-
Taste and Flavor 10
Blend and combination of ingredients 10
Ease of understanding the recipe by the readers 10
Presentation 10
  • Each participant may submit multiple entries in each or all categories.
  • Final result will be posted on the site on 14th of August 1999 and winners will also be notified by email and snail mail.
  • All entries submitted in this competition will become the property of ContactPakistan.com and Marhaba Chain of Restaurants, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
  • For presentation purpose, Image of any prepared food should be either in GIF or JPG format and size of the file must not be bigger than 10K bytes.


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