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HELP (Higher Education and Learning Phase) for Orphans Organization Offers scholarships to graduate, medical, and Engineering orphan students in Pakistan. I started this organization in 1996.

In 1996, we sponsored two students.
In 1997, we sponsored 60 students.
In 1998, we sponsored about 250 students
In 1999, we sponsored about 250 students.

In 2000 we sponsored 400 students.
In 2001 we sponsored 496 students.

At this I am the sole organizer of the program and I run this organization from my home. I write a column in an Los Angeles based weekly news paper Pakistan Link" My readers sponsor these students on my appeal.
The way this organization works is very different from the other organization. I do not ask anybody to give me any money. I believe there should be no mediator in the kind deed of charity. If anyone is interested in sponsoring a student. He/She contacts me. I send him/her the information about a student. This information is a complete package about the student which is sent to me by the institute where the student is enroll. Sponsoring person sends the money to the student through the vice chancellor or the principal of the institute. We offer Rs 1000/month/student  for one year. If a student want to reconsidered for the next year scholarship, she/he should reapply along with the proof of success performance in the previous academic year .
Anyone interested in sponsoring one or more students should contact me at or write to me at P. O. Box 55309, Riverside, CA 92517, or call me at 909-924-8479.
Please do not send me any money. Just sponsor a student and send them the money directly