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Javed Khan

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What is Forensic Science

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Tell us something about your specialized field "Forensic"?
Forensic is a science which deals with the physical and chemical evidence. It has many branches such as analysis of controlled substances, toxicology, serology, traces, alcohol, question documents, DNA, billistics, Cledestine laboratory investigation, crime scence investigation and reconstructions etc. My field of specialization is Toxicology, Controlled substances, and DNA.

When did you join US Justice Crime Laboratory?
I have been working with the crime laboratory in Riverside for last ten years. Our laboratory is one of the world’s well equipped laboratory.

How you got involved in "Forensic" Field?
Lucky, I guess.

Do you recall any special incident during your Laboratory Operations; you want to share with us?
A teenage kid was arrested in a departmental store on charges of steeling a shirt. The boy insistes that he was a legal owner of thethis shit but could not prove his statement. The shirt was sent to me for analysis. Upon examination, I found traces of detergent (soap) on the shirt that lead me to the conclusion that this shirt has been previously washed which mean it was worn, which inturn mean it was not new. The all the charges against teenage kid was dropped because of my conclusion. I believe, I saved an innocent kid from wrongfully going to jail. This makes my everyday job rewarding.

Tell us something about your primary education?
I have a master in Biochemistry from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan. I also received an MS in Biochemistry from University of CA in Riverside.

How many brothers and sisters are you?
I have two brothers and three sisters.

Tell us something about your family?
I am married to a wonderful woman named Fatime. Ahmad is my ten years old boy and Sadia is my seven year old daughter.

Let us know something about your parents?
My father was a simple working class man in Pakistan. My mother is traditional house hold mother.

How was your school/college education?
A. When I was in 10th grade, my father had an accident and got disabled. I joined Pakistan T &T as a telephone operator. I worked night shifts and went to school during days. I put myself through school until my MSc. I got a job as a lecturer in BZ university in Multan. I came to USA in 1985.

Where did you get your inspiration for selecting your carrier or was it an accident?
I was doing my research in toxicology. Department of Justice needed a person with background of the research I was involved in. Thats how the job found me.

How did you manage on higher education – scholarship or on your own?
I have about twenty thousands readers in Pakistan Link. They support my efforts.

How was your experience in your education in US Institutions?
Interesting, expensive, and hard.

Who inspired you in doing the services for the Community?
I got my education in a hard way so I feel the feeling of poor students in Pakistan and around the globe.

What are your achievements as a Pakistani in US?
I have earn a respectful job. Which, I believe is distinguished and unique. On top of that it is a good source of income.

How do you feel working or helping Pakistanis in US?
Humble. That God has selected me for such a rewarding job.

Do lot of Pakistanis are involved like you in Community welfare work in US?

What Projects are you working on at present?
Currently, I am working on a video course "Urdu with Phonics". This course is designed to help people leran the Udru language. This course will be in the market next month.

What are your future goals and Objectives?
My only future goal is to make HELP for Orphan organization a worldwide organization. So big that it could support each and every poor student during the course of their education.

When and Why did you decide to start HELP (Higher Education & Learning Phase) for Orphans Organization?
I sopnsored one orphan child in 1996. A copule of my friends wanted to do the same. I wrote a column in Pakistan Link about the issue. I got overwhelming response from my readers. I followed up on that. We sponsored 60 students in 1997, In 1998 we sopnsored about 200 students. In 1999 we did not have any students applicant. I visited Pakistan in June 1999 and reminded the head of education institutes in Pakistan that we are ready to help please come and get our help. I, consequently, have been receiving many applications. So far, we have approved and sent 40 scholarships since July 1999.

.Tell us about your book you have written about Child Psychology from Islamic Point of view?
I have gathered interesting information from the Qur’an, from the Hadith, and from the History of Islam and told parents what is the real Islamic way to raise children.

What can you tell the Pakistani youngster to select "Forensic" as a carrier?
This is a rewarding, interesting, and a growing profession.

What message you would like to give to groom Pakistani Youth to work for Community & Humanity?
Do not go to bed without doing at least one good deed every day.

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Interview conducted by Eng. Iqbal A. Khan