Food & Nutrients
Q Is it healthy to feed my pet canned food?

A Yes. Canned pet foods are good for feeding everyday providing the product label states 100% nutritionally complete and balanced. Canned pet foods are very palatable and enjoyable for your pet. Always be to have sure fresh water available whether you are feeding your pet canned or dry food.

Q How can I get my finicky cat to eat?

A  This is not unusual for a cat. Cats prefer a variety of flavors, and some prefer a specific texture. Since canned foods tend to be more pleasing than dry for many cats, you may want to try feeding a variety of flavors to your cat.

Q Does canned pet food need to be refrigerated after opening?

A  Yes, all canned pet foods should be refrigerated after opening. Canned pet food contains meat, and like human canned foods, should be covered and refrigerated. We recommend the opened product be used within 3 days.

Q  What is the proper way to change my pet's diet?

A  Some pets do not tolerate a sudden change in their diet. It is important to introduce any new dietary change gradually. We suggest that you try mixing a small portion of the new food with the food previously fed. The amount of new food should be gradually increased each day, until, at the end of 5 days, it is being fed entirely. In this way, the transition is made gradually and can help reduce any intestinal upset.

Q Is it ok for cats to eat dog food or dogs to eat cat food?

A  The nutritional requirements for cats and dogs are very different. The proper diet for a cat or dog must contain adequate levels of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals in the correct proportions. A deficiency, excess, or imbalance of certain nutrients can cause a pet to become unhealthy.

Q How much should I feed my pet?

A  Feeding guidelines vary depending on weight, age, and activity level of your pet. Refer to the product package label for general guidelines.