Feel at home !!

ContactPakistan.com is looking for volunteers to take responsibility of various sections. If you feel that you can devote sometime to expose your talent  then don't hesitate and write to the Webmaster.

What you get out of this :-
  • Be part of ContactPakistan.com Team
    Be proud to be part of the largest community site for Pakistanis in the Middle East. A site that has won number of International Awards.
    A good reference for your CV!
  • If you wish your brief introduction with picture will be posted in the
      credits area.
     Although all of us are working for a cause rather
    self projection! 
  • Be proud to serve your community.

So what are you waiting for?

Positions available are :
- Ladies Section Stories - Help on family related matters.
- Reporter Community / Event - Report on all what's happening in your area.
- Chat and discussion board moderators.
- Doctors to help the community in their health related matters
- Professionals who can guide our youth in selecting their careers 

Thank you.
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