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  • Aid to Afghan refugees Since 1978.
  • Relief to the needy in the civil war in Lebanon during 1983.
  • Rupees 0.5 million for flood relief in Bangladesh during 1986. In addition an ambulance was also Provided.
  • Rupees one million in aid to the drought and famine-stricken areas in Ethiopia during 1985.
  • Aid to earthquake victims of Armenia, USSR during year 1989.
  • Aid for the affected people and refugees of Persian Gulf War during 1991 in the form of blood, plasma, medicines and surgical instruments, etc., worth approximately Rs.4.5 million.
  • Aid to earthquake victims of North-Western Iran during 1990.
  • Continuous relief goods including tents, clothing, blankets and rations for refugees in Azad Kashmir.
  • Relief aid to Kurd refugees.
  • Financial and travel assistance to the stranded Pakistanis in Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War in 1992.
  • Aid during the earthquake in Cairo 1992.
  • Efforts for the release of prisoners and detainees involved in minor immigration irregularities in Iraq and Romania during 1993-94.
  • Supply of rice and edibles to Mogadishu in Somalia during 1993 in collaboration with the Pakistan Army.
  • Relief supplies for Bosnian refugees in Pakistan and supply of relief goods and assistance in Croatian Camps during 1993-94.
  • Relief goods, edibles supplied to Afghan refugees in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, during 1994.
  • Continuous relief operations including provision of transportation facilities to Bosnian refugees during 1993-94.
  • Relief activities conducted in Croatian camps for Bosnian people durin 1993-94.
  • Evacuation and relief for plague victims in Saurat (India) during 1994.
  • Provision of blood bags for Japanese earthquake victims during 1994.

Edhi International Foundation with its branches in U.S.A., England, Japan, Bangladesh, U.A.E., and Canada, are engaged in humanitarian work, supporting especially people belonging to Third World.

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