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Edhi Homes for the Destitute

The establishment/extension of additional Edhi Homes for the destitute during next
three years is planned for all major cities.
Peshawar Quetta, Muzaffarabad, Chitral, Gujranwala and Lahore. The estimated cost of the above facilities is over Rs.100 million.

Rehabilitation Centre for Heroin Addicts

Rehabilitation and associated training centres are planned for learning skills. A ball point manufacturing plant will be established at Super-Highway, at a cost of Rs.2.5 million. This is in addition to the drug abuse rehabilitation programme already in Operation

Ambulance Centres And Associated Ambulances
The number of ambulances will be increased from existing 400 ambulances to 650 ambulances over the next two years. The total cost of ambulance Centres and associated ambulances will be approximately 56 million.

Rural Centres
Rural Welfare Centres will be established to organise medical and other aids to the poverty and drought stricken areas of Utthal in Baluchistan, and Thar and Cholistan in Sindh. These centres will supplement the Foundation’s relief centres already in Operation.

Edhi Community Centres
In its next phase of development, Highway Centres, which are mainly located in rural areas, shall be converted into community centres to create awareness regarding literacy, health, sanitation, safe drinking-water and immunisation. The programme will also support the community for solving their problems on self-help basis. Small loans will be granted for poultry farming and cattle breeding through Edhi Community Centres.

Establishment of Specialised Centres for Treatment
For treatment of renal problems and poor cancer patients, the Foundation hopes to build specialised hospitals and surgical units in Pakistan.

Ambulance Aircraft
Five additional ambulance aircraft’s will be acquired within the next three years. This will include 2 helicopters and 3 Fixed Wing aircraft’s.

Construction of Hospitals at Every 100 Kilometres
During accidents on highways, deaths occur due to non availability of timely medical treatment. The Foundation hopes to build traumatology centres during the next three years at every 100 kilo meters to save precious lives.

Edhi Public Kitchen
Edhi Foundation hopes to build public kitchens in major cities of Pakistan and in Third World countries during the next three years for basic food supplies to the poor, needy and drought-stricken areas.

Establishment of Reserve Funds
In order to run Edhi services and meet recurrent expenditures on long-term footing, the Foundation hopes to raise Rs.400 million within the next five years as a reserve fund which will act as a fixed deposit base. These funds will be generated through community efforts.

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Research work and Interview by Engr. Iqbal A. Khan
Artwork by ContactPakistan.com
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