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The following are some of the salient features of the effective management style of Edhi Foundations.

Communication Network

Edhi Foundation is equipped with the state-of-the-art-communication equipment. The nerve centre is in Karachi. Other cities are connected with it by means of radio and telephone links.
An increasing number of ambulances are being Linked with mobile wireless network. The communication network plays a key role in effective running of various welfare services, and it enables Edhi to exercise full control over the Foundation’s activities across the country.
The communication network is a reliable means of updating information on road accidents and other emergencies in the country. The national press and a number of government agencies including the police are in constant touch with Edhi Foundation’s main communication centre in Karachi called the "Control Tower". This is an example of government and Foundation working together in harmony.
In order to further facilitate in attending an emergency call, Edhi Foundation has been able to obtain an emergency dialling facility (115) from the Telephone Department. The subscriber gets connected automatically to the nearest Edhi Emergency Centre. The emergency dialling(1 15) facility is in operation in all the big cities of Pakistan.

Zonal set-up

Edhi Foundation publishes a "Welfare Journal" from New York on monthly basis. Another weekly news letter is published from Karachi covering important emergency activities of the Foundation. Computers have been installed at various important Centres to compile information and provide feed-back to the mass media, specially the daily press. In Pakistan, Edhi Foundation has eight major administrative zones located in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Mirpur Khas, Multan, Faisalabad, Islamabad and Quetta. Zones are further sub-divided into various "Circles".
Zonal heads look after all Edhi Welfare services in their areas. These services include emergency Edhi Centres, free dispensaries, hospitals, maternity homes, child homes, and girls hostels. Zonal heads report to the head of administration based at Karachi headquarters.
In Karachi, there is also the main information bureau of the Edhi network. Mrs. Bilquis Edhi handles administrative issues relating to child homes, maternity homes, girls hostels and nursing homes. Edhi maintains an overall control on various activities of the Foundation.

Monitoring And Control

The finances are exclusively controlled by Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife, Bilquis. The accounts of all centres located in different cities are managed by accountants based at zonal offices and the Edhi Headquarters in Karachi. These accounts are audited every year.
Strict control is exercised in collection of cash donations. Edhi Centres and institutions issue receipts in duplicate to the donor for all cash donations. The donor is given a stamped addressed envelope which he uses for sending one of the two receipts to the Edhi headquarters in Karachi. According to Edhi, ninety five percent of the cash receipts are sent to the headquarters by the donors. This provides an effective control on workers receiving cash donations at various centres.
For expenditures, administrators of Edhi Centres and institutions fill in an expense sheet every week and send it to their Zonal heads, who in turn prepare expense summary reports for all centres.
The summary reports together with expense vouchers are sent to Head Office every week. These reports are scrutinised by the Head of Administration. Final verification is done by Abdul Sattar Edhi who makes payment by cheques to the Zonal Heads. They in-turn make disbursements to the respective centres.
At Edhi Foundation, every effort is made to spend all contributions on the needy people directly. A very nominal expenditure of the Foundation is towards administration

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Research work and Interview by Engr. Iqbal A. Khan
Artwork by ContactPakistan.com
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