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Some of our sponsors backed out from their commitment - Therefore, this contest is canceled.
We apologies to all those who submitted their entries.
We will make sure that this does not happen again!


It is so easy to win prizes that we have lined up for you. Simply read about Edhi on our site and answer the questions on this page and be one of the lucky four to win

Yes it is very easy to win - Simply read Edhi section and you will have answer to all the questions. Lucky winners will be selected using computer controlled draw. It only applies if there are more than 6 winners in this contest. The contest will end on 15th of March  2001. Winners will be announced on 31st of March 2001. Multiple entries from one single valid email address will be disqualified. Please make sure you type in your correct email address because winners will get the good news via Email.
Nationality no bar - Gender no bar - Religion no bar
CP Team members and their immediate family members can not participate in this contest.

Q.1 What are the names of Mr. AS Edhi's father and mother?

Q.2 When did Mr. AS Edhi started his own Charitable Organization and with how much?

Q.3 What is the daily expenditure of all Edhi Welfare Services?

Q.4 What is the minimum donation you can contribute as a permanent donor to Edhi Welfare Foundation to serve the ailing humanity?

Q.5 What are the Bank Accounts numbers where you can send your donations to Edhi Welfare Foundations? Quote only two. One in Pak Rs. and other in US$

Answer Q.1

Answer Q.2

Answer Q.3

Answer Q.4

Answer Q.5a

Answer Q.5b

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This contest is for the residents of various countries - Each prize presented is for the sponsor's preferred country(s) as mentioned against each prize.
If you like to participate in this good cause by sponsoring a prize in your country then drop a line to Webmaster. This contest is free for all, CP will simply help you to promote Edhi Foundation and your business.

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