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Education Aid
P.O. Box 3855, London NW9 9LZ     
Registered Charity No 1042687

Education Aid is a voluntary body working for the advancement of education in developing countries. It is a registered charity in England, managed by its trustees. Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, President Hamdard Foundation Pakistan was the founder patron of Education Aid.

Hakim Said  inside a classroom with children
Hakim Mohammed Said Inspecting School Children

Education Aid has no political affiliation and receives no government support. It is run by voluntary help and donations.

The civil wars in Bosnia, Somalia and the Kosova have destroyed many schools and communities in these countries. The three main universities in Bosnia namely Sarajevo, Tuzia and Mostar were destroyed in all their names. Though the pictures on our TV screens may be a thing of the past the consequences live on. Lives and property are being rebuilt and will take a long period of reconciliation and re construction.

Education Aid is helping educational institutions in Bosnia, Kasova, Pakistan and Somalia in the provision of books to schools and colleges.

With its literacy rate of less than 20%, Pakistan is the third most illiterate country in the world. Millions of children are forced to engage in cheap labour instead of going to a school. Many villages, remote areas and urban slums are without any schools. There are many schools without a latrine, water and even without a roof where little children sit on bare ground under the open sky during winter's freezing cold and summer's severe heat. Thousands of helpless children and their poverty stricken parents cannot afford any school. Lots of children have no parents, no money and no future. Can you help?

The cost of educational needs of a child is only 3 per month. To give money in the cause of education is Sadaqa Jariah i.e. it has a continuing effect. Sadaqa is like an insurance. It protects you here and the hereafter. Why not give a Sadaqa Jariah for your parents, your dear ones and yourself. You can also give Zakat. Sponsor a child for education. Your help can change his/her life and may even change a whole generation. The scheme is managed by a board comprising of highly respectable people in Pakistan set up by Shaheed Hakim Mohammad Said, a patron of Education Aid.

Education Aid runs a number of other schemes for education upliftment, for details refer to our web site.