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NED Government Engineering College, was set up in 1922 and is thus the oldest Engineering institution of Pakistan. Starting from an enrollment of 50, seven decades ago, the student population now in the main campus at the under-graduate level has grown to around 3,000. Compared to this, NED Engineers Forum Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (NEDFO) is fairly young, only 6 years old. During these six years we also have grown from 35 members to about 200 and we also have few thing to remember.


How it all started !

Feb 1991

Mr. Hussain Haider attends NED OLD BOYS function in Karachi and finds that very limited numbers of NEDians in KSA are listed in the old boys directory.

Mar. 1991

Engr. Irshad suggest Engr. Haider to contact Engr. Iqbal who has list of 1969 NEDians and can help in rectifying above shortcoming.

May. 1991

Engr. Iqbal prepares first list of Nedians in Eastern Province consisting of 46 persons.

July 1991

First get-to-gather of NEDians residing in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia is held at Oberoi Hotel Dammam on July 25, 1991. It was organised by Engr. Haider, Engr. Iqbal, Engr. Irshad & Engr. Mushtaq Raza.




Sept. 1991

Eng. Jawaid Inam and his friends join the core team to help in expanding the activities of this Association beyond printing the list of NEDians and get-to-gathers.

Oct. 1991

A handout was published outlining the objectives and plans of this association. Also date of general body meeting to elect office bearers was announced and nomination papers invited.

Nov. 1991

Elections were held in a well attended general body meeting and following seven office bearers were elected to run the NED ENGINEERS FORUM KSA (EP) :

Engr. S. Hussain Haider President.

Engr. Jawaid Inam General Secy.

Engr. Mohammad Irshad Tech. Secy

Engr. Mazahir Akbar NED Liaison Secy.

Engr. Shoaib Ahmed Social Secy.

Engr. Mohammad Idrees Publication Secy.

Engr. Shamshare Ahmed Treasurer

Since then the Forum has established itself as a leading group of about 200 professionals dedicated to provide social, technical and welfare service to the community.