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Scholarship Fund

About Rs 200,000 is available in scholarship fund which is sufficient for two monthly installments of Rs 5000 each for two years.
Scholarship is distributed on quarterly basis. A bank draft of Rs. 15,000 in the name of the  candidate is  sent to the Coordinator of the day-time MS program Dr. Nazim uddin hndovers  the draft to the candidate ensuring that he is cntinuing in the program and performing satisfactorily.
NEDFO  monitor
s the progress.


It gives us great pleasure to announce that we finally succeed in assisting the NED University to start the MS by research program. A candidate, M. Shakaib, is finally selected to conduct research on improving the Rverse Osmosis process by using ultrasonic vibrations to clean the membrane and save the cost. 

Those who have visited NED recently are impressed by the facility and equipment available for this project. We invite all NEDFO members to find time and to visit the Mechanical Department of NED University and see that the money collected by them is being put to good use.

If Shakaib completes his MS program he will be the first MS by research recipient in the NED University. For this groundbreaking effort NEDFO members should be rightfully proud.

So far we have sent money for three-quarters amounting to RS. 45,000/-. Before sending the draft we obtain report from supervising professor and on his recommendation we issue next installment. So far every thing is going on fine and we hope it will continue same way next year.