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Research Journals

One of area where Forum can assist NED University is by providing subscriptions for research Journals. This was pointed out by Pro-VC Dr. Jameel. The subscription of such a journal is about Rs 10,000 per year. We have requested the Pro-VC to send us the list of needed research journals so that further steps may be taken.


The old building of NED Engineering College is in disuse for a long time, it is deteriorating and is in bad shape. A plan to make good use of this building has been prepared by the Pro-VC Dr. Jameel Ahmed Khan. The plan is to start Continuing Education Program (CEP) under NED University. Mainly the CEP will consist of short courses and training programs of various duration for working engineers. The center will be run on self finance basis. Pro-VC desired that NEDFO members should actively participate in this project. The participation can be in different forms such as investing in this project by buying its shares, or by providing funds to buy laboratory items and equipment. Our members can also provide training and teach courses. We believe it is an excellent idea as training is multi-million dollar business in the industrialize world while very few institute in Pakistan offer training at engineering level. Members who are either planning to shift to Pakistan, want to invest in a good and profitable venture, wish to share their specialized knowledge with others , for them it is an excellent opportunity. We have communicated our interest to Pro-VC. Members who are interested are requested to get in touch with us so that we keep them informed with latest development in this regard.

An Interesting Opportunity

Government of Pakistan has developed a plan called TOKTEN for advancement of science and technology in Pakistan. It is a plan for Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals (TOKTEN). In this program any Pakistani national can work (on assignment) in a Pakistani institute and organization. He can provide following services as a consultant:

- Training courses, -Lectures,

-Laboratory work, -Research and development,

-Practical demonstration, Seminars, etc.

Dr. Jameel emphasized the need of this plan and requested those Forum members who are returning back to Pakistan to apply for it. The application form is available with NEDFO.

We have requested more details from Dr. Jameel and we will circulate it among our members as soon as it is available.



One of NEDFO’s objective is to assist Pakistani Engineers to get jobs in Saudi Arabia. It is not an easy task. When jobs are available the candidates are not and vice versa. However, credit should be given to Engineer Mohammad Khalid of Aba Al-Khail who helped NEDIAN M. Nasir to get job in his company and he tried hard to place engineer Badar Rasheed also from NED. Mr. Hussain Haider helped an UET graduate Abdul Majeed to get job at Saudconsut Jeddah. Mr. Jawaid Inam hired Engr. Rehan Farooqi and Mr., Shakeel Omar hired Engr. Najam Yaseen in their respective Companies. Mr. Shoaib Ahmed has two Nedians Sohaib & Arif hired in his organizations. We are sure other Nedians are also working in this direction and we will be pleased to report their achievements. Please let us know.