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Iqbal Ahmed Khan the founder member of NEDFO and Mr. Mohammad Irshad the ex-Technical Secretary of NEDFO organised a get-together of their classmates on February 01, 1998 at Karachi just after Eid. The aim of this gathering was to get socially together, revive the memories, share the experiences and know what are their achivements.

Twenty-eight (28) 1969 class graduates who are now in executive position in Karachi attended the Eid Milan party , some of them meeting for the first time since 1970.
Engr. M. Irshad and Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan made special trip to Karachi for this purpose.
Engr. Iqbal did comparing while Engr. Irshad delivered a sentimental opening speech high lighting this special occasion.
An updated edition of "Sweet Memories---- Year book of 1969 Graduates" was distributed.
The gala dinner was followed by suggestions of Lt. Col. (Rtd). Rehan Akhtar and Engr. Abdul Wahab Siddiqui, General Manager Central Design Branch, Steel Mills Corp. for the use of the platform for utilization of talents and more coordinated efforts in the near future.

A three (3) members committee was formed to act on behalf of 1969 graduates. The committee members are:

Engr. M. Hamid (Mechanical)

Engr. Sharifur Rehman Malik (Electrical)

Engr. Abdul Qudus Hani (Civil)

This committee will schedule the future events and inform the members of the activities.The group unanimously agreed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of graduation on a grand scale in the year 1999.

NEDFO congratulates Engr. Iqbal and Irshad on their effort to organise this event and wishes best of luck in achieving their objectives.


Developed Their Own Directory

NEDIANS Iqbal Ahmed Khan and Mohamad Irshad have painstakingly collected data of their classmates of year 1969 and have drafted a directory which is much more than just a directory. It contains, besides address, phone no. e-mail no. fax no. etc. ; life sketches of their colleagues which is very interesting to read. The work is still going on as they are tracking their classmates in Pakistan, Middle East, USA, Canada and other Countries. Other classes interested in this interesting venture are strongly advised see the effort of Mr. Khan and Mr. Irshad.


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