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June 15, 1993

The memories of our teachers are always filled with nostalgic love and respect towards them; more so with the passage of time. the NED teaching staff of the 1960’s can best be described as humanistic educators, who not only taught in the best traditions but cared about the socio-economic conditions of the struggling middle class from which most of the students came to NED. They realized the hardships and sacrifices by the middle class parents to get their offspring’s educated to ameliorate their conditions. they also knew about a lot of students, working to help the family and pay their own costs of going through the college. It is in this context that I share the following memories:

Prof. Haider, with his inimitable style, was the internal examiner on the viva-voce panel of third year geology, class in 1967. The external examiner had brought some rock/mineral samples from his government department which were not in the college laboratory. Prof. Haider lead the detailed viva exam in such a way that the first student came out and gave crash course to others about the surprise

samples, in a matter of minutes. Of course, Prof. Haider had that innocent smile which said everything about saving the day, although he never said anything.

Prof. Ganatra was a stickler for the class notes based on his lectures. In the fourth year structural engineering class in 1968, he was on the viva voce panel as an internal examiner, and asked the students to bring complete class notes for the entire year. Those who know the NED culture of the sixties would appreciate the completeness of notes meant a very few had it and the majority had to have it. In the viva-voce exam, he was reviewing the class notes and after a few students had gone through with an exhaustive and complete set of his class lecture notes, it dawned on him that the notes looked strikingly similar. The next student was in for a surprise. Prof. Ganatra looked at the notes, then at him with a I gotch ya wink and a smile, and told him to ask others to get their own set of notes since he is tired of looking at the same set. Of course, nobody got busted and Prof. Ganatra never mentioned anything to any other student.

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