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CAKE (No more drying out or getting stale)
Place 1/2 apple in the cake box or, a slice of fresh bread fastened with toothpicks to the cut
edge of a cake will keep the cake from drying out and getting stale. Silmi Qamar Khan, Jeddah K.S.A

Don't store potatoes near onions!

Potatoes rot quickly if stored near onions.

Refrigerate flour
Storing flour in an airtight container and refrigerating it doubles their storage time.

Storing Mushrooms
Cover mushrooms with a damp cloth or in a paper bag with holes poked in the cloth/bag for ventilation.This will keep them dry. Refrigerate for long life.

To preserve   ginger-garlic paste
Fry them in oil before grinding and store in the same oil.

Store peeled potatoes
Mix a tsp. of vinegar in cold water and keep the potatoes in it. This will keep them fresh for 4 -5 days.

Store chili powder for longer
By keeping a piece of asafetida in the same container you can store chili powder for longer.

Preserve dry fruits and sugar
All you have to do is add a couple of cloves to the same container as the dry fruits. Same goes for sugar.

Keep ants away from honey
Adding a few peppercorns to the bottle of honey will keep them away.

Keep fruits & vegetables fresh longer
Wrap them in newspaper before storing them in the fridge.

Preserve coriander leaves or curry leaves
Keep them in a muslin cloth bag in the refrigerator. They will remain fresh for a longer time without getting discolored.

Freshen slightly withered coriander leaves
If placed in a polythene bag and stored in the fridge these will freshen overnight.

Keep green chilies fresh
While storing green chilies, remove the stems. This will help the chilies to stay fresh for a longer time.

Store green peas for 2 years
Tie the shelled green peas in a cloth and dip in boiling water for three minutes. Then dip in chilled water for three minutes. Dry under the fan till the extra moisture is removed and then pack into airtight jars or sealed packets. Freeze and use when peas are too costly. They will not spoil for 2 years.

Keep fried papads chips and biscuits fresh and crisp.
Put them in a polythene bag and store them in a refrigerator to keep them fresh for a long time.

Protect rice from insects
Dry 50 g. of mint leaves, powder them and add to 10 kg. Of rice. Not only will the mint leaves keep insects at bay, they will also impart a delicious flavor to the cooked rice.

Preserve eggs for a longer period
!) Wash the eggs and put them slowly in a container full of lime water or mustard oil. The eggs will not only be preserved for long - they will not get spoiled either.

2) For storing eggs for longer time say for about 30-40 days , you should apply any cooking oil with the help of brush on the egg shell.Inshaallah, they will stay for long time. Mariya K.S.A

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