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TURKEY – Getting into Undergraduate Programs
Getting admission and studying in Turkey is a different experience than that from Pakistan. Universities do not admit students based on their secondary education grades. Instead they have a university entrance examination, for locals as well as for the foreign students. This entrance examination is conducted every year by their board of education and The Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM) across the nation and also in some foreign countries (Pakistan included). Based on the merit of this examination and in the order of their preferences the students are admitted in departments / universities. All the basic information could be collected from the nearest Turkish embassies or consulates, however the detailed information and forms have to be requested directly from OSYM:

OSYM / BIB / 06538


Ankara, Turkey

English Web site address:

Home Page address:

Standard of education in Turkey is very competitive & high compared to other Middle Eastern countries; there are some institutions that are ranked amongst the best in the region. Degrees obtained from the Turkish universities are well recognized round the world.
Generally speaking the cost of living & tuition fees are very much affordable in Turkey. Almost all the universities have adequate hostel facilities for students. However, a lot of students prefer to live in shared off-campus apartments. There are separate dormitories available for the female students.

Further information about individual universities could be collected from the following list:

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List of Universities in Turkey
Institutions where the medium of instruction is in English language:

Bilkent University – Ankara
Bosphorus (Bogazici) University – Istanbul
Middle East Technical University (METU or ODTU) – Ankara

Institutions where the medium of instruction is in Turkish language (all foreign students are required to study Turkish language prior to joining these universities):

Abant Universitesi
Akdeniz Universitesi
Anadolu Universitesi
Celal Bayar Universitesi
Dokuz Eylul Universitesi
Ege Universitesi (Aegean Univ.)
Gazi Universitesi – Ankara
Gaziantep Universitesi – Gaziantep
Hacettepe Universitesi – Ankara
Isis Bilgi Universitesi
Istanbul Teknik Universitesi – Istanbul
Kafkas Universitesi
Kara Harp Okulu
Koc Universitesi
Maras Universitesi
Marmara Universitesi
Mimar Sinan Universitesi
Uludag Universitesi – Uludag
Yildiz Teknik Universitesi