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Camel Intl. Cargo, the winner of the Division One championship in the 1998 Nike Riyadh Team Tennis League fall season are seen together after the awarding at the Najd Compound

RIYADH Dec. 26 - As the top teams tumbled, Camel International Cargo took advantage and emerged the new champion of the top Division I in the Nike Riyadh Team Tennis League (RTTL) which concluded its proceedings of the 1998 Fall Season at the Najd compound.

The event sponsored by the Sports Ghornatah representing Nike courtesy of their assistant managing director Abdullah M. Al Dossary was contested by forty-eight teams since September 24, 1998. Based on the strength of play, the participating teams were placed into seven divisions.

The chairman of the RTTL speaking at the awarding said that "it is a pride and honor that I congratulate the champions and the individual special awards winners. It was another successful season and the past action in this Fall competition was full of rewarding experiences and pleasant encounters. The league once again has enriched our lives through varid personal interactions all for the game of tennis."

He thanked all the team captains and players. This is indicative of your trust and loyalty to RTTL which has been serving for more than twenty-four years. Furthermore, this has provided the committee stronger motivation to pursue various avenues to meet the growing and changing demands. As we approach the new millennium, I hope that together we will embrace the ideals to achieve greater heights of success, Laithy stated.
Words of thanks were aired for Sports Ghornatah, the agent of Nike for the generous support. In response, Dossary reiterated its commitment to extend full support to sports enthusiasts and to help them promote the cause of sports and fitness. He added that we are always prepared to do our best to achieve our goals.
It was also disclosed that the registration for the Nike RTTL Spring Season is on and the deadline is January 28, 1999. The action would commence from February 18. Those interested can faxed their entries on 4010004. Visit the sports section of for more details.

RTTL saluted Tony Torres, the team captain of the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center who left the Kingdom for good. Such was his achievement that he led his players to victory in eight successive seasons of the league from the lowest Division-8 to the top Division-1. Known as Antonio Torres or Ka Tony, he was given a certificate of appreciation in honor for his services rendered to the game of tennis.
In a massive awarding night - trophies, medals and special prizes were given to the champions, runners-ups, most organized team, best player and best sportsmanship in all the seven division. Lot of give aways and door prizes were the added attraction of the day.

tennis2.gif (48908 bytes)The committee members who were presented with the shields were L. C. Manzano, Auby Van Sertima, Mike Maddock, Ruben Castor, S. Burgess, Noli Mendoza, V. Alegre, J. Estero, Nilo Eugenio, Larry Bustamante, Joe Ganseco, Danny Galang, Manny Lector and A. Robles.

All recipients of the prizes in all the divisions alongwith its team members are:

Division 1: Champion-Camel International Cargo (Ernie Carillo, Manny Obligado, Alvin Ebreo, Sonny Santos, Pete Petersen, Leo Malinao, Mario Flores, Edwin Ignacio, H. Flores, S. Victor, M. Quilacio, C. D. Rosa); runner up-British Aerospace (Auby Van Sertima, Reinert Sannerud, Salman Khan, Mark Masters, Ashwin Kumar, Arsalan Khan, Peter Taylor, L. Lovett, L. Skepper, A. Cortez, J. Miller); most organized team-British Aerospace; best players-Joey Samia, C. D. Rosa; best sportsmenship-Sonny Santos, M. Aquino.

Division 2: Champion-Diplomatic team (Salim Bitar, F. Ogaick, Resa Assadi, Don Poler, Shammari Islam, Bill Quinlan, Garry Ogaick, Liebe Tran, Al Sheikh, B. Brown, L. Lsa, T. Mcleary); runner up-Najd club (Mike Maddock, Henry Cobbs, Willie Biay, Roden Luangco, Biran Polcari, Muhammed Khalil Jehad, A. Karlsson, L. Maddock, M. Polcari, A. Lopez); most organized team-Arabian Homes; best players-Willie Biay, A. Karlsson; best sportsmenship-Roden Luangco, B. Brown.

Division 3: Champion-King Faisal Specialist Hospital Esc (Ruben Castor, H. Simolde, Lito Hoyumpa, Egay Martinez, Mathew Palithanam, Chris Mengelt, Oscar Salud, Amar Dass, Manny Garcia, A. Tutanes, J. Casovan, R. Tufenkeji); runner up-Vinnel (Rolly Biag, Ramon Reyes, Chris Balint, Melchor Madriaga, Rene Matute, Ganie Tamayo, N. Silvela, O. Ungur, A. Libarnes, J. Suares); most organized team-King Faisal Specialist Hospital Esc; best players-Rene Matute, H. Simolde; best sportsmenship-Cesar Esplanada, R. Tufenkeji.

Division 4: Champion-Security Forces Hospital (Edwin Ranosa, Manny Albes, Robert Itom, Roger Samain, Rene Soriano, Camar Pancho, Cielo Bago, C. Bago, V. Sabello, R. Leong); runner up-Planet Kingdom (Charlie Iral, Ato Bautista, Saleh Zahrani, Ernie Serrano Frael Bordo, Ramir Abenina, Leo yap, John Ocampo, Ric Villa, B. Turingan, A. Racelis, C. Santiago, G. Tendencia); most organized team-Sentinel Al Rawnak, best players-Ernie Serrano, M. Sayson, best sportsmenship-Muhammed Sadeq, S. Burgess.

Division 5: Champion-Somc Fame Al Moh’r Cargo (Bernie Duque, R. Layug, Efren Navidad, Del Serrano, Danny Rivera, Danny Gonzales, Tito Siongco, Willie Stose, Ed Yap, L. Duque, J. Aguilar, J. Siongco, J. Valdez); runner up-Security Forces Hospital (Noli Mendoza, Herman Honrado, Ricky Marquez, Ely Sabello, Frank Mauricio, R. Medrano, N. Flauta, H. Agustin, R. Pelino); most organized team-Dream club; best players-Efren Navidad, N. Flauta; best sportsmenship-Clifford Mendez, L. Ontar.

Division 6: Champion-Pannesma (Bong Cortez, Adrian Sagun, Eddie Abierra, Alex Dalisay, Sonny Bartido, Magid Shaltaf, Alan Syfu, Alan Fores, E. Syfu, J. Guillergan, E. Ratac, J. Curioso); runner up-King Faisal Specialist Hospital (Manny Lector, Romy Maborang, Dr. Alaa Kandill, Rene Suarez, Roger Loares, Edmund Dela Cruz, Robert Maningat, Sonny Wahab, Y. Maborang, A. D. Cruz, G. Suarez, R. Santos); most organized team-Hughes Raytheon; best players-Esmy Bacud, J. Guillegan, best sportsmenship-Jonathan Saguban, M. Stamer.

Division 7: Champion-KFH OR’R Rebels (C. Santos, Raffy Manuel, Jojo Dominguez, L. Fantone, Arnie Radam, Noli Parungao, John MacDonald, Butch Depakakibo, Cris Garcia, R. Andal, J. Bagasala, L. Basco, A. Encarnacion); runner up-Lucent Technoligies (Ed Palad, Efren Galapon, Jole David, Danny Castro, Louie Al Fakri, Edwin Roxas, Mario Temana, Jojo Ilago, R. Rores, J. Alimpuangon, T. Ompoc, T. Castro); most organized team-King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital; best players-Louie Fantone, J. Bagasala, best sportsmenship-Joselito Lico, P. Baricaua.

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