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Politics Of Pakistan And Its Hope In The Youth!

Feb. 01 2002- I am tired! Tired of everything. Tired of our downfall, tired of our lost glory, tired of the criticism that my people face and tired of all those who criticize us. I am tired of those false hopes on which we have carried ourselves to the spot where we stand today and those politicians who play in politics rather than practice it and who have transformed and degraded the term ‘politics’ to hypocrisy. The biggest issue under discussion after 12th October 1999 incident of the demise of so-called democratic government of Nawaz Sharif was the restoration of what they called as ‘democracy’. Interestingly various politicians preaching this basic concept were not even aware of how to spell the word, let alone know the true definition of what it actually means; the biggest irony of Pakistan having illiterate politicians and then we say that Pakistan lacks literacy. What do you expect from leaders who don’t even know the meaning of education. You actually think they would stress on the spread of literacy? If they do, then they themselves would be sitting on those school chairs in the middle of a classroom because ironically their intellect is not any greater than Usman of grade five. Now that was about majority of your ruling class; People who should be looked up to as a role model for all of us to follow. Now lets focus on a common man of our country. Ahmad Din, a local villager of ‘Baddo Malhi’ district Narowal gets up one fine morning and finds out that the respected MPA (Member of the Parliamentary Assembly) of the area is on his way from his palace like home in Lahore to address the local people of his village which is still not fortunate enough to have a proper electricity network in its various parts. MPA sahib reaches the village and is welcomed with a great respect and honor. People come out of their houses to see the rare site of this man who claims to be their representative, yet they feel blessed to have seen him by their own eye because that will be enough for their evening gossip for weeks and months to follow before they get another chance to see him. And yes that other chance will not be earlier than the next elections. Ahmad Din wears his new white ‘dhoti’ and is excited about what his leader will talk about today having countless strings of hopes and dreams attached to his heart and soul and soon becomes the part of that awaiting crowd who has all been there since early morning. The awaited man who is looked up to with such an immense respect for basically his good vocabulary in ‘Punjabi’ and the fine ‘art of twisting words’ that he possesses, is in no way more educated than these people themselves. However he goes on to the designated stage, which is usually his own convertible Pajero or Land Cruiser and starts to speak! On and on he goes condemning the North and the south, basically portraying himself to be the only honest politician surviving on earth, the only trust worthy and committed man that continues to maintain his charm before leaving when he shakes his hand with a few people in the front row and imposes the idea of being a modest. What next? These people like Ahmad Din are lost in their own small world revolving around that flabbergasted and flattered speech of this man and are all set to vote for him. Not only this but Ahmad Din is also aware of the various problems he might have to face incase he doesn’t vote for this ‘hero’. Finally the MPA sahib like always has won with a sweeping majority and now holds the same status and position that he did after the last elections. How to summarize this? Innocent and Illiterate people fell for a clever, corrupt politician who has nothing but common with these locals except for illiteracy. This is the Democracy in Pakistan!
Marxism, a concept of democracy and the brainchild of Karl Marx, the father of the world wide democratic movement, narrated that the rise of the working class would create a social democracy. The idea is based on the rise of a common man from amongst the crowd of millions to come up and take care of things accordingly. Does this concept truly reflect the democracy in Pakistan? In my opinion it reflects more of what Alexander Hamilton said sarcastically about democratic system, “If we incline too much to democracy, we shall soon turn into a monarchy.” Political system of Pakistan is indeed turning into a Monarchy.
Anyway like gossip bees, I won’t comment on this issue and leave rather more than the problem itself, we need to talk about the solution. What is this system causing? Fake political systems are now influencing the daily lives and values. You try being nice and courteous to people and they in return accuse you of being a politician which is becoming more of an abuse than a compliment. What is the basic need of our system? Literacy is the first and foremost thing. As long as we have illiterate politicians deciding the fate of our nation, we can never dream of being a better nation or a better country. If the roots of a tree are not strong, how can you count on its branches? The need of the hour thus is not to sit and watch or at most comment rather is to do something about it. Mere lip service won’t get us anywhere. We need educated people in our system but this has to be done irrespective of personal motives. We need to invest our experience, education and efforts in our own land, not let it go away and serve the other parts of the world. At this point one thing is of utmost importance. We need collective efforts. The usual argument of various Pakistanis working abroad is that what their country has to offer them is not sufficient for their needs. We need not see at this moment what our country has to serve us rather we need to focus on what we can serve to it. It is in no position to serve us. It’s unfortunate how we have become crippled on financial issues. Depending majorly on global aid and world organizations catering our economy will lead us to a point of no return. Without various measures and efforts at grass root level, we can’t move forward. The system, the approach and the thinking have to be changed and it’s us who has to do it. Rise to an active civil society should be given with widely shared political culture. Education and freedom of information should be more common and a homogenous society should be raised. Absence of all the above would lead Pakistan to deteriorate further thus leaving it at a stage where it would be hard for us to revert to a better future. We the new generation has to rise up and fill the gaps left by those who took this state for granted but the foremost step is education. Without this, we are incomplete. At this point a broader definition is needed as to what education really means. Education does not mean to crap chemistry books or memorize History notes. It is much more than what Hydrogen and Oxygen combine together to make or how many acres of land Alexander conquered. Education revolves around the basic fact that each individual who is educated should know the responsibilities he has to hold, should be aware of his attitude in and towards the public, should know what his basic rights are and that the man next to him feels the same way. Education is formation of a man into a ‘gentleman’ and a woman into a ‘lady.’ We people are a combination of all what it makes a successful nation but we just need to uncover our talents and improve on what we lack and that would take us to the heights of boundless success. The process is long but it sure would make a major difference if just each and every individual works on himself alone. Together we can all make a successful and looked up to community but again such dreams can only be materialized if our youth which is you and me make a collective struggle!   


Well the problem with Pakistan is the lack of education of the masses. This has a direct influence over the political system as the representatives of the people are picked from amongst the masses. On might argue that there are some extremely literate politicians on the scene. However, it is the masses that controls and if the people are unaware and illiterate then these politicians can exploit it and use them.
OMAR HAYAT University Of Kentucky

Pakistan has had more than its fair share of critiques but alas none of the genuine personal effort it deserves. I can assure you that if all the people who criticize our country at whatever opportunity they can get.... hey don’t need to go beyond themselves but just search within and find out what’s required on their part as citizens of a country that we fought so hard for Little sacrifices, or rather fulfillments of national obligations that would make a big change.
AHMAD AZHAR University of Texas at Austin

The political system does not just depend on education. Various factors have to be worked on.
Democracy is not the best yet the least worse political system. Pakistan has to take massive steps and we need to do this all together.
Arsalan Tazeem. USA

Pakistanis have great potential. All we need is dedication and commitment. This has to be done by the upcoming youth and no one else.
Rabia Ali Karachi

Pakistan has been unfortunate to have the worse form of governments. We need honest leader and that is the basis of everything.

Samar Fahad Karachi

None other than education and youth can change the fate of Pakistan.
Ali Javed Lahore

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