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The Idea of Victory…

We all as human beings possess a certain point of view and a way to analyze things. They are both dependent on what we call is our social circle, surroundings, exposure to life, literary level and ‘trends’ set by our society. With all these factors, age has a major sway too. As we walk ahead with each day of life, we discover that things that were important to us years back are now least imperative. The meaning of life, the reasons of being, the ideas of existence, the means of survival and connotation of reality all change with a superior epoch in life. With such major changes, we also come across what we call is a structural change in thinking which revolves around the way little things in our lives vary in their intensity, importance and significance. It is very important for us to be subject to such changes because a failure to do so could result in an inappropriate persona. Thus the development of a man and his individuality courtesy the course of time is very important in order to open the paths of success. However there are individuals, who are not very open to such changes in their lives and to them, meaning of life and idea of victory is different. As I mentioned earlier, this is with respect to their surroundings, which enables them to develop thinking reflecting an insight of their nature. I have met couple of people coming from the same house though, with different school of thoughts. In my humble opinion, the development of a character, apart from all the above-mentioned criteria is also based on self-conscience of a person, which comes from within him or her. If there were an absence of realization and lack of ability to differentiate between right and wrong, nice and bad, polite and rude, the person would have different ideas and measure of success.
          I remember how my dear Ol`friend Omar and me once fought over a little issue, which I feel embarrassed even mentioning. I was a 14-year old lad to whom the meaning of success and victory was none other than the community of my age. The one who apologized in my sight then, was a loser and was the person at fault. Asking for an apology from someone you had a fight with was most ‘looked down upon’ thing for us as kids until I learned from my dad that apologizing wouldn’t make me any less superior. Rather apologizing was one of the most beautiful gestures that one could posses. As much as I hated then to apologize and before I could go against my wishes to do so, Omar came and made it up to me. At that arena of life, I felt as if I had won this self-proclaimed war, as I was the one being apologized too. To my surprise, in the years to follow, when I thought about this, I realized how much I felt Omar being greater to me. His gesture of being the first one to act contrite and to resolve the issue was a beautiful one in its own way. It was strange. I was the same person! Yet years back what I thought was my success had turned out to be my failure as I was constrained by my ego not to be remorseful about the issue. Yet Omar with his diminutive act was at triumph. That’s what I call is the idea of Victory.
          I was going through a strange dilemma of feeling weird yet wonderful, creepy yet amazing, bizarre yet magnificent. The feeling being distinct and inimitable. These mixed emotions were a consequence of the direct change in what is called is a jump from one stage of life to another. From a boy to a man, things appeared way to differently; The importance of these things being more in some and less in several cases. Sanctity, sacredness and balance of relationships for example was one of those things that were much more meaningful and important in life now than they were years back. On contrary, wasting time on TV shows, spending hours endlessly on computer and slaying moments on telephone calls were least essential. However the change in priorities of life was not as astonishing as the revolutionary distinction between various ideas of victory.
          The irony that exists today in our society is that people even at their later stages of life do not tend to change their thinking. To them, the perception of achievement revolves around the very concept of a victory in a practical war. In their opinion, being rude in arguments, physical in sensitive issues and arrogant in matters of mutual agreement is how they can achieve their goal. It disgusts me to see people of 40 years of age fighting physically on roadsides just over some issue as small as an unintentional car accident. I was driving down towards the main city of Lahore once, when I came across this eye-opening confrontation of two individuals over some little car collision where fortunately, both the drives were safe and sound, and with least apparent loss to their vehicles. The worst part of this situation was the way these two gray-headed men were dealing with the matter. Sitting on the driving seat of a car, stuck in the middle of a large traffic jam, I couldn’t really conclude as to what words exactly were these two men exchanging. However with my little intelligence, I could at least see one of these men screaming, with his evident ‘public’ manners being portrayed in the center of the massive crowd. I parked my car on the roadside, not with the intentions to be a part of the crowd and get pleasure from the ‘show’ rather to see if I could be of any help on that hot summer afternoon. Reaching exactly on the spot, I realized that it would take my entire strength to make my way to the two men as there were surrounded by chunks of passersby. At that very moment however, I noticed one of these concerned men who to me appeared in his late 60s, was standing quietly while the other one in his early 40s was being the ‘man of significance,’ having being as loud as he could be. I, at that instant was only a spectator but felt as low as if I was responsible for this awful act. I felt like moving ahead but before I could do so, I heard that ‘quiet old man’ saying just three words… “I am sorry.”
Meanwhile, a police sergeant appeared from somewhere within the crowd and started to dismantle the gigantic force around the two men. Everyone moved back on their own ways and so did I. While going towards my car, I heard a group of men laughing and making fun of that old man. “Muahahahahahaha… The old man was scared. He started seeking forgiveness. What a loser!! ahahahahaha” Saying that I was distressed by the way these people thought, would be putting it too mildly. With due respect for my citizens and immense patriotism aside, I was disgusted with their thoughts! I knew however, who amongst those two men was actually at victory!
          I got into my car to drive to my destination. My hands were on the steering, my feet on the accelerator, yet my mind still there. I thought of all this. The men involved, the spectators and even the commentators were all grown up men yet the way all this was handled and reacted to was odd. Engulfed in my deep thoughts, I reached at an uncle’s place whose 14-year-old son was apologizing to his sister for not having given her a share from the packet of chips he just ate. His sister smiled at this humble act of realization. I was glad too, but that day I discovered a new phenomenon... I saw a 14-year-old man and a 40-year-old kid.   

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