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Referendum 2002

Referendum 2002 is the key word of the month. Indeed, General Musharaf enjoys a special place courtesy his efforts in making the Pakistani society better as a whole. Though the cry for democracy had been raised at various platforms and at several times, General's overall support amongst common men has nevertheless been evident and has continued to flourish over the span of his government. Not just nationally but even at International platforms, the President enjoys a distinct positive reputation which was not very learnt in the early months of his dominion. The legitimacy of his government though, was questioned perpetually until September 11th which changed the course of entire world rather than just U.S itself. The Global war against Terrorism had given Musharaf's government a fortuitous chance to establish its credibility especially with the world controlling U.S that has been flabbergasted with Pakistan's role.
General Musharaf's decision to support the War against terrorism had been widely supported by the people of Pakistan with the exclusion of the religious parties that have been most uncomfortable with the present regime owing to the liberal president. In fact the liberalism of President has been another added bonus that has differentiated him from other military leaders in the past. The fact that begins to ruin the established impression is the
new referendum, which is scheduled to be on the May 30th 2002. People who thought of Musharaf as somewhat different from the stereotyped politicians are now beginning to have doubts about his motives. His efforts to stabilize his government and ensure his stay for a relatively longer period of time has raised concerns that in the past, were quiet oblivious. Musharaf is unfortunately seen no different to those craving for power. People so far have been happier than ever with general's performance but this stage is quite susceptible. A lot of hopes and dreams are attached with this administration as president is seen to be a model of preeminence. With the referendum rallies in progress and President's addresses at public
places, the development has somewhat enforced a cloak of those black sheep upon the general that are already in the bad books of the public. Time itself shall unveil the fate of this nation that has already had more than its due share of crisis. People have immense optimism and credence in the current system but only years to come shall reveal whether Pakistan shapes itself for a better future or whether general saab is another one for the collection!

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