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With the limited experience of life that I have till now, I have happened to meet people from various places, backgrounds, ethics and beliefs. Some of them were sweet, some were Ďextraí sweet, some were rude, some were good to know, some made me feel that I wasnít the worst person existing and some left ever lasting impacts on my mind courtesy their unique gestures or humble approach to life. Before we talk about anything further, most important principle of life is to NEVER stop learning. The development of a person is with respect to food and age but the development of a personality owes to what we learn in life. The key point here is to note that our process of self-education should not be confined to a person, group, sector, class or age. To elaborate it a little bit, we should not just learn from our friends but also our foes. Not just from people we know but also from that man we randomly see walking on a roadside. Not only from a slow careful driver but also that rash chauffeur who over-takes us dangerously on a busy road. What is important is to pick up all the positive things and learn from them. As we move on with life, various opportunities fall our way. Some utilize these times and achieve something and others just keep dreaming until they wake up to know that they are a Ďbití too late. This is where the Ďartí of living a life comes in, the art which narrates how to handle such an accomplishment and how to deal with the failure.
Talking about the accomplishments in life, itís surely one of the best feelings on earth to know that we have achieved something in life. Unfortunately at times, the feeling gets so over-whelming that we tend to forget everything else and feel somewhat an exceptional creature. We gravitate towards the feeling of superiority and forget the various reasons and factors involved to elevate us to such a position. My mom always told me to bow down further if I ever achieved something. Though the word Ďachievementí was rare in the dictionary of my life, yet I could never help feeling proud of anything that I did accomplish. With time, I did realize, what mom told me was not a stereotypical moral building lecture rather it truly made sense. The beauty of any success lies in utmost modesty. With this, more than the accomplishment, people shall appreciate your humbleness, which becomes the shining aspect of your personality. There is however, a broad line between modesty and ungratefulness. Modesty does not imply that you should underestimate yourself rather itís a clear connotation of the belief that your success should not be an invitation to arrogance. Ungratefulness on the other hand is to be unsatisfied with what one has been blessed with. It basically emphasizes on being unhappy with what one has. In all, what forms the beauty and what appears the most charming is to work for all that you want in life and as you keep achieving your target, modesty and humbleness should be the glittering feature of yourself.
here are a lot of times though, when what you aim for, or what you are sure to get, does not really reach you. This creates a lot of dissatisfaction in oneself. We all are so in love with the bright side of life that we donít ever want to think of the darker end. What we donít realize is that itís because of these dark sides that we develop an appreciation for the brighter aspects of life. Again as I mentioned before, the art of living is how we deal with issues such as these. The first thing that should click you right away incase of a failure is that there could be a worse outcome or consequence than what you got and that all the success in the world is not meant for you. Also, God has had so many blessings on you and if once in a while HE hasnít blessed you with what you thought was right for you, it probably is a sign; Sign that God saved you from something that wasnít really good for you at that point and time. As much funny as it sounds, look at the glistening side of your failure. Depression would have a direct effect on you, your work, your life and of course, your goals. Work hard and look for another chance. Never let downfall lead you to adopt procrastination. Never and I repeat, never let the jealousy monster suck your blood.
Sometimes, such approaches do sound a little dramatic but honestly, if you do adopt them, life becomes pleasing. Your successes become more exciting and your occasional failures never bother you. In the package, you earn respect, people admire you and no one has any sort of jealousies with you. All the deal asks you is to pay in terms of modesty and humbleness. At the end of it all, you only help yourself!

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