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Together we.jpg (1090 bytes) are and we.jpg (1090 bytes) can make a difference!

Welcome to Contact Pakistan - The World's Largest Pakistani Virtual community welfare organization with a mission to serve the humanity.
A place where together either we help the humanity in need and make the difference!
Or get prompt help by simply joining as a CP community member. All our services are free of charge. You simply need to have a kind heart that understands that humanity's survival is in helping each other!
Our philosophy at Contact Pakistan is to help fellow human being at times of need.
Join rest of us and be a member of a community that cares. Some of the help channels that are offered free of any cost are: -

Medical Service 

CP has a team of volunteer doctors who are ready to help and guide those who need medical advice. Being a member you get free advice from the panel of doctors. Or if you like to be part of the team then you are more than welcome to join the virtual hospital to serve the community.

Legal Services

Here is another team of lawyers to guide and assists people in legal matters, litigation, civic rights and responsibilities. Our legal experts will personally help you to resolve your legal issues. Note that we only cater issues related to Pakistani judiciary laws. Or if you like to be part of the team then you are more than welcome to join the
virtual legal chamber to serve the community.

Investment Cell

Do you want to invest? Some of the world’s renowned Pakistani investment expert and bankers are available to guides and advise you to make informed financial decisions. Ask specific questions about safety and return on your investment. Or simply read through his articles on the subject that will help you to make informed decisions while investing your hard earned savings for a better future. Or if you like to be part of the team then you are more than welcome to join the Virtual Investment Center to serve the community


Are you a parent? Here is a private place where parents can discuss their issues concerning children, a generation that deserves and needs better Pakistan. A group of Pakistani experts offers help in bringing up a son or daughter. There is also a complete section for mothers, daughters and sisters.

Career Counseling

The group of connoisseurs offers guidance to student in their studies. Members of academia in counselling section cover academic progression as well as all professional careers. The Centre also provides a comprehensive list of Universities and Colleges across the globe for you to choose from. Where ever possible links to their respective sites are also provided. If you are a student or a candidate at the verge of making important decision about which profession to chose for life, join the community and you will have a reliable source to look forward to for advice.
Or if you like to be part of the team then you are more than welcome to join the
Career Counseling center to serve the community.

KSA / Middle East and USA local Electronic Publications 

We have number of local electronic publications including twice a month KSA newsletter (Published since 2001). The most popular electronic publication for families with a readership of over 100,000 members. Check out some of the newsletters at

Together WE are and WE can make a difference!

Everyone of us can do a lot for others at CP – A place where every one can contribute in his/her own way.
All volunteers who join The Team are offered referrals upon request.
We are waiting for you!

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